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Increasing the number of conversions of the online store of pet supplies


Service: contextual advertising;

Subject: online store of products for creatures;

Tsіl'ovy region: Ukraine;

Trivality works on contextual advertising: 2 months;

Zagalny budget: 10790 UAH.;

Meta: increase the number of conversions on the site, take the maximum number of conversions through the site; reduce the frequency of exposure of one client.


In this case, there will be a speech about pushing an online store through a path of contextual advertising from the Internet marketing studio eMiS. The client had previously tried to conduct an advertising campaign on his own, which did not bring any positive results in terms of increased sales. We wanted to develop the advancement of the client to contextual advertising, as it was the beginning of an independent work. For that reason, we were faced with the task of increasing the emphasis on analytics, so that after the end of the first month of the work of the advertising campaign, we had formed a better understanding, which paid off investments in advertising.


  • Designate a list of keywords for stunning contextual advertising
  • Set up an advertising campaign in Google Adwords
  • Set up remarketing advertising campaign in Google Adwords

Works on contextual advertising

On April 22, we launched an advertising campaign (RK) for the client. As part of the skin RK, the eMiS team created a group of goofs. They had added key words and voiced. Google Adwords created 3 advertising campaigns with groups of keywords. The two main categories “For intestines” and “For dogs”, as well as the brand-brand of food for intestines and dogs, were selected by the main sides. There are 19 groups of voiceovers for the first advertising campaign, 11 groups for another and 13 for the third. In total, the screenings were conducted on 413 key requests. Also, in Google Adwords, a remarketing setup was carried out for the target groups of coroners. On the partner sites, advertising banners with food for dogs and intestines were placed, which were shown to the audience in a vibratory, fallow way, according to the theme of the side view.

The results of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords are shown in the figure:Rezultaty-rk-zoomag-v-Google-Adwords

The results of the work on contextual advertising

For two months work:

  • number of orders through an online store - 35;
  • 3178 view site;
  • spend on advertising (at once with the payment of our services) - 10,790 UAH.;
  • average price per click — UAH 2.92.;
  • number of one transaction — 308 UAH. 26 kop.;
  • ROI = 66%

Crimean sales through the online store, more than 50% of the goods are ordered by phone. Starting the contextual advertising channel, 30 more associated conversions were added for the first interaction with the site. Dokhіd vіd konversіy slav 21 071 UAH. ROI for the appearance of all conversions of early contextual advertising = 154% (the client spent 2 hryvnia 54 kopecks on the hryvnia skin deposit).


One indicator of ROI for the Republic of Kazakhstan is a variant of all indicators in the quality of the advertising campaign. Aje, in the last bag, no good CTR, no hard traffic still do not guarantee sales. ROI, on the other hand, is based on real sales, so it would be better to describe the effectiveness of setting up an advertising campaign. More facts. For the first month, 19,787 koristuvachs and 3,178 of them went to the site. The average CTR for the last clash period is 16.06%. The votes were shown on average at position 1.2, then in the TOP-3 (upper part of the page) with an average cost per click of 2.92 UAH.

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