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What domain to choose for the site? Recommendations for choosing a website domain name to promote your business on the Internet


A domain name is not just the address of your site, a domain name is its “visiting card”. The domain is your distinguishing mark, and it is from it that the first impression of the brand begins to take shape.

From this article you will learn:

  • what is a domain and why is it needed;
  • the role of the domain in SEO;
  • domain name structure;
  • types of domains;
  • which domain to choose;
  • advice on choosing domains;
  • Cyrillic or Latin;
  • what to do if the domain is busy;
  • when you need a domain with history.

What is a domain and why is it needed?

A domain (domain name) is the name of your site, which can immediately reveal the essence of your business as much as possible. With the right domain, you can get a person's credibility and convince them to click through to your site. The right domain name becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Why you need your own domain:

  • the user can easily remember the site address;
  • searching for a site on the network becomes easier;
  • the solidity of the company increases significantly;
  • you become provider independent;
  • the ability to run your own mail server.

You should come up with a simple and light domain name that is easy to remember, but at the same time, it should make the first impression of your site and interest the user.

Доменные имена на бильярдных шарах

Basically, site owners choose a free domain from those that offer special services. To do this, it is enough to come up with a main name and enter it into the line of the domain name generator, and if it happens that the address is busy, then the generator changes it using letters, symbols and whole words. This is not exactly the way to go when choosing a website address, as you will get a lot of addresses similar to your domain and mislead Internet users.

To pick the perfect domain, you must clearly understand the goals of your site and focus on them when choosing a site address.

If the purpose of your site is to sell goods/services, then choose the domain so that the user can understand what he can buy or what service to use. For example, if you decide to start selling furniture, then the ideal domain would be mebel.com. So you provide yourself with a flow of people who specifically want to buy furniture.

But with such an address, you will not be able to go beyond a specific industry and expand the range. In addition, all the best addresses are likely to be occupied.

By choosing a domain that will simply reveal the subject of the site, you will not be able to promote your own brand.

If you have a large company that already has a fairly well-known name, and you are counting on a long stay in the market, then the domain should be selected with a brand focus.

Using the brand name as a domain, you can be sure of its uniqueness. If you are only at the start of your development, then it is unlikely that such a name will be effective in promotion, but in the course of development it will still turn into an advantage.

You can use a keyword as a domain. For example, detskoe-pitanie.com, then it will be easier for your site to move on the request "baby food".

If you decide to choose a domain by keyword, then make sure that it is short, beautiful and easy.

What role does a domain play in SEO?

What place your site will take in the search engine depends on the quality of SEO-optimization, the content of the site. The presence of a keyword in the domain name is a huge advantage that greatly affects the effectiveness of SEO promotion.

Роль домена в SEO-продвижении

The best solution would be to take your brand name as the basis for the domain name, then:

  • the user will easily remember the domain;
  • The domain is well ranked by the search engine.

If you have chosen SEO as one of the ways to promote your site, then you can pre-purchase a domain that has a high citation index coefficient. Such a domain will instantly provide your site with a stream of customers.

The age of your domain plays a big role in promoting it with SEO. The older your domain is, the more reliable it is perceived by the system. Why is that? For a domain to exist, you need to pay for it, respectively, the more money the owner invests, the more valuable the domain is for him. These domains are much more expensive than new ones, but sometimes it's better to pay more once than spend a lot of time promoting a new domain.

In the West, buying a domain for several thousand dollars is quite normal, but in our country it is considered a strange and unrealistically expensive pleasure, but in vain. Of course, if you do not plan to use a domain in the long term, then it is not worth spending a lot of money on it. The search engine will not determine in any way how much money you have invested in buying a domain, but it is not a problem for it to check the date of its registration.

Having a keyword in a domain brings you 25% closer to the top search engine rankings. If you have practically no competitors, then such a domain will immediately send you to the top of the search rankings. If your business has a lot of competition, then it will take a lot of effort to reach the top positions, but having a keyword will help you with this.

Whatever super-domain you come up with, Google will not trust it. Therefore, in order for everything to work in a complex (the keyword is a domain), the best solution would be to search for it among previously registered domains.

If you come up with a domain with a keyword and it accurately describes the essence of your business, but includes too many words, symbols, then immediately put it on the black list. No one will remember such a domain, most likely, it will be perceived as spam.

As for the domain zone, the .com zone was and remains the best. If you have the opportunity to create a domain in this zone, then do not even hesitate. Throughout the existence of the Internet, this zone has become synonymous with it, people automatically enter .com in a search query. For Ukrainian sites, the most popular zone has been the .com.ua zone for a long time, since the .ua zone can only be used by officially registered trademarks.

Take note that users are bad at remembering domains:

  • with a dash;
  • .info domains;
  • long domains.

People are too lazy for that.

In order for a domain to be as effective as possible, you need, as we have already said, to make it as simple and easy to remember as possible, and this is probably the most difficult thing. You do not need to use the name of the specifics of your business in the domain. You can choose several letters that will sound easy and beautiful, and besides, they will be easy enough to remember (for example, bodo.ua is a site for gifts and experiences). The main thing is to be easy to read.

Domain name structure

The domain consists of a string of words that are separated by dots. The level of the domain name depends on how many words it contains. There are three main domain levels: first, second, and third. Domains of the fourth level and above are used very rarely.

Схема уровней доменов


  • family.ua — the second level of the domain name;
  • family.com.ua — third;
  • mail.family.com.ua — fourth.

First-level domains are divided into state, service and general purpose domains.

Domains of universal significance are divided according to cultural and linguistic-territorial characteristics.

