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Crisis 2020: how to change the coronavirus in digital marketing?


The spring of 2020 brought with it unresolved changes, it was impossible to think about what else to think about. Light crisis, isolation, fencing for walks, short working hours - life has changed dramatically. However, it does not lead to fall into the wild, but it is less possible to enter new markets, adapt and expand the primary segment.

Actual strategy diy

The reaction to the business is to blame for the swedish and negainous - the call has led to the fact that competitors will occupy the niche. For this reason, it is important to carry out a deep analysis of the current situation, to identify the relevant needs of the target audience and to provide relevant services, as well as additional benefits and bonuses. It is important to adapt to upcoming trends:

  • social isolation - the ability to speed up with a manual online storefront, set all meals in the telephone mode;
  • bezpeka - quick delivery, which allows you to remove the necessary goods, minimizing the transfer by place;
  • accepting bonuses - comfort for customers at all stages of registration, discounts, actual gifts (antiseptics, masks, mittens).

Let's help in this "essence" of the one who can convey to potential clients the key idea: "I'm better, you need my services, choose me." They can be supplemented with non-standard ideas and developments, special features and "buns", like to see the middle of competitors and to overwhelm them far behind.

Reaction to the crisis: how do you come to live in different companies?

Not all organizations of the building go online, but the rich have been successful in the distance. One of the quiet, who ran into new minds, becoming a cosmetics store Beauty-Prof. Published on the site:

  • list of functional retail outlets;
  • changing work schedule;
  • fluffy frostbite.

If so, the Internet catalog is also available, є Kur'єrska delivery and the ability to speed up by postal services. "School of Beauty" also continues its work, but online employment is available only on an individual basis.

Cost-free propositions - new possibilities for customer search

A lot of resources were provided for the whole period without cost access, which gives the ability to accurately assess the advantages of online learning:

  • for schoolchildren, the “Virtual School of Ranok” is available, as if to spend a lesson at the singing hour every day (telling about the ear of the lesson becomes a brown bonus);
  • pre-schoolers can learn new knowledge on the portal "Rozumniki" - register and get interested in the program;
  • computer academy "Step" prepared a cycle of cost-free video tutorials on the topic of creating sites, promoting in social networks and creating igor.

For grown-ups, there are also available numerical training courses - and this is the right way to develop. The client gets stuck, try the cost-free option and want to get lost forever. Plus, it’s great to be able to receive additional praise, earn a good reputation, and give it a chance to grow on the “word of mouth” as a marketing campaign.

Special Propositions for Doswelling

Isolation has spared people the ultimate joys, and to that the stench has been clogged with a hint of an alternative. During this period:

  • video and audio content portals offered free subscriptions or lowered prices;
  • delivery services increased the emphasis on safety (courier in masks and mittens), as well as contactless delivery for help programs;
  • The network of restaurants "Mafia" formed promotional proposals, as well as a social program, so that people can donate a large sum to organize cost-free insults for doctors.

All this is the emphasis on safety, the creation of a stronghold of supremacy and peace. Potential clients take away the ability to get the necessary services, without disturbing the mind of quarantine, and, like the proposition of the Mafia restaurants, make their contribution to help over the unsafe infection.

Development strategy for the hour of crisis 2020

The whole world of transitions to online is ignorant, you can easily get left behind. To that varto speed up with offensive tools:

  • contextual advertising;
  • targeting in social networks;
  • advertising of services and special offers is active on Instagram and Facebook.

It is important to say that your company is in the trend, it will easily change to new minds and is ready to continue to amaze its customers. The maximum amount of photo and video content is at once the very hour to declare your reach, to turn respect, to fix the necessary image.

Children are required quickly, analyzing the showings of the day. It will help you to understand the mood of the coristuvachiv and develop in the right direction, proponuyuchi purchases themselves those in which the stench is caught in the current moment.

Business offline

If your business is put on pause at the same time, it’s time to start doing it better: prepare the current content, come up with new ideas, as they will be in the next hour, upgrade the site and build tools for cooperation with customers . After completing the quarantine, you should turn to work in a comfortable mode, raising your voice without intermediary for the advancement of the service.

The eMiS company continues the work in the regular mode

Regardless of the scale of the world, eMiS facsimile companies have already adapted to new market trends and are ready to ensure the complex promotion of sites in search engines and social networks.

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