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What is smm-copywriting: the secrets of successful promotion in social networks


Social media is a powerful advertising platform that can be used to sell products, promote a personal brand or reputation marketing. To attract customers and maintain the enduring interest of users, quality content is needed. SMM copywriting is the writing of informational and selling texts that are adapted for social networks and are part of SMM promotions.

Fundamentals of SMM copywriting

The key requirement is the quality of materials. They need to be concise, interesting, and useful, and choosing topics that are relevant to the characteristics of the target audience requires a strategy. To develop a content plan, you need to:

  • make a portrait of your target audience (age, gender, interests);
  • study information in public and on the pages of competitors;
  • define a list of topics that will attract attention;
  • consider visual design.

The main task is to speak the same language with subscribers. For a beauty salon, complex texts with numerous terms are not suitable, while users expect an expert opinion from a medical center. Balance is important, as well as a veiled call to action in each publication - the material should cause a desire to leave a comment or repost.

SMM copywriter: important requirements

Posting on social media is different from writing a regular article. The user views the publication in a few seconds, so you need to “hook” from the first sentence so that the material is read in full. In SMM copywriting, you must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Brevity and conciseness - long texts are often overlooked, so it is so important to succinctly formulate the main idea without unnecessary "water".
  • Originality - creative is catchy, which motivates you to read the publication in full.
  • Relevance - understanding the interests of the target audience will help to correctly “play” on feelings and preferences, which will lead to the distribution and preservation of posts, and, accordingly, will speed up page promotion.

Social media algorithms are quite demanding, so high performance and constant involvement are required from an SMM copywriter. Posts should be published regularly, even a short-term decrease in activity can seriously spoil the statistics. Therefore, it is so important to form a long-term content plan in order to publish materials daily.

Writing selling texts for social networks

Direct selling on social networks is undesirable - it is perceived as an attempt to impose a product, therefore it leads to the opposite effect. Users go to Instagram or Facebook to relax and get the latest news, not to order products, so any advertising should be carefully hidden. It is useful to use the following methods:

  • Dealing with objections - there are always reasons why a potential buyer refuses to buy. It is worth devoting a separate post to each of them, describing in detail the advantages that can more than compensate for this drawback.
  • Testimonials - posting messages from grateful customers is useful in itself, but texts describing the popularity of the product will be received favorably.
  • Benefits and promotions are short promotional messages that help you communicate about special offers that are valid for a limited period of time.

To increase the number of subscribers, it is useful to use advertising on other pages and communities. In this case, the text should be capacious and expressive at the same time, so that even a short message will make you want to read other publications.

Informational materials for promotion in social networks

Many novice social media copywriters make the same mistake – boring posts. As a result, a useful publication, which was spent a lot of time, go unnoticed - users just scroll through it. Here are a few simple yet effective steps to help you avoid this:

  • Bright headlines - intrigue attracts, the main thing is that the main material does not disappoint as a result.
  • Emotions - sharing impressions, complaining about failures, talking about successes, one manages to maintain contact with the audience, initiating live communication.
  • Text structuring - paragraphs, lists are required. The material should be broken into several separate passages that look good visually and are well perceived.

The text needs a hidden call to action - an offer to discuss the material or talk about your own experience. Interesting, “live” content is the basis for successful page promotion, which will help you quickly gain popularity. And in order to get a guaranteed result, it is worth entrusting this task to a professional SMM copywriter of the EMIS Internet marketing studio - and the texts will please with conciseness, and most importantly, will be favorably received by subscribers.

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