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Link building

In order to achieve high-quality and sustainable results in website promotion, a qualified SEO specialist uses complex solutions built on the basis of effective and self-sufficient methods. One of them is link building, or link promotion, which, if implemented correctly, can provide relevant and constant traffic to the site. The algorithms of Google and Yandex search engines are constantly being improved and supplemented, but external optimization has been and remains an important part of them, affecting the ranking of resources.

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Link building from eMiS is:


Transparent reporting

Работаем по открытому бюджету на закупку ссылок. Предоставляем отчёт по каждой ссылке.


Huge base of roads

For more than 10 years of work in the market, we have collected and filtered a list of donors, continuing to improve it.


Link Discounts

By purchasing links through our advertising agency, you can count on discounts on most information resources.

Why is link building important for SEO?

The ranking factor, links, helped Google dominate the search engine market in the late 1990s. One of its founders invented PageRank, a metric that web crawlers used to rate the quality of a page based somewhat on the number of backlinks pointing to it. Later, PR was used as one of the components of the overall algorithm.

The main concept of PageRank was trust: if a page is linked, it means that it is trustworthy. With that in mind, SEOs have found ways to manipulate PR and SERPs. In response, Google began to pay more attention to the development of algorithms that would detect such manipulations. In the future, this led to the fact that the search engine ceased to take into account such previously important factors as the presence of the site in web directories and getting backlinks (low quality).

Despite all this, there is no doubt that if your resource receives high-quality links, then this improves its ranking and visibility in the SERPs.

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What is linkbuilding

Link building is a method of link promotion in which a large number of external links are used to optimize a resource. Unlike conventional link building, link building practices a more thorough analysis of each donor resource, so this method is more natural from the point of view of search engines, and therefore more effective.

Linkbuilding involves a gradual increase in the link mass. For this, both natural and purchased links can be used. Backlinks are considered natural, which site administrators or users place on their own, because they consider the content or services of the recipient site to be useful. They are free and more effective than SEO links, which are used specifically to influence search results. In order for the site to grow a natural link mass, it is necessary to fill it with informative and useful materials.

As for purchased links, which can be purchased on special aggregators, they can also work no less efficiently than natural ones. To do this, you should create high-quality content and select platforms on which it will be most in demand.

What is link building?
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There are the following types of links:

  • anchor and non-anchor;
  • indexed and non-indexed;
  • perpetual and leased.

Anchor links are backlinks that are embedded in the text, and seeing them, the user understands what awaits him after the transition. The anchor should organically fit into the content - this is strictly monitored by search engine algorithms.

Anchors and text directly next to the link allow search engines to determine the relevance of the link to the donor site, which affects its ranking. Do not forget that search engines are very careful about commercial anchors, in which the user is invited to perform some actions: buy, sell, arrange, etc. With a large number of such anchors, the site may fall under the filter.

But search engines are very loyal to anchorless links. As a rule, they indicate common words, for example, “read”, “next”, “view”, etc.

Links are indexed and non-indexed. In the latter, due to the nofollow attribute used, the citation index is not transmitted to search engines by link: thus, they are given an indication that the owner of the resource does not want the search robot to follow it, increasing the link weight of the site. If this attribute is missing, the link is indexed by default. If the link is placed on a trusted resource, and the nofollow attribute is present in the code, this does not mean that there is no point in this. Even non-indexed links have an impact on the position of the site and are a source of traffic.

Buying links

As for “permanent” and leased links, the difference between them is obvious: the former are placed on the resources as long as you pay for the service to the donor site, and the latter exist as long as the site itself remains operational.

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Link building in the eMiS studio: stages of work

A link building company consists of a whole set of components. Let's define the main ones:

  • Setting goals. Link building is one of the varieties of Internet marketing, so it should also have tasks set before the start of work. This will help to form a strategy that will achieve high results. Campaign goals should be consistent with the overall goals of your project, related to real organizational tasks.
  • Definition of assets. The basis of any link building campaign should be an asset that will be used to generate links. In this way, you will be able to generate interest among the users you are going to contact. Assets depend on the type of activity. Examples are content, information, products, etc.
  • Link types. When developing a strategy, the types of links should be defined. These can be links to internal product or category pages, links containing keywords or a brand name, etc.
  • Search for donor sites. The most crucial moment on which the success of the campaign largely depends. At this stage, you should identify the resources where your offer (product, service, content) will be of interest.
  • Definition of the target audience. After all the previous stages have been worked out, it will not be difficult to determine the target audience.
  • Outreach To tell people about your products or content, you need to exploit the most visited sites. To do this, it is best to use a method such as outreach, which involves communication with bloggers, webmasters, site owners in order to place links on their resource.
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The authority of your site can and will grow if you correctly use such a tool as link building. This is the most natural and correct method of promotion, the results of which will not keep you waiting.

In order to stay on course, you need a good guide, which can be eMiS internet marketing studio. Our main advantages:

  • website promotion within strictly specified time frames;
  • individual approach to customer needs;
  • a wide range of options for solving various problems facing the customer;
  • reasonable cost of all services provided by the studio;
  • personal consultations;
  • the use of proven technologies that allow you to achieve the desired effect on time;
  • optimal time to complete tasks due to well-organized teamwork;
  • tracking processes and promptly making adjustments;
  • detailed reports for each project.

We work with any projects, regardless of the scale and area of ​​interest, your actual location (we work with customers from all regions of Ukraine), and conquer with quality service and craftsmanship.

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