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Our cooperation with Israel: website development for PLC


Do you know how cosmetics are made? Perhaps you even thought about creating your own cosmetic brand and starting a business in the beauty industry?

Private Label Cosmetics - this is the same company that helps to make wishes come true and offers its customers the creation of Israeli cosmetics lines under a personal brand. The company is just starting its journey and turned to us to create a modern website that will fully reflect the specifics of its business.

As a result, we were faced with the following tasks:

  • Creation of a corporate website with practical functionality and convenient management through the admin panel.
  • Writing content that positions the company's activities.
  • Implementation of multilingualism to enter the international market.
  • Adaptive design.

Marketing research of the project niche

An analysis of the project niche is necessarily carried out before starting work. This allows you to build the most effective action plan aimed at increasing the efficiency of the resource. Our marketers conducted a study of the target audience of the site, analyzed the main competitors and found out the key success factors that are most interesting to customers. Based on the received data, we started creating a logo and website design.

Creation of a logo


The logo was designed in green tones, emphasizing the naturalness of cosmetics. We provided the customer with several options, of which the presented logo was approved:

Site development

CMS WordPress was chosen as the management system for the site. It is known throughout the world for its simplicity and reliability and is perfect for creating a corporate website.


The design concept of the site is aimed at conciseness and simplicity of information presentation. Its main purpose is to familiarize users with information about the company and the services provided. Therefore, the main focus is on the content of the site. The color scheme is chosen from three primary colors: white, graphite and green. Green was chosen as an accent. They are allocated buttons, active links and important blocks of the site. The main page contains all the key information about the company and its activities. The first screen contains a block with a video of the Dead Sea, brief information about the company and a feedback form.


An important element of the page is a block of the company's advantages: The page also contains a scheme of work. When hovering over, you can learn more about each step.


In order to familiarize users with the types of cosmetic products, a block with brief information was displayed: The footer is represented by a map and a feedback form:

adaptive version

Responsive web page design ensures that the site displays correctly on various devices and dynamically adjusts to the specified browser window sizes. In order for the site not to lose traffic from mobile devices, we have developed its adaptive version.

Site content

In parallel with the development, we were engaged in writing content to create an image and describe the company's activities. The specifics of the client's business is quite unique, so a content marketing strategy was developed to convey the brand concept and reflect it on the site.

Resource testing

Each of our projects after completion is checked by specialists for errors and malfunctions. This is an extremely important stage in the development of the site, where the last edits are made. We tested the resource on devices with different browsers and screen resolutions. After detailed testing, the site was handed over to the customer.


The result is a fast and convenient website,where the focus is on page design and content. The Internet project works in all modern browsers. The site is managed by WordPress, a fast and secure CMS.

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