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Competitor analysis

“He who has never made mistakes has never tried something new,” A. Einstein rightly believed, but it would be wiser, in our opinion, to use someone else's experience. Moreover, it can be both successful and bitter - in any case, we get the opportunity to reach our cherished goal much faster and without loss. That is why we analyze the competitor's website.

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Why do you need competitor analysis

You will learn from any manual for marketers that the basis of success in today's conditions is to compare yourself with competitors. In order to become stronger, you need to do better what your competitors fail to do or what they overlook.

Knowing your competitors' strengths is also very valuable, as you can safely follow the competitor's lead. Using his strategy, a young company can quickly adapt to market conditions or even create competition for it.

Let's say more, even if you have already become a leader in your field, you should not stop studying your competitors. Do not forget that everyone is striving for the top, and at one point you may give up your place to someone. Staying on top is easier than climbing it again.

So, regardless of the direction of your activity and position in the market, competitor analysis is a prerequisite for your security and success.

Monitoring competitors allows you to:

  • compare the performance of the company with the performance of competitors in this area, determine their position in the market;
  • determine the criteria that affect your success in the industry and prospects for development;
  • set marketing goals;
  • develop a marketing strategy.

How is competitor analysis done?

We define the main stages of analysis and criteria that allow you to evaluate competitors.

Search for competitors. Our task is to identify the main competitors (based on the field of activity, geography, scale and income of the company).

Comparison of company performance with competitors. Comparative analysis allows you to evaluate your position and determine priority tasks.

Studying competitor strategies. Our task is to determine what helps competitors succeed.

  • SEO. You need to find out what proportion of visitors come to your competitor's site from organic search and what keywords they get the most traffic from.
  • External links. The number of external links to the competitor's resource is determined, compared with the link profile of our company, the authority of donors is determined.
  • The popularity of a competitor's website. It is determined how popular the resource of competitors is in comparison with ours, the involvement of visitors and who is its target audience.
  • Technical characteristics of the site. It is necessary to identify the technologies that are used to ensure the performance of the competitor site, and how much they affect their success rates.
  • Content. What content is shared by a competitor on social networks and what is really interesting for users and increases the credibility of a competitor? Where is the content placed, what news from the life of the company does the competitor company share?
  • Social media. What social platforms he uses most often, what he posts, whose services he uses (influencers).
  • Advertising. Where does the competitor conduct advertising campaigns, what keywords does it use, how does it design its ads.
  • Prices. Price comparison: what is the cost of similar products from competing companies, are our prices competitive.
  • SEO. You need to find out what proportion of visitors come to your competitor's site from organic search and what keywords they get the most traffic from.
  • Newsletters. How regularly do competitors send newsletters, what is their content.
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SEO-analysis of competitors: what is it and why is it carried out

SEO analysis consists of two main stages:

  • analysis of key queries;
  • analysis of the semantic core of the competitor's website.

In the first case, we determine the keywords by which users find competitors in search engines. This allows you to see the situation from the perspective of potential customers. Based on key queries, a semantic core is created, which is the main factor in ranking a resource in search engines.

The semantic core is associated with the site structure and content. Therefore, the analysis of the semantic core includes two stages:

  • Site structure analysis. User experience depends on how logical and understandable the site structure is for users. It is very important that the client quickly finds the information he is interested in, goods, easily passes through the entire chain of actions necessary for the purchase. Perhaps the site needs to add additional filters, landing pages, categories.
  • Content analysis. The content contains search queries. With the help of SEO analysis, we determine which content is ranked better by search engines. Equally important is the design of the site content, the type of content (video, images). Such an analysis will allow developing a new content strategy, which will certainly improve the position of the site.

Let's talk more about content analysis. To compare with a competitor, you need to break down the site by the types of pages that are used for promotion:

  • main page;
  • categories/subcategories;
  • product cards;
  • blog;
  • other typical pages (depending on the field of activity).

When analyzing the content of the main page, categories and subcategories, consider the following:

  • Characters;
  • markup methods (h1, h2, h3);
  • whether there are bulleted and numbered lists;
  • whether images, videos are used;
  • how keys are used.

When analyzing product cards, the following is taken into account:

  • the presence of a description of the goods;
  • number of characters in the description;
  • whether there are product characteristics, reviews and other material useful to the user.

When analyzing blog pages, consider:

  • frequency of publication;
  • the number of articles in the blog;
  • the volume of each article;
  • what posts are used: optimized for queries, interesting and useful material for users, company news.

The analysis of the semantic core should be carried out regularly, and not only on the site of competitors, but also on your own. The situation is constantly changing, and competitors are regularly optimizing to improve their positions in search engines. This will allow you to quickly respond to changes, making appropriate adjustments, developing new strategies, so that the site will always remain in the TOP.

What other information can be obtained about a competitor

SEO-audit is a comprehensive analysis, by conducting which of competitors, we get the opportunity to see how our site should be promoted. For a more complete picture, we may need the following data.

Domain age. You can check it using the Whois service. At the same time, one should not forget that the age of the site may be different, since new resources can work on old domains (determined from the moment of indexing). How do these metrics affect rankings? The older the better. In this case, we can talk about a large history of visits, a certain level of audience trust. Do not forget that the trust of search engines in the site is built on the basis of the opinions of users, so the trust of the audience is a very important indicator.

The higher the trust, the better the structure of the site, the higher the relevance of queries, the number and quality of backlinks, etc. For young sites, trust is not a promotion factor - in this case, attention is paid to other ranking factors.

Site traffic. High traffic tends to increase the chances of good conversion rates. Competitor analysis will allow you to make adjustments to your strategy, and you can use special services to analyze attendance. The main metrics they provide are:

  • number of visits;
  • traffic source;
  • number of unique users;
  • what devices are used to view the pages of the site;
  • session duration;
  • how many pages have been viewed.

These are very important indicators for building the right strategy. They allow you to determine the channels through which you need to attract users to your site, as well as better understand the target audience, which, in turn, will help you properly target ads. By analyzing the sites of successful competitors, we get the opportunity to find the best solution for our business.

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Competitor link analysis

Analysis of site competitors in eMiS internet marketing studio

Regardless of your field of activity, market position and the strategy you use to promote your company, competitor research is a prerequisite for the development and security of your business, setting priority goals.

In order to stay on course, you need a good guide, which can be eMiS internet marketing studio. Our main advantages:

  • website promotion within strictly specified time frames;
  • individual approach to customer needs;
  • a wide range of options for solving various problems facing the customer;
  • reasonable cost of all services provided by the studio;
  • personal consultations;
  • the use of proven technologies that allow you to achieve the desired effect on time;
  • optimal time to complete tasks due to well-organized teamwork;
  • tracking processes and promptly making adjustments;
  • detailed reports for each project.

We work with any projects, regardless of the scale and area of ​​interest, and conquer with quality service and craftsmanship.

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