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Memes, cats and rock and roll: what you need to know when promoting in social networks


Many people underestimate the potential of social networks, thinking that they are created only for entertainment. However, for several years now, promotion in social networks has been considered the most relevant and effective way to promote a business. Today, social networks are an integral part of the image and an obligatory form of your company's presence on the Internet. The content here acquires a certain independence, gradually becoming independent of the main site. This is also due to the gradual reorientation of the user audience to social networks, where they increasingly go through smartphones and tablets. Therefore, SMM technologies are becoming a key tool for promotion.

You should be aware of the volatility of trends, the emergence and extinction of trends and the need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse. If you miss effective ways to attract an audience using hackneyed promotion techniques, you can only achieve an outflow of customers.

So how do you promote your business on social media? eMIS specialists know effective SMM techniques that will help to keep the attention of the audience, as, for example, cats do.

No copy-paste: create only unique content

как создать уникальный контент

Life in social networks is supported by content - articles, advertisements, pictures, infographics. Create interesting and relevant content for your audience that brings real value to your readers. The main thing is not to make a "broken record" out of your FB page, do not copy someone else's content. Be sure to follow the newsbreaks, the more relevant your information is, the better.

Work on eye-catching headlines and eye-catching banners


Headlines are the first thing your reader sees, they also evaluate the publication and decide whether to read the information you provide or not. Therefore, without interesting headlines, it is very difficult to interest the user and your post will go unnoticed. Banners solve the same problem. Design them in accordance with your corporate style and post topics. Make the feed on your page original and modern. Interest the target audience - this is the main principle of working with posts.

Bet on the benefits of information for your readers


Your page should be useful for your customers - this is extremely important. Therefore, analyze the interests of your target audience and provide useful information. For example, if you sell dishwashers, post tips on proper operation, reviews of new products. If you specialize in fashion, try using fashion tips, bow options, posts about different styles and trends, tips on color matching, matching clothes, and so on.

The golden rule 70/30


Between information posts, you can safely publish advertisements for your products or services, supplementing them with banners with discounts and promotions. As content is now becoming more of a valuable commodity to consume before moving on to the main course, bet on useful information for your audience. The proportion of informational content with commercial should be approximately 70/30.

Work on a schedule


If you have an established audience that reads your Facebook or Twitter page, they will expect new posts from you at regular intervals. If you meet the expectations of your customers, it will create a positive impression. You can use additional tools for autoposting, for example: amplifr, smmplanner, kuku.

Use memes

Social media is still associated with independence and freedom from all formality, and many users expect social media content to be entertaining. If you are promoting your product on a Facebook or Instagram page, be sure to use various memes - stable forms of presenting information that are humorous in nature. There are a lot of memes on social networks, and you have just as many options to advertise your product or brand in this popular format. Let's give some examples:

  • “You can’t just take it and not … buy a new washing machine with a 30% discount”;
  • “When I found out that … a neighbor ordered a new Internet tariff for only 100 hryvnias a month” (pictured is a seductive Megan Fox tearing off her shirt);
  • “My face when… someone else is using the old data plan instead of the new better one (pictured Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes expressively).

And so on. We're sure you'll have a few of your own favorite memes that capture the essence of your unique selling proposition well. It can be the odious mayor of Kyiv Klitschko, and the perplexed Jackie Chan and many others. The most important thing is to be able to compose a fairly short and capacious phrase that is easy to read.

Update old posts

Just as a once-made cash deposit in a bank brings monthly interest in the form of interest, a good post once written that has received a lot of positive feedback, comments and shares can be turned into a passive source of traffic. Nobody forbids you to publish old materials again if you give them an interesting new form. A high-quality rewrite, a catchy title, a new illustration, and your old content will come to life and sparkle with new colors. So, you can get even more value from social networks if you properly use the available opportunities and take into account the peculiarities of interaction with users. You can entrust the task of promoting your business on social networks to eMIS specialists. Find out more on our SMM promotion page.

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