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Growth in the number of sales of the online store due to the introduction of the "call back" service


Subject: Complex supply of offices, enterprises with consumables. Target region: all Ukraine.

The Importance of Call Tracking

Each advertiser is interested in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of their business. For analytics, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika are most often used. However, they cannot be used to fully track the effectiveness of advertising if a significant proportion of conversions are calls. Approximately 2/3 of users checkout after calling e-commerce site managers. A phone call remains a fairly important way to establish communication and ensure the loyalty of a potential client. But not everyone takes into account the important point of the callback.

Increasing the number of calls

Increasing the number of calls and orders without advertising, changing the functionality of the site is quite an important issue. The solution is the help of feedback widgets. Of all the traffic sources, there are 2 main ones:

SourceVisitsTarget calls% of conversions that came from calls

The share of calls is quite high, but the figure can be increased! The callback order form helps with this. The user specifies the phone number to which, after a while, the system connects the sales manager. This form looks like this:


It is worth noting that the lower the time allotted for the actual call waiting, the greater the likelihood of a conversion following the call.

Implementing this widget and increasing the number of calls

3 months before the implementation of this functionality, 273 calls were made, 3 months after the addition - 417 calls, 129 of them due to the callback form. Data on traffic sources after the implementation of the widget:

SourceVisitsTarget callsCall to traffic ratio

From the above data, we can calculate that this functionality increased the number of calls by 52.75%. And the ratio of the number of calls to traffic is almost 4 times.

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