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Why do you need Seo website promotion


Many entrepreneurs and Internet business owners ask the question, what is SEO website promotion for and how does it affect sales? We will try to answer this question in our article, proving that SEO promotion is a long-term investment in sustainable business development.

What is SEO?

External attractiveness of the site is only the first step to success. And even the most interesting content will not bring results if no one sees it. This is what search engine optimization is for. At the very beginning of the emergence of the Internet, there were not so many sites, their number grew every day and there was a need to create search engines. Initially, they were not complex, their task was to index resource information and provide search results to users. Even then, experts saw the dependence of traffic on search engines and this gave rise to a new science, which is known as SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of website optimization methods aimed at raising the position of a resource in search results for certain queries in order to increase traffic and potential customers. With the development of search engines, search engine optimization has also evolved. To date, search engines increasingly understand this human and contribute to a more detailed study of resources for convenience and usefulness for the user of search robots.

How SEO Works

Now let's talk more about how search promotion works. SEO-specialists in their work are based on the rules that search engines set. Search engines use special ranking algorithms that are designed in accordance with the requirements of resource quality and strive to give the user the most useful and effective resource. Accordingly, it is very important to optimize your site according to the requirements of the search engines. The better your resource is, the better it will rank and attract more traffic.

Therefore, the conversion will also increase. You can read more about conversion in our article “What is website conversion?”. The essence of SEO is to optimize a resource in such a way that it is attractive to search engines and displayed in the TOP of search results.

Search engine optimization can be divided into 2 types:

  • Internal.
  • External.

Internal website optimization is a measure that is used to improve the resource in accordance with the requirements of search engines. These measures include: writing high-quality titles and descriptions, correcting technical errors, increasing the speed of the resource, adapting the site, etc.

External optimization - work to promote the site, which is carried out outside the resource. Such actions include attracting visitors to your site by posting materials on other Internet resources.

In order to objectively evaluate the results, we recommend that you read the article "How to evaluate the effectiveness of optimization?".


Why should a website be at the top of the search engines?

Remember what are your most preferred search results pages? Naturally, most often we stop at the first results. In 85% of cases, users find the query they are interested in on 1-2 pages of search results. Finding a site in the TOP search results for queries significantly affects the amount of traffic attracted to the site. Therefore, many site owners are faced with the question of how to get to the top. To advance, it is necessary to introduce a set of measures to optimize the resource. However, it is better not to try to do it yourself. Search engine optimization is a rather complicated process that requires compliance with many norms. Trust an SEO specialist, otherwise you run the risk of not getting any results or even falling in the search results.


In the article “How to choose an SEO company and control it” we have reflected in more detail the principles of work on website promotion and what exactly to pay attention to when working with SEO specialists. By properly optimizing your site, you will not have problems with customers. SEO is necessary for your business in order to ensure a constant flow of customers..

Principles of modern SEO optimization

Search engines are trying every day to improve the quality of search results, trying to understand a person more. The proof of this is Google, which develops artificial intelligence of the search engine through machine learning. Search robots are already starting to follow not only a certain algorithm, but also process information based on existing experience. This contributes to the constant development of the search system. Now the search is more and more directed to the person and gives preference in the issuance of sites that allow the user to easily and conveniently solve the problem that has arisen.

Therefore, when optimizing a resource, it is extremely important to focus not only on the search engine, but also on the user, whose convenience is the main requirement of search engines. The content and elements with which the visitor of the resource should interact have become very important. It is also important to pay attention to the display of your site in various browsers and mobile devices.

In our article “Why do you need a mobile version of the site” we have described in detail how adaptability affects site performance. In 2018, SEO should be based on an integrated approach:

  • Audit and market research.
  • Working on the site code.
  • Development of quality content.
  • Site structuring.
  • Usability analysis and development.
  • Correct display on different devices.
  • Attracting natural link mass.

Learn more about how it is carried out SEO optimization site you can follow the link. Why is it important to contact an optimization specialist? SEO is evolving and taking on new forms every day. More and more black and gray optimization methods stop working, and soon they will stop working altogether. The promotion strategy should now be based solely on the convenience and effectiveness of the resource in the eyes of the visitor.

Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly monitor the updates of search algorithms, carry out the necessary work based on this and analyze the site after the changes have been made. This is what SEO specialists do, creating a convenient and high-quality resource with maximum conversion.

In the article "Google Page Experience Algorithm - SEO Promotion According to the New Rules" Learn more about updates in 2021.



Do you need clients? If you answered yes to this question, then SEO promotion is a great option for increasing your website leads. Effective SEO website promotion is a step towards market leadership. The purpose of search engine optimization is to improve the quality of the site, which in turn will increase the loyalty of visitors to the resource. Create a useful resource that will appeal to potential customers and you will notice how your online business grows and generates a large number of leads.

Author: Manko Karina, Content Marketing Specialist

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