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Мы гордимся тем, что делаем

Increasing the number of conversions of the online store of pet supplies

Service: contextual advertising; Subject: online store of products for creatures; Tsіl'ovy region: Ukraine; Trivality works on contextual advertising: 2 months; Zagalny budget: 10790 UAH.; Meta: increase the number of conversions on the site, take the maximum number of conversions th...


Sales growth of more than 300% due to SEO promotion (example of a pet store)

Service: SEO promotion with monthly payment.  Subject: Goods for pets. Target region of promotion: Ukraine. Target: traffic (customer acquisition) and sales. Promotion period: From september 2014 г. The store is large, the growth of traffic and sales on the site is indicative ...


Growth in the number of sales of the online store due to the introduction of the "call back" service

Subject: Complex supply of offices, enterprises with consumables. Target region: all Ukraine. The Importance of Call Tracking Each advertiser is interested in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of their business. For analytics, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika are most often us...


Increasing online store traffic by setting product filters

Service: SEO promotion with a subscription fee Project subject: online store. Promotion region: Ukraine. Promotion goal: Increase in targeted traffic.Growth in conversions.Internal website optimization. The following strategy was used to increase traffic: In the product catalo...


Case for creating a site for printing “Dniprograph”

Our customer "Dneprograph" specializes in the urgent production of printing products and the provision of post-print printing services. General Tasks We were faced with the task of creating a convenient and understandable website for visitors: ensure the flow of orders from the site;increa...


SMM: promotion of the Aquarelle beauty salon

The Aquarelle Beauty Institute is the only beauty and health center in Dnepropetrovsk that meets the highest category of the state certification system. At the time of the start of cooperation with the eMiS company on SMM services, the project had its own flow of customers from other channels, there...


Case for creating a website for ODCPIT

Customer ODCPIT — is a specialized printing institution with many years of experience in the field of printing documents on higher education, student and school cards. General Tasks The customer contacted us to create a new website with a minimalist design. The old site no longer met modern t...


Our cooperation with Israel: website development for PLC

Do you know how cosmetics are made? Perhaps you even thought about creating your own cosmetic brand and starting a business in the beauty industry? Private Label Cosmetics - this is the same company that helps to make wishes come true and offers its customers the creation of Israeli cosmetics li...


Comprehensive promotion of the website of the school of oral counting "Soroban"

Client: School of oral counting "Soroban". Task: recruit 320 new students before the start of the school year. The target audience: women from 24 to 60 years old (mothers, grandmothers) who live in Zhytomyr, Poltava, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Khmelnitsky. Webs...


Comprehensive promotion of the INVENTOR STEM school

Client: STEM-school "INVENTOR" Task: recruit 50 new students for training The target audience: women from 24 to 60 years old (mothers, grandmothers) who live in Kharkov, Vishnevoe and Odessa Results for targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram 101 completed enrollment form...

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