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Creation and development of a business card site

A business card website is an ideal way to convey to the client the maximum useful information about your products/services. And at the same time, the client’s solution turns from a possible solution into a real one. In addition, a well-designed and user-friendly business card site will make a new client permanent.

In our time, it is not at all surprising to have a company website. On the contrary, it's strange if you still don't have it. Therefore, if you want to improve your business as quickly and inexpensively as possible, you need a turnkey business card website.

If you already have a business card site in your arsenal, EMIS will optimize its work, increase productivity and search engine findability.

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What do you get by ordering a business card website in eMiS



We know how to profitably draw up a USP and effectively position yourself in the network


Unique Design

Emphasize your uniqueness and originality in the design of a business card website


Modern site

With the ability to edit content and consult a specialist

Do you need a business card site if

Do you want to get customers from the Internet

    • You need a website, but you don't know how to properly design and build it
    • You have a website, but it does not receive requests for your services
    • You have a website, but you don't know how to properly administer it
    • After making changes, the site became inoperable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to order a business card site in eMiS?

We have been developing websites for more than 9 years using the most advanced and convenient methodologies. Your site will be simple, convenient, understandable and attractive.

Therefore, ordering a business card site in eMiS entails obvious advantages:

  • High level of quality
  • The best comfortable CMS: Joomla and WordPress
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency at every stage of work
  • Affordable cost

What is included in the service of creating a business card site?

Everything the client needs and a little more from our UX specialists.

What must be in a business card website?

We develop business card sites, which include:

  • Site design
  • Blog functionality
  • Многоуровневое меню
  • Умный поиск
  • Фото-галерея
  • Мультиязычность
  • Слайдер
  • Формы обратной связи

Сколько стоит сайт-визитка от eMiS?

15 000 — 20 000 UAH

Как мы приступаем к разработке вашего сайта-визитки?

  • Вы звоните или оставляете заявку на нашем сайте
  • Мы связвыаемся с вами, мы определяем задачи и готовим технические задания для программистов и дизайнеров
  • Согласно ТЗ устанавливаем стоимость и сроки каждого этапа
  • Заключаем договор
  • После предоплаты начинаем работу
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