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Case for creating a site for printing “Dniprograph”


Our customer "Dneprograph" specializes in the urgent production of printing products and the provision of post-print printing services.

General Tasks

We were faced with the task of creating a convenient and understandable website for visitors:

  • ensure the flow of orders from the site;
  • increasing the share of targeted traffic in the region by creating the correct structure and technical implementation of the site;
  • creating a favorable image of the company with the help of original design.

Implementation of tasks

1.Marketing research

маркетинговые исследования

Before starting work on the site, we conducted a marketing study of the competitive market. This is necessary to create a powerful resource aimed at the needs of the target audience. Next, we developed a website prototype, taking into account the required structure and desired functionality.

2. Site development

CMS WordPress was chosen as the management system for the site - a popular CMS all over the world. “MInistore” was chosen as the theme - it fully reflects the necessary functionality for the future site. We have carried out a number of works on the usability of the site:

  • A mobile version of the site has been developed, which implies comfortable use of the resource on any device. This will increase the flow of customers from mobile devices.
  • In this topic, most orders are made through the form, so we reflected it directly in the product card and added the ability to attach a layout to it for the convenience of the user. We have also added a callback request form.
  • The information block “Our Equipment” was added, which increases the overall confidence in the site and the company, as a manufacturer with extensive experience in the field.
  • A through map on the site will allow the client to easily figure out in which part of the city the printing house is located and use the pickup service.
  • The site is multilingual, so it will be convenient to use it both in Ukrainian and in Russian.
  • For convenience, a detailed list of products and services is presented on the main page. We also moved all sections to the main menu. Visitors to the site immediately see all categories and easily navigate where to look for the necessary products. All pages are located within one click.
  • A dynamic slider will perfectly acquaint visitors with promotions and new services.

3. Logo development


The logo was created based on the wishes of the client. Our designer provided several options that reflected the brand concept in different ways and increased user loyalty. The logo is made in classic black and white colors.

4. Seo optimization

With the competent development of the site, it is necessary to take into account many different factors in order for the site to be as attractive as possible in the eyes of search engines and to strengthen its leading position in search results. Therefore, the development of the site was coordinated by a team of SEO specialists at each stage:

  • The project has the most convenient structure that is intuitive to the user.
  • The semantic core of the site was assembled to create an effective promotion strategy.
  • The structure and type of URLs have been worked out.
  • Breadcrumbs are correctly implemented - now they are convenient for visitors and perform their function in front of search engines.
  • Registered meta-data for all pages.
  • Correct Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files have been created for correct site indexing.
  • Based on the key phrases, Seo texts were written for the site pages, which will affect the quality of search results and user loyalty. The texts were written in 2 languages.
  • Setting counters of search engines.
  • Code optimization. Extra links to third-party resources were removed, which would have a bad effect on the weight and ranking of the site.
  • Optimized page loading speed for Google and Yandex standards.
  • Additionally optimized pagination pages.
  • Optimized images on the site. The Title and Alt attributes are written.


After the completion of the site development, we conducted a detailed testing of the site. This is done to eliminate malfunctions on the site and identify minor flaws. After the site was tested, the final edits were made.


The site for the company "Dneprograph" perfectly reflected the convenience and functionality. Thanks to the introduction of the mobile version, the site is displayed correctly on any device. The resource has a convenient and simple menu that sells the structure. The design of the site is modern, not overloaded with unnecessary content, it is maximally thought out and convenient for customers. The content stimulates a potential customer to buy and is optimized for the requirements of search engines.

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