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Remarketing is a type of contextual advertising. It is aimed at an audience that has already visited your site, but left without completing the targeted action. How it works? Properly setting up remarketing makes it possible to again attract the attention of potential customers. When a user leaves your resource, starts looking for the necessary goods on competitor sites, your ad always appears in front of him. The principle of retargeting is a visual reminder of your site to the client. If an advertisement is constantly in the user's field of vision, the likelihood that he will return to your resource increases significantly.

Where to order the service? eMiS internet marketing studio will offer you an effective solution for the settings and strategy of your marketing campaign. We set up retargeting, individually select platforms for displaying banner ads, manage marketing campaigns in Yandex Direct, Google Ads, help your company grow and increase sales on the Internet.

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What does the retargeting setting do?


Targeting "hot" users.

Remarketing takes into account geography, allows you to group the target audience by interests, referral address, prices, selects the audience for displaying ads as accurately as possible.


High conversion.

Retargeting brings customers back to the site, thereby increasing the conversion/purchase rate.


High return on investment.

An increase in conversion leads to a decrease in the cost of transitions / targeted actions. Advertising quickly pays off.


Brand recognition.

The right targeted advertising makes a brand memorable. This is a plus for the ranking and reputation of the site.

Features of setting up retargeting

Your target audience is a frequent user of Youtube

  • Various customization options
  • There is retargeting: classic, search, dynamic, video remarketing, e-mail. The advantage of the service is the ability to use several marketing tools at the same time.

  • High efficiency
  • It is more difficult to attract new customers than to return to the site users who were interested in YOUR product and who were in the purchase step.

  • Thematic restrictions
  • Remarketing prohibits advertising of a number of goods/services (pornography, alcohol, gambling, tobacco products, weapons and pyrotechnics, politics, finance, medicines, etc.)

  • Individual approach
  • Retargeting allows you to make a unique offer to the user (a discount on the product of interest, related products to those already purchased on the site, notification of new arrivals).

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need to set up remarketing in Ukraine?

  • All companies aimed at business development, traffic increase and sales increase.
  • In a highly competitive niche.
  • If visitors do not go beyond 1-2 pages.
  • With low traffic conversion.

Retargeting is most effective for companies operating in the service, software, information and other types of e-commerce.

Who provides the retargeting service?

To implement the project, we form a professional team of eMiS specialists:

  • senior PPC specialist;
  • account manager;
  • middle PPC specialist;
  • internet marketer.

What steps does the retargeting setup service include?

Setting up Google Ads remarketing

1. Installing the code.

You can set the appropriate tag in Google Ads and use the code in your Google Analytics settings. If you link these accounts, you can create targeted traffic in both systems.

2. Create a remarketing list.

  • Selection of users in Google Ads according to certain criteria (behavioral factor, awareness, others).
  • Choosing a target audience in Google Analytics (selection by behavioral, demographic factor, time of the first visit, from which devices, from which site the transition was made).

3. Setting up in Google Ads

  • campaign setup (CMS);
  • bid selection (cost per click);
  • setting accesses;
  • language settings;
  • geodata;
  • exclusion from the list of irrelevant target audience, undesirable platforms for placement.

4. Creating and setting up high-quality, original ads (graphics, banners).

5. Campaign launch.

6. Maintaining statistics, optimizing the campaign in the process.

Setting up retargeting in Yandex Direct

1. Creating an account in the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN).

2. Setting up Yandex Metrics.

3. Establishing a connection between Yandex Direct and Metrica.

4. Creating lists:

  • by the number of views;
  • by visiting a specific page;
  • by actions performed on the site (viewing, adding to the basket);
  • by composite retargeting goal.

5. Choice of goals, niches.

6. Access settings.

7. Preparing a targeted promotional offer.

8. Determination of the budget (cost per click).

9. Compilation of advertisements (relevant headlines, selling text, effective links).

10. Preparation of visual content (pictures, photographs). Only unique images are used, since visual content matters more than text in Yandex advertising.

11. Tag writing.

12. Setting up advertisements in YAN.

13. Campaign launch.

14. Tracking results, optimizing settings in the process.

Setting up dynamic remarketing

1. Registering an account with GoogleAds.

2. Choosing the type of company (Display Network only) and goals (purchases on the site).

3. Access settings.

4. Choosing a bidding strategy, budget size, indicating the name of the company.

5. Additional settings.

6. Retargeting settings (formation of lists, tags, feeds).

7. Ad settings.

8. Create dynamic ads.

9. Campaign start.

10. Analysis, changing settings for optimization purposes.

How much does the remarketing setup service cost?

The minimum cost per month for a retargeting campaign is UAH 3,000. The final price in the eMiS agency is discussed with the client individually and depends on the selected rates, tools, type of ads, selected destinations and other factors.

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