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How to improve the efficiency of an online store?


Every owner of an online store, for sure, had to worry about the conversion rate, traffic volume, cost of clicks, filling the site with an assortment, competitors artificially lowering real prices. Most often, they completely lose sight of one of the most effective tools for increasing all the indicators of a virtual trade object. I mean email marketing, which easily increases traffic, spurs sales by increasing the conversion rate, makes you completely forget about the existence of competitors.

Thus, information about the productivity of e-commerce through mailing to email addresses deserves our attention.

The popularity of Internet messengers and social networks is growing every day, however, according to the results of research conducted by the leading companies "Marketing Shepra", "ExactTarget", e-mail is still the most reliable and popular means of online information transmission among users. In particular, this is evidenced by the following data:

  • Four out of five users check their email boxes more than six times a day for new messages;
  • Two out of three online shoppers made a purchase after receiving an email from a virtual store;
  • Three quarters of paying buyers prefer to receive promotional messages via email.

To get the most out of email marketing and significantly increase the profitability of your online store, you need to use professional recommendations.

1. Encourage users to buy with personalized online mailings

When placing orders in online stores, the consumer leaves the seller very valuable data about himself, which can be used for the benefit of his business. We are in no way talking about CVV2 and credit card numbers. The most valuable for you are personal data (name, date of birth), as well as purchase history, that is, any data that will help form a marketing portrait of a potential client.

The information received can be used in the course of organizing a personalized mailing dedicated to an event. Among the optimal events and behavioral models of the buyer, the following can be distinguished:

  • Birthday is a great motive to turn to the buyer with an offer of his favorite goods and thereby remind you of yourself;
  • The owner of an online store should not be afraid of the buyer's refusal, on the contrary, the client should think about what benefits he will lose if he does not subscribe again to the newsletter. Therefore, do not forget to put in the text of the letter the option to “Subscribe again”. In business, sometimes you have to take the most unexpected steps to keep customers. For example, the AppSumo company, when other arguments proved ineffective, introduced the practice of influencing emotions. A client who has unsubscribed receives a message with an attached photo of the crying owner. Looking at the photo, few people can resist renewing their subscription;
  • Send emails to customers some time after a purchase is made. Attention to the client after the sale disposes and pushes to make new acquisitions;
  • Make profitable offers to regular customers.

You can personalize an email by simply adding a call to the buyer by name and some personal information.

2. Information will be even better if you use customer feedback

With the help of an email newsletter, you can interest the client in reviewing products and writing reviews for the products of the online store. For this purpose, you can use various bonuses for quality participation, for example, gifts, participation in the drawing of lottery tickets, discount coupons, etc.

A product message written to a real customer is ten times more effective than rewritten product cards. Through reviews and user reviews, potential buyers learn the opinion of the audience, so the product looks much more attractive.

3. Orders can be managed via email

It is not a secret for any owner of an online store that success largely depends on the quality of the services provided. Order management is one of the most important elements that form the customer's opinion about the virtual store, about the quality of its work.

People who make a purchase on the Internet want to receive the ordered goods as quickly as possible, so they often contact company managers to clarify the status of the purchase, confirm the terms of shipment or delivery. Prudent entrepreneurs care about the peace of mind of their customers, and at the same time save the nerves and time of their employees by sending emails.

It is very reasonable to inform the buyer in an e-mail about changes in the status of the order, about the location of the goods at the moment, about the approximate time of arrival at the customer. In addition, these notifications can be used to remind the client about current discounts, about new arrivals of goods, to offer to join a user group in various social networks.

4. Letters can be used to stimulate passive buyers

Each online store has its own customer base, and it probably has customers who have not made a single purchase for a long time. By not wanting to work with passive clients, you are missing out on potential profits. You need to reactivate inactive users with an email.

Special incentive letters should be personalized. They may contain information about profitable offers, new ways of servicing, through which the seller can push the client to dialogue. Alternatively, you can ask a direct question, what offers are of interest, whether he wants to receive newsletters in the future.

If there is no response to the letter within a few days. This client can be safely added to the passive list. Reminder emails can be sent to such users from time to time, but the likelihood of a transaction is gradually reduced to zero.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

According to the Pareto Law, only 20% of your online store's active customers generate 80% of your revenue. Be grateful to them for this. It is worth creating an incentive program for selected buyers, informing them of a new opportunity to make deals on exceptional conditions in an email.

As a reward, there can be not only discounts and bonuses in monetary terms. You can offer your customers souvenirs, gifts, participation in a lottery, exclusive terms of service.

6. Share useful information with clients

Send newsletters to customers to learn about product features, money saving opportunities, and new service availability.

No less interesting for the client will be letters with an overview of new products, current trends in this area, with information about the state of this market for goods / services.

Thus, it is obvious that in order to increase the efficiency of a business, it is not at all necessary to organize an expensive advertising campaign, rely on dumping or inflate the assortment. You can also boost sales through personalized mailing.

Send event messages to customers, try to establish contact with them, manage orders via email. Use emails 100% - to reactivate inert visitors, to reward active buyers, in order to bring useful information to customers.

Think about how you personally react to the mailing list of online stores.

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