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Case for creating a website for ODCPIT


Customer ODCPIT — is a specialized printing institution with many years of experience in the field of printing documents on higher education, student and school cards.

General Tasks

The customer contacted us to create a new website with a minimalist design. The old site no longer met modern technical standards and was not attractive to customers. Therefore, the tasks in developing a new site were as follows:

  • Develop a modern website with an attractive design that will bring in a stream of new customers.
  • Make the site intuitive and easy to use for users.
  • Develop an adaptive version of the site for comfortable use of the resource from various devices.
  • Laconically place an array of content without visually overloading the site.
  • Reworking the resource structure to improve usability.

Stage 1. Marketing research

In order for the work on the site to bring maximum results, before starting the development, our specialists conduct a deep analysis of the Ukrainian market niche. To do this, we conducted a study of the target audience of the site, analyzed the main competitors and, as a result, found out the key success factors that are most interesting to customers. After a detailed study, a work plan was developed to redesign the site.

Stage 2. Design

Logo white - odcpit

The site was created for a narrowly focused topic of printing education documents. Therefore, the layouts feature a minimalistic design and a strict color scheme. The logo was created on the basis of the overall color scheme and theme of the project: The main goal was to establish contact with visitors to perform targeted actions. Therefore, the attention of users is drawn to a wide range, convenience and benefits.


Stage 3. Website development

CMS WordPress was chosen as the content management system, which is one of the most popular and reliable in the world. The structure was thought out, information blocks that increase the credibility of the company as a manufacturer with extensive experience in the field of printing. It is important for the site visitor to know what benefits he will get from working with the company: - A block diagram of working with the company is displayed:


The main subcategories of products are presented on the main page:


The customer uses the latest equipment, which we also reflected on the main page:


On the “How to order” page, the process of formalizing official documents by the educational institution is described in detail. All pages are located no further than one click for ease of use. There are several forms of feedback with the company. Also, an important criterion for any site is its adaptability, so we created an adaptive design for comfortable display on all devices.


SEO work

We prefer to use an integrated approach. In parallel, specialists of different profiles are working on the project. Seo-specialists took part in the development of the project and compiled a list of works to optimize the site for search engines:

  • Removed links to external resources.
  • Optimized page loading speed for Google and Yandex standards.
  • Created seo-texts to increase the share of organic queries.
  • All pages have optimized meta tags.
  • Additionally optimized pagination pages.
  • Optimized images on the site. The title and alt attributes are spelled out.
  • Checked and fixed errors in the mobile version of the site.


The site was created in accordance with the preferences of the target audience and, thanks to a well-developed structure, is convenient and functional. Thanks to the adaptive layout, the site displays correctly on any device and browser. The design of the site is minimalistic and made in soothing colors. Rate our ODCPIT project. After redesigning the site, the project switched to SEO promotion to increase positions in search engines.

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