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Development and creation of sites

The main task of the site as a business tool is to make a profit. Therefore, it is extremely important for its creation to take into account what tasks it should perform and lay the foundation for even the smallest details of your business.

What is it for?

Each business has its own distinctive features, which in different ways affect the work of the company. Therefore, before starting the development, we study the client's business in detail, analyze the market and competitors.

An individual integrated approach to the project is ensured by the coordinated work of analysts, designers, designers, seo-optimizers, programmers, content managers, copywriters.

In particular, we carry out the following activities:

  • Determine the purpose of the site.
  • Niche Monitoring
  • Development of the structure, technical specifications in accordance with the selected type of site (style, functionality, structure of pages, blocks).
  • Creation of a resource layout (reproduction of ideas, development and revision of the layout, taking into account the customer's comments).
  • CSS-HTML layout.
  • Programming, installation on CMS-platforms.
  • Filling content.
  • Resource testing, troubleshooting.
  • Internet publication.
  • Promotion, advertising.

As a result, you will get not just a website, but a personal business tool designed based on your advantages and main qualities. It's like ordering a suit from your personal tailor, respecting all the features of your body. We create a site in such a way that your customers trust you! Let's get started on your project?

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Online store

A multi-page site for e-commerce business aimed at generating sales. Includes rich internal functionality: basket, filters, branched structure.

Landing page

A one-page site for promoting a small assortment or service using contextual and/or targeted advertising.

Corporate website

A multi-page website containing company news and/or a profile blog that converts users into potential customers.

Business card site

An inexpensive solution to promote your personal brand online

Portfolio website

Unique functionality will clearly demonstrate your expertise and professionalism

You need it if

Do you want to be present and earn money online?

  • You have decided to create a website
    But you don’t know on which CMS platform it is better to do it
  • Do you have an old CMS?
    It does not cope with its purpose: it cannot withstand the load, it has vulnerabilities
  • You work on a self-written system for the site
    So, spend a lot of money on service and fixes.
  • Your site is poorly ranked by Google and Yandex search engines
    You don't know why and want to fix it

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Site development stages

    Marketing Audit
  • Website development from eMiS, as a business tool, begins with analytics. It is extremely important to create a project, taking into account the scope of the client, so a detailed analysis of competitors is carried out. We find out exactly what factors influenced their entry into the TOP of the results, and build a strategy to create a competitive site in accordance with all the rules of search engine optimization.

    Our goal is to create a unique product that will bring profit and increase customer loyalty.

  • Site structure development
  • Based on the analysis of the niche, experts develop the structure of the future site. At this stage, elements are designed and page prototypes are created, this allows you to avoid mistakes as much as possible in the subsequent development of the site and fully embody the wishes of the client.

  • Content development
  • Content is an important part of any site; the loyalty of both search engines and visitors depends on its quality. In order for a site to be profitable, it must be different from competitors, answer the main questions of users and find a solution to the “pain” of customers, so it is extremely important to lay a high-quality content foundation for the future site. At eMiS, content development is carried out by professional content managers and copywriters who have extensive experience working with various topics of Internet projects.

  • Design development
  • After creating prototypes, we move on to the site design development stage. We take into account all the wishes of customers and put them into the basis of the future layout. However, the design of the site should be not only attractive, but also convenient and functional. Our designers perfectly convey this in their work, creating high-quality projects individually for your business. After agreeing on the layouts, we move on to the next stage.

  • Layout
  • Front-end development is the process of turning a design layout into a web page that is displayed in a browser. Thanks to high-quality adaptive layout, the site visitor will be able to see it in all browsers and on mobile devices exactly as the designer intended it to be. Creating a responsive website is an extremely important task for companies that are committed to active engagement and high-quality interaction with a mobile audience.

  • Programming
  • Back-end development is the process of programming a site and filling it with functionality based on the terms of reference. We use the latest technologies for programming for the correct and proper operation of the site.

  • Testing
  • Before launching the project, we carry out detailed testing of the site: whether the site is displayed correctly in different browsers, whether all elements and forms work, whether notifications are received, etc. Our task is to make a high-quality resource, when interacting with which there will be no problems for both the administrator and the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to order website development in eMiS?

Because we:

  • We work efficiently and efficiently
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Individual approach
  • Implementation of any tasks
  • Favorable cost of the site
  • We offer comprehensive marketing, which proves the effectiveness of our solutions

What is included in the creation of the site?

For the production of each resource, an individual action plan is provided. Depending on your wishes, we can produce a resource from scratch on a turnkey basis or carry out only some stages of development. These can be SEO improvements, analytics settings, or the implementation of various complex functionalities, for example: a simple shopping cart, lead forms, carousels for effective product linking.

How do we start developing the site?

To order a website in our studio, you can contact us by phone or leave a request on emis.ua. And then:

  • Our manager will discuss with you your wishes, you will jointly define goals and objectives, develop a test plan for our specialists;
  • In accordance with the tasks set, the volume and complexity of the technical specifications, we calculate the cost and timing for each stage of work;
  • Conclusion of an agreement;
  • Full immersion in your project after making an advance payment.

How much does it cost to create a site?

In the eMiS studio, you can inexpensively order the development of a web resource. The cost of developing a site is determined by what the customer wants to see as a result, what functionality will be included in the existing resource, that is, from the tasks assigned to the specialists.

Estimated prices:

  • Landing: from 15 000 UAH
  • Company website: from 30 000 UAH
  • Online store: from 40 000 UAH

Let's strategize for you
Special offer from eMiS

In order for the site to generate sales, it will need a comprehensive promotion, which usually consists of such Internet marketing channels as: promotion in social networks, targeted and contextual advertising, as well as search promotion in the organic results of Google and Yandex.

The basis of an effective online business is market research and analytics, which we pre-conduct in order to develop an effective integrated Internet marketing strategy for your business. When ordering website development and subsequent comprehensive promotion in our studio, you will receive special conditions for cooperation with the priority client of the eMiS Internet marketing studio.

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