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Contextual advertising in Google Ads

Contextual advertising includes various types of advertisements broadcast in Google and Yandex search engines. If we compare contextual advertising services in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords with other methods of website promotion on the Internet, it is the fastest way to attract the target audience. Regardless of the status and popularity with the help of paid ads, the site will be on the first page of search engines.

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Benefits of contextual advertising



Terms and launch of an advertising campaign from 1 to 5 days


Savings and Efficiency

You pay for the transfer of potential customers to your site


The target audience

The ad is visible only to interested users - potential customers

When you need contextual advertising

Most often, contextual advertising is needed in such cases:

  • Promotion of a new site, service or product
  • When there is a demand for a service or product that you sell, but they are not looking for it on the Internet. In other words, when no one knows about your new site, product or service.

  • You want to cover the maximum market on the Internet
  • With the help of this channel, the site will receive an additional target audience with high conversion. Announcements go directly to the interested audience. It is possible to additionally set up a system of restrictions on keywords, broadcast time, territorial distribution in the cities of Ukraine (for display in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye).

  • You want to attract a large number of interested users to the site in a short time
  • Quick setting of contextual advertising and instant promotion of an online store, any product or service make it one of the most cost-effective (search advertising in Google and Yandex can be launched within 2-7 days and immediately brings the advertiser its results).

  • Your advertising budget is limited
  • If you are not ready to invest heavily in promotion, the method of publishing paid ads in search engines is suitable for you, campaign setup is possible under the most modest budget. In this case, the advertiser is charged only if the user goes to the advertised site.

  • You want to check the demand for a certain service or product
  • PPC makes it possible to test the demand for the proposed product without much investment. Having developed a competent strategy when launching contextual advertising, it is possible to achieve excellent results in promoting a product or service. eMiS has many years of experience in successfully and efficiently launching contextual advertising, you can verify this by studying our cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How we are working?

  • You call or leave a request for the calculation of Google or Yandex contextual advertising.
  • During the day, we send a calculation to get acquainted with the budget of the contextual campaign.
  • We conclude an agreement.
  • We agree on a meeting at which we determine the main tasks and promotion strategy.
  • Make a deposit and the work begins.

How much does contextual advertising cost?

There is an opinion that the cost of maintaining and setting up contextual advertising through an agency is quite high. In fact, the agency fee does not affect the overall budget of the contextual campaign and directly depends on the result. For each client, the cost is calculated individually, depending on the goals and the chosen strategy.

What is the context budget?

  • Monthly payment for running a contextual campaign - the cost is from 2500 UAH. Our experts analyze the effectiveness of paid ads. They add stop words, change bids, experiment with display time, optimize the budget. We do everything to get the best result.
  • Click budget is calculated individually. The advertiser pays for clicks in accordance with pay per click traffic (calculated when the client goes to the advertiser's website), so the total price of the service provided per month is much lower than other types of advertising information distribution.

What is included in our services?

  • Market analysis
  • Studying and evaluating the activities of competitors
  • Planning, approving and distributing the advertising campaign budget
  • The choice of the type of presentation of information
  • Compiling a list of keywords and phrases to optimize advertising in search
  • Selection of landing pages of the site, recommendations for their improvement
  • Preparation of selling text ads
  • Launching a short-term advertising campaign as a test (project duration from 2 to 4 weeks)
  • Analysis of the trial run, carrying out the necessary improvements
  • Technical support of the advertising campaign

Who will work on your project?

  • Project manager
  • Contextual advertising specialist
  • SMM specialist
  • Internet Marketer
  • Designer

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