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Sales growth of more than 300% due to SEO promotion (example of a pet store)


Service: SEO promotion with monthly payment. 

Subject: Goods for pets.

Target region of promotion: Ukraine.

Target: traffic (customer acquisition) and sales.

Promotion period: From september 2014 г.

The store is large, the growth of traffic and sales on the site is indicative

The eMiS team completed the work of individual Internet marketing: Conducted SEO audit of the site. We moved the site to another CMS in 2015, the most suitable for an online store - Open Card. Why did they make such a decision? At the end of 2014, the exchange rate was unstable. Prices for goods in the online store are pegged to the dollar. The eMiS team resolved the issue with a quick, massive price change on the site, since WordPress does not have enough functionality for the proper operation of online stores. Moreover, Open Card is tailored for the creation of online stores. WordPress is a great builder for a blog, corporate website, business cards and one-page landings.

Number of sessions before transferring to a new CMS, by day:

Рост трафика до переноса на новую CMS

Number of sessions after migration to a new CMS, by day:

Рост трафика на сайте после переноса на новую CMS

As you can see, the traffic subsidence was short-lived. The site after the transfer felt great, rejoiced at the new prices. The buyer did not need to specify the exact cost of the goods. =)


Subcategories of pet food manufacturers have been added to the website menu. This allowed to distribute the link weight for the categories. In addition, we added product filters on the left side of the page. The user can now easily sort products by type, price range, manufacturer, and so on. This innovation not only improved the usability of the site, but also had a positive impact on the amount of traffic attracted. Since search engines started indexing pages with filtering results, the number of positions in the tops has increased. Also, we carried out work on the transfer of internal weight from product pages to category pages. The implementation was in the form of a small footnote at the end of the text like “Similar products can be found in the “Section” section”


The main task was to create on the site useful landing pages for the user, which are easily found in the search. The structure was created on the basis of the semantic core, which consists of several thousand requests. Added new subcategories with different parameters, for example, manufacturer, etc. Filters are made for low-frequency queries. All landing pages were written with unique, creative texts for interesting reading. Compiled terms of reference for correcting errors, optimizing the pages of the site and writing new texts. After completing all the technical work on the site, we began to purchase links. The blog was systematically filled with articles.


  1. The amount of traffic from search engines in October 2015 compared to the same period in 2014 increased by more than 290%
Трафик из поисковиков за октябрь 2015

The number of transactions through the online store in October 2015 - 123. In the same period in 2014, when the site just came to us for promotion, there were 28 transactions. Total more than 300% growth!

Сравнение транзакций до продвидвижения и после года раскрутки в том же диапазоне дат.

In addition to sales through the online store, the same number of transactions are made by phone. From information from the client, the ratio of applications from the site and calls is 50 to 50.


It's good for us to move forward! In less than a year, your online store can triple your sales thanks to the services of our SEO specialists. And this is not the limit! Additional Internet marketing services will surely raise positions on the rest of the "shelves" of the Internet!


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