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Analysis of current messages

One of the most important and at the most time-consuming stages of submitting to the site is the analysis of external messages. The heads of fahіvtsya not only take away the necessary data, but rather interpret the information with further correction of the possilny mass, depending on the type of resource.

Now a surveillance audit is being carried out

Irrespective of those that site ranking algorithms are constantly changing and new methods of promotion are being introduced, although the rankings have been promoted earlier, they are still an important factor that insures search engines.

The feasible profile is liable to be analyzed permanently, the fragments of a part of the site may, for some other reasons, become unprofitable, and the others may be recognized by administrators. In some cases, if the project is served by dekilkom teams, a large number of foreign messages are bought at once, which are threatening with sanctions from the side of poke systems.

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A feasible audit of eMiS includes:


Dotrimannya terms

Passing the sites in the suvoro timing ranges.


Individual pidhid

We optimize the plan according to the individual details of the client.


Optimal prices

The versatility of all the services is reasonable, like a studio.


Current services

Vikoristannya reverberated by the state of the art technologies, which allow achieving the necessary effect in our terms


Gnuchky plan robit

Implementation of processes and operational corrections


Personalized calls

Call, expand specially for a specific project.

Analysis of return messages: features and details of the process

Zvorotnі posilannya (backlinks) represent a kind of showmen, yakі ask for a specific resource. Posting to your site is one of the main stages of yoga posting. For help, backlinks search robots come to your site for scanning, and the subject of your resource becomes more sensible for them. Regardless of the evolution of algorithms, the control profile of the page and the domain as a whole is one of the most important ranking factors.


Analysis of existing posts on the site - not just a selection of a few indicators, but also a sign of the posting. Algorithms that are victorious in per-shook systems allow distinguishing between good and bad backlinks, which in SEO is emphasized on their quality, not quantity. The mass of trust resources is great - it is a good official when pushing the site. Neakіshim vvazhutsya advancing forces:

  • Backlinks from PBN. Tse merezha resources, yakі belong to one vlasnik and may have the same IP-addresses. Created to push the main resource.
  • Forced from resources from the great number of backlinks. Such sites are created exclusively for the distribution of messages, and the number of messages for the donor himself is minimal.
  • Non-thematic messages. The subject of the donor site does not change with the subject of the resource. So, just like in the front view, such sites are created exclusively for the placement of backlinks, so the search engines vvazhut spam by their postmasters.
  • Backlinks with commercial anchors. The ideal text of the message is the text that fits into the article as naturally as possible, without spam at the sight of key words.
  • Crime messages on low-level sites.
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Prosuvannya sites - the sphere, yak vymagaє postіyny thorough methods of work. At the same time, they are overwhelmed with the most efficient and over-engineered technologies. With their correct choice of stench, all your points are true.

To keep up with the course, you need a good guide, like eMiS internet marketing studio. We work with any projects, regardless of the scale and area of ​​interest, but we rely on the same service and craftsmanship.

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