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Effective advertising for your product or service

A one-page site, or landing page, is developed to promote or sell one product / service. Surely you have come across similar sites on the net - a master class by a famous speaker, a unique cosmetic product and the like.

If you want to hit the target with a specific product, creating a landing page is the right choice. Thanks to the accompanying contextual advertising, the target audience will not miss your exceptional offer.

The one-page contains information about the product, all kinds of certificates, links to documentation, reviews of satisfied customers. The “I want to buy” effect is consolidated by a bright design, ease of ordering, irrefutable proof (call to purchase) of the usefulness of the product/service.

By ordering a landing page, you will not only increase sales many times over, but you will also be able to acquire a customer base that is easy to analyze thanks to the feedback form. Regular sites provide a conversion rate of 2-5% (which means that only 2-5 out of 100 site visitors will make an order). One-page gives a result of 30%. It is not difficult to calculate that out of 100 one-page visitors, 30 will make an order.

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What will you get by developing a landing page with us


Unique Design

Converting blocks according to UX trends


Dynamic Pages

The ability to change the theme and administer the landing page


Target and context

When developing a one-page website, you will receive a discount on our targeted and contextual advertising services

You need it if

Do you want to make money online

  • If the subject of your offers is narrow or there is not yet enough funds for a full-fledged site, you can develop a one-pager and set up contextual advertising on it
  • If you set out to increase sales, then a well-designed landing page will make them much larger than a regular page on the site. In addition, it is advisable to place a promotion on the landing page and set up the context, even if you already have a website
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Why is it worth ordering a landing page from eMiS?

We love our work, we have experience and desire to help our clients.

What is included in the creation of a landing page from eMiS?

Only what will bring the desired result! The trump card of the landing page is the combination of its originality and simplicity.

This is implemented through the main elements:

  • all information is located on one page, simplifying navigation and its submission to users
  • form and/or online chat for communication with managers
  • the ability to go to the main site
  • preservation of the branded corporate style of the site

How much does it cost to develop a landing page in eMiS?

The cost of developing and creating a one-pager depends on the tasks declared by the customer. Estimated cost is 10 000 UAH

How do we start developing a landing page?

  • You call or apply online
  • By contacting you, we define tasks and prepare technical specifications for programmers and designers
  • According to the TOR, we set the cost and timing of each stage
  • We conclude a cooperation agreement
  • We start work from the moment of prepayment
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