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Increasing online store traffic by setting product filters


Service: SEO promotion with a subscription fee

Project subject: online store.

Promotion region: Ukraine.

Promotion goal:

  1. Increase in targeted traffic.
  2. Growth in conversions.
  3. Internal website optimization.

The following strategy was used to increase traffic:

In the product catalog, tabs were added for all categories that filter products by the most popular manufacturers (i.e., buyers did not have to first go to the product catalog and then filter by manufacturer). Setting up and expanding filters, adding subcategories not only increased the usability of the site for visitors, but also allowed us to bring more queries to the top 5 in search results.

Selected key phrases

With the help of Key Collector and Prodvigator, we selected key phrases, which were then grouped into relevant landing pages. Analysis of competitors and selected key phrases showed that the main landing pages are category pages.

Working with texts

For all categories and subcategories of goods, texts of more than 3000 characters were written. The HPV rule (feature-advantage-benefit) was applied in the texts.

Traffic before innovations (period 04/20/15 - 06/20/15):

All SEO traffic:


SEO traffic by filters:


Traffic after the introduction of new functionality (period 06/21/15 - 08/21/15):

All SEO traffic:


SEO traffic by filters:


Indicator changes:

  • increase in the number of sessions 119.24%.
  • new user growth: 102.67%.
  • increase in page views: 10.50%.
  • transaction rate growth of 52.04%.
  • increase in the number of transactions 233.33%.

As you can see, thanks to the innovations, we received a tangible increase in traffic to the site.

Comparison of SEO traffic by filters before and after innovations:


Conclusion: even minor changes can bring significant results in the long run.

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