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Notes about eMiS

Notes about eMiS

Vadim Simanchuk

Loan Invest Dnipro

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Young, promising lads have developed my website zaim.dp.ua according to my specifics - I am engaged in private positions. It’s also good practice, good results on leads and applications. I recommend!


Oleksandr Vorona


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Pratsiyuemo s eMiS already 3 rocks, they took away all the food from us - context, SEO, social. merezhі, robbed our site. Pratsyyuyut in tsikh straight-forward effectively, I am satisfied with the show, efficiency. Plus, a few years later, the Bitrix 24 system was introduced, in which the stench became the key contractors for us. Setting up business processes, automation, telephony - they entrusted everything to them, everything works. I can recommend as a normal adequate contractor. Professionally zavzhdko shvidko for the terms all shy. I like it, I recommend it.


Polina Fedotova


I rate the quality of the website created for me at 10 out of 10. As for the advertising campaign, it hasn't been launched yet, so I can't give any recommendations. I had some questions in the course of cooperation, but the staff responded promptly, provided explanations and provided the necessary support. In general, there were no difficulties. I believe that the level of customer service in your company is high. The team stands out for its professionalism and commitment to excellence. Regardless of the level of complexity, the employees demonstrate exceptional efforts and are always ready to help, which contributes to the successful implementation of projects. I would like to express my gratitude for the services provided and wish your team a desire to improve and enhance the quality of services. I believe in your potential for further success and achievements.




I really appreciate the quality of the changes made to our existing websites. The work was carried out at a professional level, everything is great. As for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, it meets the stated forecasts and continues to grow, which is good news. In the process of cooperation, there were some misunderstandings on technical issues, largely due to our lack of competence, and there were also problems with communication. However, over time, we were able to find a middle ground and now continue to strengthen our cooperation. I would like to recognize the high level of customer service in your company. The employees promptly responded to all our inquiries and questions and helped us solve the problems we had. We are very grateful to them for that.


Loboda Ivan


The team did a good job of implementing all the tasks when creating the website. As for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, I believe that it depends on the qualifications of the specialist and his desire to earn money. The company creates excellent conditions for development, which is a kind of food for thought that leads to aspiration and, ultimately, financial success. My overall conclusion is positive 👍. I did not have any difficulties or questions in the process of cooperation. The level of customer service was on top, everything was explained clearly and in detail. I do not have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the services, as I believe that the company is already at the proper level.

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