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The main mistakes when opening an online store


It would seem that there is nothing complicated in opening your own online store. This type of business requires a minimum of funds and covers a large percentage of potential buyers. However, not many aspiring entrepreneurs know that about 75% of Internet projects cease their activities in the first year of their work, and over the next 2-3 years - 45%. What is the reason for such huge figures? We will try to reveal in more detail in our article the main mistakes when creating an online store and how to get around them.

Mistake #1. Lack of a clear understanding of the purpose of the project


Often, customers come to developers without a clear idea of ​​either the chosen niche or the project as a whole, hoping to look at all possible options and choose something similar. As a result, such a project in most cases is doomed. Why is this happening? Many companies often use template solutions to create projects, and this is categorically wrong. Each project is individual, has its own subtleties and nuances. Therefore, before the development stage, an analysis of the niche, competitive market, target audience and business specifics should be carried out. Based on the data obtained, a technical task is being developed to create an effective online store. This approach will be more correct, because. unique solutions will be found for the site: the advantages that distinguish you from competitors will be reflected, chips will be introduced that attract your target audience, tools will be selected that affect the quality of sales. Do not forget that the site should be created based on the needs of your audience, and not on your personal taste preferences. This is extremely important!

Mistake #2. Emphasis on broad functionality


Most often, customers of Internet projects come with a desire to create a powerful website with rich functionality and a unique design. No matter how trite it may sound, but this is not the best investment in the initial stages. Do not use the principle of "all at once". Start with a simple site with basic functionality, and then gradually build up the necessary functionality. Thus, you can launch faster, save your budget and start making your first profit. At this stage, try to pay more attention to promoting the site and attracting the target audience. Further, thanks to a / b testing, you can determine what needs to be implemented for the development of an online store.

Mistake #3. Poor quality content


In parallel with the development of the site, you should start creating high-quality content. This will save a lot of startup time. For the initial filling of the site, it is better to trust the specialists of Internet marketing. The site should contain calls to action, selling texts and organic visual design. Please note that the texts on the site must be unique. You can not copy information from other resources, this will entail negative consequences on the part of search engines. To write selling texts, you can use the copywriting service. Specialists will find an approach to your target audience and outline the main advantages and "chips" of your business.

Mistake #4. Lack of promotion strategy

After the store began to function, do not forget about its main goal - sales. No matter how convenient and beautiful your site is, if it does not have a flow of customers, there is no point in it. All entrepreneurs understand this, but at the same time, many make the same mistake. Starting online store needs promotion! We offer you several effective ways to promote:

Seo promotion is a set of resource optimization actions aimed at improving the visibility of a site in search engines. The ultimate goal of Seo is to attract the target audience and convert it into buyers. At the moment it is one of the most popular tools of Internet marketing. We have already talked about this method of promotion in more detail in the article. «Why do you need Seo website promotion?


Contextual advertising allows you to conduct an advertising campaign in search engines. This is the most flexible Internet marketing tool that gives you results as quickly as possible. This is an ideal option for the primary attraction of visitors to the site. SMM promotion is often used both for direct sales through social networks and to increase loyalty to the company as a whole. This type of promotion includes maintaining publics and creating a targeted advertising campaign.

Mistake #5. Inconvenient site for the user

Once you have attracted visitors to your site, be sure to keep an eye on how they behave. Pay attention to which pages have the most bounces. It is on them that it is worth looking for problems that must be fixed. Perhaps potential buyers simply cannot find what they need. So help them with this! Nothing spoils the impression of a site like the functionality of a site that does not work correctly. Always test the elements, forms and services of the site for functionality. Ask strangers to test the site. Specify what questions they had, how easy it is to find the necessary information, whether it is easy to make a purchase or get an answer from the manager. Sometimes such surveys provide a lot of useful information on the resource.


There are situations when the user immediately leaves the resource. Why is this happening? There may be several reasons. One of them is inappropriate traffic. This means that you are attracting an uninterested segment of the audience. This often happens when the advertising campaign is set up incorrectly or the target audience is incorrectly targeted. The portrait of the target audience is quite a voluminous topic, so if you have not formed it yet, read the detailed instructions in our article.

Mistake #6. Limit shipping and payment options


As you already understood, for a successful Internet business, you must fully focus on the convenience of the client. You should not just "hook" the buyer, but also provide him with more than your competitors, offer a unique selling proposition and a variety of delivery and payment options. The customer does not have to think about how to make a purchase. Everything should be intuitively simple and comfortable. Therefore, do not limit yourself to several service options, but provide the one that the user is used to and which will be more profitable for him. Oddly enough, a lot of customers will abandon their shopping cart simply because they are not happy with the shipping cost or payment type. They may well find a better option from your competitors. So why should they be content with little?


If you want to quickly launch an online store, you need to take the development of the site and its further promotion with great responsibility. Start with an analysis of your business niche, look at competitors' solutions, and create detailed terms of reference for developers. Do not start with the "heavy" functionality of the site, implement everything you need and move on to promoting the resource. When creating a resource, think about how it will be convenient for the site user, and not about your personal preferences. Have a quick start and more sales!

Author: Manko K. - content marketing specialist

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