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Crowd marketing

Among the existing marketing technologies, of particular interest is crowd marketing, which is also called "hidden", which allows you to popularize a product or service by meeting the needs of the target audience. Place of implementation: social networks, blogs, forums, as well as specialized services that conduct surveys.

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The goal of this technology is the mass popularization of this or that object, which is achieved through the formation of public opinion. The group's marketers have a large number of effective tools at their disposal, including reviews, recommendations, surveys, etc. The necessary information is posted in the most natural way on thematic forums and other communities in which there is an initial interest in this topic.

In crowd marketing, it is most often not customary to place direct links to an object. Agitation is carried out by mentioning a polarized product or service, generating motivation, etc.

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What is crowd marketing?


Transparent reporting

We work on an open budget for the purchase of links. We provide a report for each link.


Huge database of accounts

For more than 10 years of work, we have collected a large list of working accounts for posting links on private forums, continuing to improve it.

Huge database of accounts

Individual approach

We draw up a technical task taking into account the specifics of your business.

What tasks does crowd marketing solve?

A well-executed crowd marketing campaign allows you to achieve:

  • increasing site traffic by potential consumers;
  • increasing awareness of the product or service among the target audience;
  • improving behavioral factors;
  • the fastest possible dissemination of the necessary information to the maximum number of target groups.

When Crowd Marketing Isn't the Best Promotion Option

  • the business has a narrow circle of consumers, you offer a specific product or service (in this case, it is difficult to find a sufficient number of sites to post the necessary information);
  • if services are provided in special cases (for example, making keys or towing services - in this case, the client will not look for a contractor for a long time, but will use the first suitable offer);
  • the company sells goods for everyday use (for example, food);
  • if the company specializes in network marketing, since the possibilities of crowd marketing in this case are limited: it will be difficult to promote the type of activity as a whole;
  • if the organization has an outdated website with poor design quality, inconvenient navigation (in this case, work should begin with bringing the company's website into proper form).
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What platforms are used for crowd marketing

Platforms for crowd marketing

The main types of platforms that are used to implement crowd marketing technologies:

  • review sites;
  • thematic forums;
  • social media;
  • question sites;
  • reference books.

Review sites are an electronic version of the book of complaints and suggestions, which is available in any trading network. It is here that a huge number of users are trying to find relevant information for them. The most famous such resources will be in the issue on the first pages. As a rule, any topic is discussed on such platforms, but there are also highly specialized resources that are dedicated to cosmetics, tourism, etc. This is a fairly effective crowd marketing tool, despite the fact that it has certain disadvantages, including lengthy verification of publications.

Thematic forums are the best place to engage interested users in your question. Here they share problems, look for answers to questions and just like-minded people. All this opens up unlimited opportunities for crowd marketers, but their actions must be extremely competent. The difficulty when working with forums lies in the fact that communication is always active here, so the popularity of branches is constantly changing and it can be quite difficult to find an actual “own” topic.

Social networks are always a lot of information, so you can find everything here. You need to use the search and join the discussion you need. Another effective tool is parsing, a service provided by special online services. With their help, you can choose the necessary topic, region and key phrases.

Dedicated Q&A platforms are another essential tool for a crowd marketer. It also creates certain discussion threads that start with questions, such as “how to choose…”, “which is better…”, etc.

Do not neglect all kinds of directories, which contain the necessary information for consumers about companies, organizations, retail chains, there is an opportunity to read and leave reviews.

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Algorithms for working on crowd marketing technology

In his work, a crowd marketer uses three main algorithms:

  • Classical. The simplest scheme of work that is suitable for promoting brands. The algorithm is as follows: a product or service is selected, a thematic platform on the network, posts with links are created. Main tasks: creating posts with thematic content, searching and creating new discussions, responding to comments, boosting your account.
  • Use of natural links. The algorithm is similar: registration on the site, search for a thematic discussion, a detailed answer and a solution in the form of a link. Live communication will help attract new participants to the discussion, and natural links will speed up the indexing of the site, increase its ranking in the search engine.
  • Analysis of competitors. Thanks to him, we get the opportunity to use the "working" algorithms that our main competitors use. In this case, you will have to collect a database of relevant sites that affect the quality and quantity of traffic. Competitive analysis should be carried out regularly.
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How to implement crowd technologies correctly?

There are the following main criteria that help us evaluate how correctly crowd technologies are implemented:

  • the maximum number of sites of different types should be involved: blogs, company websites, social networks, messenger channels, etc.;
  • all sites should be structured by category;
  • posting should be carried out in accordance with the content plan and schedule;
  • posts must be prepared in advance for each individual type of site;
  • you need to post posts gradually on different platforms, since search engines (Google, Yandex) do not like a sharp increase in traffic on one channel;
  • purposeful work should be carried out to increase loyalty to a new user on the site, to create authority;
  • crowd links are placed gradually and on schedule, and only on those sites where you are already trusted;
  • the user account should be as full as possible, it is necessary to constantly maintain contacts with other users;
  • Posts must meet the criteria for native advertising.

Mistakes in crowd marketing are typical for many who try their hand at this method of promotion. First of all, this is the expectation of too high results, the wrong definition of the subject of the site and an excess of advertising texts. Crowd marketing is one of the methods and should be used in conjunction with other technologies.

The selection of thematic sites is very important, which is one of the conditions for getting traffic to your resource. They must be selected in accordance with the type of activity of the company. These can be blogs, directories, forums, review sites. Crowd marketing requires a detailed analysis of the target audience. Only in this case, you can count on the promotion of goods, services, brand in Internet communities.

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Order Сrowd marketing in eMiS internet marketing studio

The main goal of crowd marketing is to stimulate sales growth by meeting the needs of the target audience. But you need to do it right. In order to stay on course, you need a good guide, which can be eMiS internet marketing studio. Our main advantages:

  • website promotion within strictly specified time frames;
  • individual approach to customer needs;
  • a wide range of options for solving various problems facing the customer;
  • reasonable cost of all services provided by the studio;
  • personal consultations;
  • the use of proven technologies that allow you to achieve the desired effect on time;
  • optimal time to complete tasks due to well-organized teamwork;
  • tracking processes and promptly making adjustments;
  • detailed reports for each project.

We work with any projects, regardless of the scale and area of ​​interest, and conquer with quality service and craftsmanship.

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