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Facebook promotion

Facebook is one of the most effective ways to expand your audience and attract new customers. The users of the social network are businessmen, journalists, public figures. Here they not only look for like-minded people, but also conduct business communication, track news. That is why promotion on Facebook is a natural step in the development of your business, regardless of the field of activity.

Facebook promotion

So, if you want to significantly increase sales, make your company recognizable and gain regular customers, Facebook can become the tool that will allow you to quickly complete your tasks.


What is eMiS Facebook Promotion?


Open budget

We do not take money from the budget for advertising. All approved budget goes to promotion.


Cost per conversion optimization

Realistic cost per conversion forecasts will allow you to calculate your budget for a long time ahead.


Flexible strategy

Daily analysis of advertising campaigns allows you to identify ways to optimize sales.

A little about Facebook

What is the social network Facebook today? Few numbers:

  • the network has more than 2 billion users, and their number is constantly growing;
  • more than 50 million companies have their pages in this network;
  • about 20% of the world's population visits Facebook every day;
  • up to 400 new users register on Facebook every minute;
  • active network users log into their account at least 8 times a day;
  • Facebook earns more than $3 billion a year from advertising.

Advantages of the Facebook social network for business promotion

The social network Facebook has a lot of advantages, the main of which are:

  • The audience is built in. You don't need to ask the visitor to create an account on the next network - you simply invite them to join your network using their FB account.
  • Built-in virus technologies. The update feed shows the fact that the user has joined the company page, so asking your follower to tell their friends about you is not necessary at all.
  • Easy community management. Content and user control lies with the social network, so the administrator only needs to keep the page active.
  • A large number of applications. Facebook offers a range of tools that you can use to promote your business.
  • There is no need to create a website. It is free to open a Facebook page, and it is a great alternative to a regular site, the development of which requires significant investment.
  • Fast start. Creating a page will take a few minutes.
Facebook promotion

Who is Facebook promotion for?

    Facebook promotion is a universal marketing tool that is suitable for almost any field of activity. The basis of any promotion is the definition of the target audience and the development of a strategy, therefore, its effectiveness can only be guaranteed if all the rules are followed and taking into account the peculiarities of working in this network.

Facebook is ideal for location-based businesses:

  • beauty salons;
  • sports complexes;
  • catering establishments;
  • trading establishments, etc.

SMM campaigns are also a great solution for organizations that are not tied to a place:

  • online stores;
  • online services;
  • education and training;
  • various communities;
  • financial institutions, etc.

In addition, on Facebook you can advertise medical products and services (without certificates).

    Those who believe that promotion on Facebook is necessary only for a start-up business are very much mistaken. The social network allows you to form a loyal attitude towards the brand and consolidate it for many years. Users like to observe what is happening inside the company whose products or services they use. So they feel involved in the process, which, of course, generates trust.

    For example, a well-known confectionery manufacturer regularly hosts virtual tours of their facility, allowing followers to see the process of creating what will be on their table tomorrow. Also, on his page, events from the life of the team are constantly covered, which contributes to the establishment of trusting relationships.

    In addition, do not forget that consumers always discuss manufacturers. You have the opportunity to use all this for the benefit of the company. The page can be used as a book of reviews: the latter will be extracted from the comments. Finally, the big manufacturers have gone one step further and allowed customers to decide what their next product should be.

Продвижение Facebook

How is the promotion of Facebook

The main stages of promotion in FB:

  • Development of a detailed marketing strategy.
  • Definition of the target audience, its segmentation.
  • Creating a company page on Facebook.
  • Development of corporate identity, account design.
  • Development of a content plan.
  • Posting content and attracting subscribers.
  • Communication with the audience.
  • Launching a targeted advertising campaign.

    Facebook promotion allows you to quickly increase the number of regular customers and strengthen the brand's position. Specialists of different directions are involved in the promotion process: SMM managers, copywriters, designers, marketers. An integrated approach allows you to achieve excellent results.

    You can order promotion on Facebook for a brand, online store, official website, blog, online school, courses, etc. Each project has its own promotion strategy, which allows you to achieve the highest results. After a month you will be able to evaluate them.

Once again, let's dwell on the main advantages of promotion in this social network:

  • direct interaction with the target audience;
  • you promote your products or services to paying users;
  • feedback from potential customers;
  • popularization of the brand, product;
  • an ideal platform for holding promotions, sweepstakes, polls, contests, etc.

    The number of Facebook users is about 2 billion, and it is represented by users from various social strata, representatives of various professions. That is why it can be used to promote any products and activities, including the most exclusive ones. As we wrote above, Facebook promotion is suitable not only for online businesses, but also for local establishments, for example, fitness centers, hairdressers, shops, etc.

    The administration of the company page for each field of activity has its own characteristics. For example, for regional companies, the best way to promote is targeted advertising, which will be shown to users of a certain age, gender and place of residence. Contextual advertising is well suited for those companies that operate throughout the country, the world. As a rule, these are large chain stores, educational companies, organizations providing consulting services, etc.

    Promotion on Facebook is primarily analytics. If the page existed earlier, then at the first stage the statistics (number of subscribers, audience, etc.) are studied in detail. Next, the competition is assessed, the main competitors in this area are studied. Having received the necessary data, we proceed to build a strategy. It includes not only promotion methods and technologies, but also work with the visual component, with content, selection of headings.

    The advertising campaign starts after the development of the strategy. Designers, copywriters, SMM managers are involved in the process. Banners and images, content are being prepared, targeted advertising is being set up. This is an ongoing process, during which the main performance indicators are monitored, the necessary adjustments are made to increase the effectiveness of promotion.

Facebook promotion

Facebook promotion in eMiS internet marketing studio

    Virtually unlimited possibilities for any commercial and creative projects. To take advantage of all this, you just need to competently manage the tools that Facebook entrusts to us. In order to stay on course, you need a good guide to SMM, which can be eMiS internet marketing studio. Our main advantages:

  • website promotion within strictly specified time frames;
  • individual approach to customer needs;
  • a wide range of options for solving various problems facing the customer;
  • reasonable cost of all services provided by the studio;
  • personal consultations;
  • the use of proven technologies that allow you to achieve the desired effect on time;
  • optimal time to complete tasks due to well-organized teamwork;
  • tracking processes and promptly making adjustments;
  • detailed reports for each project.

    We work with any projects, regardless of your actual location (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine), regardless of the scale and area of ​​​​interest, but conquer with quality service and skill.

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