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Life hacks for content manager


Well-written test content is the foundation of success for any site. No matter how unique the resource is, without high-quality texts it will not be interesting to visitors. Most often, the process of "filling" text content is structured as follows:

  1. The SEO specialist prepares the subject of the article and sets the task for the content manager.
  2. The content manager checks the terms of reference and passes it on to the copywriter (employee or freelancer).
  3. The copywriter writes the material.
  4. The finished task from the copywriter is checked by the content manager.
  5. The information is posted on the site by the programmer or by the content manager himself.
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At first glance, such an algorithm seems rather routine and does not contain any pitfalls. However, if you delve into the process, you can find many nuances. If you are a novice content manager and are just setting up a scheme for the work of the content department, then we believe that our tips will come in handy.

TK is the key to success

Do not be lazy to describe in detail the terms of reference. When setting goals, remember the well-known S.M.A.R.T. scheme used in management. “Run” it through the conditions of the task and look at the task through the eyes of a copywriter. “Anything that can be taken wrong will be taken wrong” is a bearded truth that can work at the most inopportune moment. It is better to spend 10 minutes checking the terms of reference than to spend hours correcting the finished work.

Details matter

If several people are working on a project, then immediately develop a single style of content preparation. For example, some users prefer to see a bulleted list as a number with a closing bracket, some people are more familiar with the style of a dot after the designated item. Both that and that option is correct. Now transfer all the information to one site - one page uses one naming format, the other uses a different style. Even a dot at the end of a sentence matters! Immediately invite copywriters to use a single format for lists, headings, and other “free” elements.

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Trust but check

No matter how responsible the employee is, you still need to proofread his work. Sooner or later, the publication of content without verification may result in the appearance of a low-quality article on the site. An "alien" look at "your" text will allow you to find typos and other errors. It is not for nothing that in large media, in addition to the position of editor-in-chief, there is a special staff that checks the finished work - proofreaders.

In pursuit of uniqueness

The desire to place original content is encouraged by search engines - they strictly monitor publications and omit articles that are similar to previously created materials by other authors. Despite the availability of special services for checking uniqueness like Advego, a thorough algorithm for checking the originality of publications is known only to a narrow circle of employees of search giants. In addition, all "verification" services use an excellent method of analysis, so you should not blindly believe their indicators. Especially if the text contains a relatively small number of characters (up to 1500). In this case, achieving 100% uniqueness is quite difficult. Of course, you can use the words "integration", "highly specialized" and similar phrases. However, think about whether you need them in a culinary article?

Know the qualifications of your employees

The doctor knows the features of medical equipment, and the former sales assistant of the hardware store will write interestingly about the features of the new smartphone. Create a pivot table that highlights your staff's favorite topics. Attract copywriters to topics in which they are pros. If you doubt whether it is worth creating a content department, then you can order copywriting services from us. We carefully monitor the process of writing texts - from the idea of ​​​​filling to checking the published material.

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