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Setting up web analytics

In Internet commerce, just like in real business, it is necessary to fight for your place under the sun. For the site to bring profits, it is the fault of the mother to have the correct settings, the content of the site, be as convenient as possible, suitable for the client. Ale, how to understand, how much your resource is capable of telling you, are you conducting your advertising campaign correctly? For the analysis of the most important indications of the effectiveness of the work of the site, web analytics is awarded. The development of analytics helps to know the weaknesses and strengths of Internet marketing from the positions of needs and behavior of the coristuvach, to improve the efficiency of the work and resource and to avoid false impressions.

Development of web analytics Setting up Google Analytics

Development of web analytics in eMiS - ce:


Work of professionals

Entrust your project to certified Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica analysts


Strategy development

On the basis of otrimanih data, compile a list about the dotality of your financial contributions.


Individual pidhid

Nalashtuvannya pokaznikіv, yakі can zasosuvati Specifically to your business.
Vіdsіkaєmo zayve, zalishaєmo need!

You need to set up Google Analytics

Tsya service will be a dear team, who can have their own business on the Internet and:

  • I need to learn the most common tools, so I don’t have good knowledge in the development and maintenance of web analytics;
  • I don’t have programmers in the state, so I could use the necessary settings, and fakhivtsiv, I could be engaged in analytics;
  • having changed the settings in another agency and want to reconsider in their correctness;
  • spending a lot of pennies on ineffective advertising.

Web analytics gives you real-time and preliminary information about the quality of traffic, activity and consumption of the target audience, about the usability of the resource and relevance to content. With help, you can:

  • good luck to your potential clients;
  • rozіbratisya in spіvvіdnoshnіnі rіznyh dzherel traffic;
  • choose the most viable dzherela traffic;
  • reveal the weak sides of your site;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of investments in advertising;
  • optimize marketing strategy.
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What are the tools to use in web analytics?

Google Analytics

The most popular tool, which has been put on the back of the head for the analysis of the effectiveness of Internet marketing. Today is a stand-alone service with the indispensable capabilities of web analytics. With this help, you can pick up a great amount of reliable information. In the world of modern electronic commerce, a resource is indispensable without any tool.

Google Tag Manager

This tool is a good one, because it can be simple and understand the system, so you can not use programmers to manage web analytics settings. However, if you want to take the most recent analysis, you cannot do without the help of our informed experts, as you do not let go of this valuable tool and know all the subtleties of the work.


The functionality of this tool is rich in why it can be compared with the functionality of Google Analytics, and Yandex, in its own right, is one of the largest and most popular search engine systems. Є in YM and unique options, for example, Webviewer, which allow you to change the behavior in navigation, scrolling the pages, selecting buttons and other.

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Which steps include the service of improving Google analytics?

Formulating, setting goals.

The leather project has its own business project. At this stage, it is necessary to discuss and set goals and a task, if you want to win for the help of web analytics. After that, the setting of goals in Google Analytics is consummated.

Creation of accounts

At this stage, the next challenges are:

  • creating a Google Analytics account;
  • Google Tag Manager account registration;
  • installing GTM code;
  • connection to Google analytics;
  • connection of YM, ADS Manager and other web analytics systems;
  • testing the correctness of the settings.

Analysis of the goals

  • setting up Google Tag Manager;
  • setting GA goals;
  • installing GTM code;
  • e-commerce settings (selection of the module is suitable for the scale of the business) - allows you to analyze sales funnels;
  • setting and control of calls;
  • testuvannya nalashtuvan.

Updated appearance in GA:

  • extension of domains;
  • exchange of information;
  • demographic settings;
  • settings for interests;
  • connection with Google AdWords Search Console;
  • spam filters;
  • filters for internal traffic;
  • analysis of site navigation;
  • individualization of canal groups;
  • pardon 404;
  • insert # in URL in GA;
  • installation of additional scripts.

This function displays all the selected data, as it allows you to quickly gain access to the necessary information. Visualization tools:

  • personalized dashboards;
  • Google Data Studio;
  • Google Sheets and in.

What does Google Analytics e-commerce setup give you?

First of all, what web analytics gives you is easy access to reliable information, and to itself:

  • Skіlki koristuvachiv saw your site for the winter period.
  • Who tsі koristuvachі (reports danny schodo іnteresіv, mіstsya residing, statі іn.), how often, at what hour stink to go to your site.
  • Sounds come to your resource, which is the most effective for driving traffic.
  • What to say about yourself on your site - how the sides stink, how long they go to the resource.
  • Yakі tsіl'ovі dії vchinyat koristuvachі.

With this information, you can effectively manage advertising and sales on the Internet.

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Why you need to improve analytics in eMiS

  • eMiS internet marketing studio is a valuable partner with great experience and official reputation.
  • We practice professionally, our facsimiles are the right gurus of Internet marketing.
  • We offer the whole range of services for the development of the Internet business, so you can not only improve web analytics with us, but also all kinds of services: in the development of the site to the SEO-promotion, optimization, contextual advertising and other.
  • We will get involved in the project, we will study the topic and nuances of your business, we know the individual non-standard solutions of your tasks, this may result in remarkable results.
  • Pratsiyuemo prozoro, we give access to statistics and zvіtnostі.

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