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Targeted advertising


Что такое таргет?

Targeted advertising is an advertisement in social networks that is configured according to certain criteria. It looks like a regular post in the feed, but marked "Advertising". A type of advertising that allows you to show an advertisement to your target audience, regardless of whether they want it or not. In order for Maria to buy a product from you, she does not have to search for it on Google / Instagram, etc. - she just needs to open a news feed on a social network, see your ad and make a conversion.

The “promote” button under the photo is NOT targeting, but only a small part of it. Full-fledged targeted advertising is configured through the advertising account in FB.


In order to get into the heart of a potential client, you need to know him well. Correctly designated and clearly configured target audience in targeting is already 70% of success. That is why we conduct a “briefing” of the client, clearly define the unique selling proposition of the product, the target audience and its pains.

All advertising campaigns start with testing. Do not believe those who promise to launch targeting in one click - this is impossible. Not to mention that during the campaign, the indicators are constantly changing and this needs to be monitored in order to quickly make changes.

Key benefits of targeted advertising

The ability to advertise a product without a website is convenient for small businesses. You can create a page of your company in social networks, with a description of goods or services, and bring customers to it. Flexible settings: you can select different target groups according to a wide range of parameters (geography, age, gender, education, interests). The ability to work with each user group separately, create different ads for different audiences.

How do you know if your business needs targeted advertising?

  1. you can't scale your business
  2. many users leave your site without converting
  3. you don't have a website
  4. you want to get more customers than you get now
  5. you are introducing a new product to the market, your main task is to “create” demand for your product

How is targeted advertising set up with us?

  1. Briefing the client (defining the USP, target audience, product features, fixing Kpi) - account manager 2 hours
  2. Product/Market Analysis - Head of Department 4 hours
  3. Creating a mind map - targetologist + manager 3 hours
  4. Coordination of offers with the customer - account manager 1 hour
  5. Visual development - designer 8 hours
  6. Writing texts - copywriter 2 hours
  7. Setting up audiences - targetologist 3 hours
  8. Link testing (offer + audience + visual + landing page) 5 days

Subject to successful testing:

  1. Advertising campaign optimization - targetologist 3 hours
  2. Scaling an advertising campaign - targetologist 3 hours
  3. Communication with the client - account manager 24/7

If the testing of bundles did not give a good result, we restart the advertising campaign.

EVERY advertising campaign has a “burnout” moment, which occurs, on average, two weeks after the first launch, at which point you need to “update the materials of the advertising campaign, namely, develop creatives, reconfigure the advertising campaign.

The key point worth mentioning is regular monitoring of KPIs. At the beginning of the project, we set the targets we are striving for. This format of cooperation creates the most comfortable conditions for the work of the team and control of this work by the customer.

Why would you want to work with us?

  • we work according to kpi
  • always in touch
  • 24/7 monitoring and optimizing the performance of the advertising campaign
  • we will not give you “non-targeted” applications, because initially, together with you, we will determine the target audience
  • we are a team of specialists who are guaranteed to increase your sales (see paragraph about Kpi)

What results can you expect?

The “hospital average” cost per conversion from targeted ads is $4 – the average of all businesses from around the world. How to find out how many customers and at what price you will get? You just need to leave a request for a free forecast.

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