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SEO at the site development stage

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the site development stage is a cost-effective solution for successful business promotion in search engines, which includes

  • structure development
  • UX recommendations
  • collection of the semantic core
  • preliminary SEO optimization
  • creating effective marketing content

in parallel with designing, developing and preparing the site for publication.

Typically, entrepreneurs order SEO promotion when the site is ready, without taking into account the recommendations of Google and Yandex regarding the quality of the resource. As a result, SEO specialists have to allocate additional time to analyze problem areas and optimize for search engines, and the client has to spend money to implement improvements.

That is, SEO during website development helps save you money and time on developing your business on the Internet.

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What benefits does SEO give you when developing a site in eMiS


Financial savings

Exclusion of additional costs for correcting errors, improving the functionality of the site


Time saving

to bring the site to the TOP of Google and Yandex search results, since SEO specialists immediately begin to improve positions, bring traffic and generate sales


Effective website

optimized and developed according to our UX recommendations not only generates sales, but also increases loyalty to your brand

What tasks does SEO website development solve?

Prepares the site to conquer the TOP

  • The site is designed in accordance with the requirements of search engines and is prepared for search promotion
  • Pages, sections, images are ranked seamlessly from the first weeks of launch
  • The interface is intuitive for both the crawler of the search engine and the user, and also stimulates the purchase
  • Eliminated the prospect of re-changing the structure, functionality of the site and other improvements that require funding in the process of SEO promotion
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Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need to order SEO during website development?

SEO is the advertising channel that is most trusted by users, so it is most effective in helping to generate sales in the long run, increase the loyalty of the target audience and build a reputation among users.

SEO during development is the basis for successful complex promotion of a website when promoting a brand, which affects the growth of quality traffic, a stable increase in conversions, and the appearance of a resource in the TOP-10.

It is logical to involve an SEO specialist at the stage of creating a project.

How much does SEO cost during website development?

The service will cost from 8,000 UAH.

Why so expensive?

SEO is a complex service that requires in-depth knowledge of several specialists, diligence, thoroughness in technical details, attention to trends and chosen strategies.

What will you get by ordering website development in eMiS?

A ready-made adaptive cross-browser site with a unique design and customized analytics, ready to fly to the TOP of Google.

How long does SEO for a turnkey website take?

According to the accumulated experience, a set of measures aimed at SEO optimization in the process of creating a website, depending on the scope of the project, takes 2-3 months or more.

What do you need from the customer to conduct SEO at the site development stage?

  • Detailed information about the specifics of the business
  • Access to the admin panel, FTP, possibly hosting
  • Доступ к Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console), Google Analytics, Google My Business.
  • Information about current activities with the site.
  • Follow the instructions of our experts on working with the resource.

Who does SEO when developing a website?

Where to order SEO at the stage of website development in Ukraine? Internet marketing company eMiS professionally performs a full cycle of activities for the creation, optimization and promotion of sites. SEO-specialists (Junior, Middle and Senior) are involved to perform the “SEO website development” service. To finalize the resource, a team of programmers - frontend and backend - is connected to the work.

How is SEO done during website development?

The turnkey SEO website service at the eMiS Internet marketing company has several key stages:

  • Determining your company's website promotion strategy and forecasting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Compilation of the semantic core
  • Development of the correct site structure
  • Selection of recommendations for UX
  • Carrying out activities to optimize the site
  • Preparation of a content plan, writing technical specifications for copywriters
  • Checking the work and analyzing the site for implemented changes

How is the promotion strategy determined?

  • Your business is analyzed taking into account its specifics, seasonality and other factors
  • Your business is analyzed taking into account its specifics, seasonality and other factors
  • The businesses of competing companies are analyzed
  • A forecast of website traffic and conversions for the first six months is made, which allows you to plan expenses and profits

How is the semantic core assembled?

  • Relevant requests (search words) to the pages of your resource are determined
  • Auxiliary queries are selected that direct users in the search engine to queries on the pages of the site
  • Keywords are selected by specialized services
  • Keys are distributed across landing pages (clustered)

How is the structure developed?

Stages of developing the structure of an SEO optimized site:

  • Audit of the structure of competitor sites.
  • Assessment of consumer demand, taking into account the collected semantic core.
  • Structure development.
  • Elaboration of design corresponding to modern UX trends.
  • Setting up intuitive navigation, automatic linking.
  • Setting up call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to take targeted actions on the site.

Checking usability, adaptability, cross-browser compatibility, visibility of all elements on the pages

How is the optimization aimed at creating an SEO friendly site going?

The stage includes the following work by an SEO specialist and a team of programmers:

  • Creating a robots.txt index file.
  • Formation of human-readable url-addresses to make it easier for visitors to find the pages of the site.
  • Code validation, html, css error correction.
  • Optimization of pagination pages.
  • The correct construction of headings on the pages of the site.
  • Filling in tags for each resource page.
  • Bringing images on pages in line with the requirements of the PS.
  • Construction of semantic markup.
  • Setting the language versions of the site.
  • Drawing up a website map for PS in xml format.
  • Instructions for working with Google my Business.
  • Setting the rel=ʺcanonicalʺ tag.
  • Closing website pages from indexing.
  • Preparation of instructions for speeding up the resource.
  • Setting up a mobile version of the website.
  • Redirect settings.
  • Other SEO optimization measures in accordance with the requirements of search engines, taking into account the specifics of the selected CMS (content management system) - Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, etc.

How is the development of a content plan and TOR for copywriters going?

SEO specialist, copywriter and editor works on:

  • Selection of priority pages for content placement.
  • Preparation of terms of reference for writing articles for all groups of key queries and LSI phrases.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for page design designers.
  • Creation of high-quality, unique content, taking into account the semantic core, its verification and further optimization.

How is the effectiveness of the work performed evaluated?

SEO-specialist works:

  • Content placement.
  • Control over compliance with the technical requirements of search engines.
  • Prompt correction of possible shortcomings.
  • Track positions and implement changes accordingly.

SEO specialists do a huge amount of work so that your resource successfully starts on the Internet and brings you profit as soon as possible.

If all SEO-optimization work is carried out at the project development stage, then starting from the 3rd month of work, specialists will already be engaged in:

  • Analytics
  • Usability optimization
  • Correction of technical errors
  • Building quality backlinks
  • Blogging
  • Tracking trends and prompt response
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