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SMM: promotion of the Aquarelle beauty salon


The Aquarelle Beauty Institute is the only beauty and health center in Dnepropetrovsk that meets the highest category of the state certification system.

At the time of the start of cooperation with the eMiS company on SMM services, the project had its own flow of customers from other channels, there were already created pages on social networks, but their effectiveness did not suit either us or our partner. We conducted an SMM campaign for a client thanks to 2 stages: maintaining social networks and targeted advertising. Maintaining social networks:



1. Create a full-fledged sales channel from social networks. 2. Draw up a promotion strategy and media plan. 3. Increase brand awareness. 4. Attract more visitors. 1. Edited the design of social pages for all site recommendations. 2. We redesigned the post format to increase engagement and reach. 3. Compiled a competent promotion strategy and media plan, so as not to annoy users with PR, but also not to let them forget about us. 4. Without competitions and Promotions, increased visits to the page and site, due to the solutions listed above. 5. Social networks have increased the influx of customers and subscribers who will become brand advocates in the future. Подробнее о ходе выполнения:

The client's social networks were created and maintained by the customer, the number of coverage of the posts was much lower than possible, and therefore it was decided to remake the post format:

  • make them more interesting;
  • connect advertising to new posts within 1 week;
  • add hashtags;
  • make unique images for each post;
  • correction of pages in social networks.

Let's see the comparison graph:
111Obviously, the number of visits has increased many times:
222The number of conversions for the period of the first month has increased significantly. The conversion rate in this case is not an indicator, due to the fact that before the start of proper maintenance, people who went to the site through social networks were regular customers. And after the work was completed, an influx of new subscribers and users who were not previously familiar with the brand appeared. The following month, the number of visits decreased slightly, but stabilized:

Targeted advertising campaign

Our specialists decided to launch targeted advertising to increase the influx of buyers from social networks.



1. Launch advertising of Promotions and Special Offers in social networks. 2. Ensure an influx of brand orders. 3. Attract more target audience 1. An advertising campaign was created in placements: Facebook and Instagram. 2. All campaigns were divided into several segments and set up individually for them.Подробнее о ходе выполнения:

Advertising campaigns and announcements were created taking into account all the interests and hobbies of the target audience. Advertising was launched in several stages: 1.creation and setup; 2.testing; 3. collection of results; 4.The next circle of building and testing until you get the best results. The graph shows visits only for advertisements: And you can see the interval when advertising was not carried out, but the analysis of the first launch was carried out.
444In addition to the main goals, advertising also increased engagement for the page:
5555 666As a result:

  • A total of 25 targeted calls were reached
  • 14 visits to the contact page
  • 4 visits to the "how to get a discount" page
  • 6 visits to the "questions" page
  • 6 new followers for the page after advertising
  • The cost of the 1st lead was about UAH 130.


With the right strategy and constant work, social networks can become a powerful tool for sales and communication with your customers. I would like to note that in this topic you can quickly get the first results without advertising, but this does not apply to all projects. Read also:

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