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SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management

SERM (search engine reputation management) is an online activity aimed at forming user opinions about a company, brand, product or service. The more positive ratings, the higher brand loyalty, the higher the chance that other users will recommend you and make a purchase from you. This can be encouraging leaving reviews, processing negative reviews, ordering a review of opinion leaders.

Today, ignoring negative reviews from dissatisfied customers, a negative information field has become impossible. People trust the reviews of other people, and therefore, online business owners are increasingly taking measures to resolve disputes, negative situations, and monitor the quality of the service.

SERM services also help implement a plan to protect against the consequences of unfair competition deployed by your business opponents and to create a favorable information environment.

In the process of holding SERM events, we place and promote positive information about your company (brand, product, service), work with negative information, form a good business image and a loyal information field.

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What tools do we use in eMiS when making SERM


PR placement

About your products or services on third-party resources, placement of guest posts, news on other sites


Comments and reviews

On forums, reviews, marketplaces, social networks


Dealing with the negative

Resolving conflicts on behalf of the client

What will a SERM service with eMiS give you?

Reputation management in the network leads to the fact that

  • Under control is the content that falls into the TOP-10 branded issuance
  • Negative reviews are promptly detected, processed and/or forced out of the top positions in the PS
  • A favorable information field is created around your business
  • The degree of trust in you is growing not only search engines, but also partners, potential buyers
  • Conditions are created for brand promotion. Traffic is growing. The company's position in the market becomes stronger
  • Working with the negative makes it clear weaknesses, bottlenecks in the business, errors in the operation of the resource, in the marketing strategy, in the functioning of branches, and the activities of individual employees
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Frequently asked Questions

How much does reputation management cost?

The cost of the SERM service will depend on the overall situation, the amount of work to be done. The price is calculated per month and discussed after monitoring the current situation, preparing a work project in the SERM segment.

How long does it take to implement SERM?

It will take from 1 month to 1 year to neutralize the negative towards your company and form a positive image, ideally - to carry out work constantly, thus increasing the pool of regular customers.

Why is it worth ordering the SERM service from eMiS?

Online reputation management is most effective with an integrated approach - combining SERM and SEO. To analyze the situation and take control of your reputation, you need the help of professionals. The eMiS internet marketing studio has extensive experience, all the necessary tools and a professional team to complete and promptly solve the problems of developing, promoting, and increasing the profitability of an online business.

What specialists will work on SERM?

In eMiS, a middle SEO specialist is engaged in the selection of sites, and a content manager and editor are involved in writing content that is useful for the reputation of reviews.

How is SERM provided in eMiS?

  1. We go through the following stages of SERM services:
  • Probing the target audience.
  • Monitoring websites where there is a mention of your company.
  • Analysis of the tone of the information field.
  • Definition of the range of problems.
  1. Development of a reputation repair strategy
  • Identification of the causes of negativity.
  • Search for reputable donors (platforms) for posting positive opinions and reviews.
  • Preparation of high-quality positive and neutral content.
  • Development of instructions for improving the website.
  1. Implementation of the strategy
  • Creating an attractive image.
  • Dealing with the negative.
  • Establishing feedback, improving the quality of services provided.

How are donors selected for Search Engine Reputation Management?

Sources of positive feedback can be:

  • Google My Business or Google Maps, 2gis.
  • Geoservices, sites with reference information.
  • Reviewers.
  • Price aggregators.
  • Thematic forums.
  • Feedback section on your own resource and on the resources of distributors.

Which platforms deserve special attention?

  • Which fall into the TOP-20 issuance for key queries.
  • Resources given by search engines for advanced keywords that can lead to sites with reviews about your company.

We search for the necessary resources using two of the most visited PS: Google (Google), Yandex (Yandex). Main search criteria:

  • Brand queries are a request for the name of the company in its pure form and in combination with specifying words (“quality”, “reviews”).
  • Thematic queries - cover the entire industry, that is, the user is looking for a company in this segment that is able to satisfy his needs.
  • Requests for a specific product (service or product).
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