Locale domains consist of two letters and mean that the site covers the population of one state: ua, pl, etc. Some states put forward a number of requirements for registering sites. For example, in Ukraine you can register a domain only if you have a trademark of the same name.

In turn, the territorial zones are subdivided into sub-regional ones. They are used when the site is dedicated to a particular city or region. In Ukraine, such zones exist for each region: zp - Zaporozhye, lv - Lviv, etc.

Cultural-thematic domains are made up of three or more letters-symbols and indicate that the site belongs to a specific topic. It is necessary to stop your choice on such a domain only when the site in its entirety or at least a large part of it fits into the theme of the site you have chosen. Some of the most popular domains at the moment are com, net, biz, edu, gov, etc.

If you need to combine territorial and thematic affiliation, then you should choose third-level domains. Thus, the gov.ua domain means that the state institution is located and operates in Ukraine.

If the domain is registered incorrectly, then the effectiveness of SEO optimization with its help is out of the question. The domain zone must be chosen so that it exactly matches the theme and region of the site where it is planned to be promoted. If your business will operate in a specific region, then you will need to use a sub-regional domain when compiling a domain name. It will immediately become clear to users where exactly you work, and the advantage of a sub-regional domain is also its uniqueness. For a beauty room in Dnipro, use the beauty-room.dp.ua domain.

Worried about being confused with competitors? We advise you to avoid any consonance with their domain, otherwise it is really likely that some of your customers will end up with them. Put a taboo on using existing trademarks or brands as your domain - this is copyright infringement and you may have to defend the right to use this domain in court.

Which domain zone to choose?

To choose the right domain zone, you should make sure that the site corresponds to all the thematic subsections that are in the domains, familiarize yourself with the limit of actions, restrictions on the site's audience and sub-regional zones.

Для того, чтобы конкуренты не смогли определить вас и заполучить ваших клиентов, стоит дополнительно зарегистрировать похожие имена, которые будут свободны во всех зонах.

Recommendations for choosing a domain zone

Commercial organizations that will work exclusively in Ukraine should choose the .com.ua domain zone. If a commercial organization has its own trademark, then the .ua zone is more suitable.

Выбор и покупка доменной зоны

If you are a Ukrainian company that wants to reach a new level and start working outside your country, but on one site, then choose the .com zone.

If you operate within the same city, for example, as a coffee shop in Zaporozhye, then choose the sub-regional zone .zp.ua.

Do you plan to offer your goods and services in the Russian Federation? Then the .ru domain zone suits you.

For information sites and blogs, the place of residence of the target audience does not matter, they can choose the domain zone .com, .org, .info.

Licensed educational institutions and centers should choose the .edu.ua zone if they operate throughout Ukraine.

Valid characters for a domain name

When choosing a domain name, you should not be limited to letters, you can freely use numbers and hyphens.

There are no restrictions on the use of various characters, but there are recommendations for their use that should not be ignored:

Do not use Russian and Ukrainian letters that do not have clear Latin transliteration

Initially, this applies to those letters that are simply not in the English language, such as: u, u, d, ї, s, etc.

It is also worth being more attentive to those letters that can be transliterated.(https://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%81%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%8C) in several variants at once: yu (yu, ju), i (ya, ja), c (z, s, ts). Finding your site will be easier if there are no such letters. If it is impossible not to use these letters, then you need to register domains in all variations of their spelling. If this is not possible, then opt for those options that are more familiar to your audience.

If you decide to use a hyphen in the domain name, then keep in mind that the search engine "reads" it as a separator character (space) between words. You need to use a hyphen if the name of your brand or company consists of two words and you need to make sure that they are not read together, for example, in-term.com. Or your brand name is the same as the name of your competitors and you need to make your domain unique, for example, the interm.com domain is already occupied by competitors and you use in-term.com.

Also, a hyphen can be used when, due to the large number of letters, the domain name becomes unreadable or you need to add specifics for the audience (for example, the mobile-dp domain makes it clear that we are talking about selling mobile phones in Dnipro). But it is better to do this in exceptional cases, after all, it is better to choose a short and easy-to-remember domain, and you can focus on the territorial location using a third-level domain. In all other cases, the hyphen will only interfere.

Use numbers only for their intended purpose. In general, working with numbers in a domain name should be very careful. It is better to use them when they carry a real semantic load. If the in-term.com domain is occupied, then you do not need to use in-term1.com! If this brand had initially promoted with numbers, then it would be a completely different situation. Use the numbers when they will have a really positive result or they are part of the brand or company name.

Cyrillic or Latin?

Immediately, we note that the search engine equally understands both the Latin and Cyrillic domains. The pros and cons of one or another option appear only on the part of network users.

Кириллические и латинские доменные зоны.

Latin domain

Domains in the Latin alphabet appeared first, followed by domains in Cyrillic (Cyrillic - this word is actively used). That is why they are easier to process data. A domain in Latin is more convenient for SEO, because absolutely all services work with it.

But not everything is so perfect. Domains in the Latin alphabet have their drawbacks. It is very difficult to find a short and easy-to-remember domain, often most of them are already taken. You have to come up with something completely new or to what is already there, add various symbols, letters, less often words.

If you use the letter l in the domain name, then keep in mind that in Latin it can be written in several ways. Do not use similar letters to avoid confusion.

Also, because of those letters that are not in the Latin alphabet, the user may enter the domain incorrectly in the search bar and will not find the site (we wrote about this above), so you will lose a potential client.

Cyrillic domain

Domains in Cyrillic are relatively young. For the first time, a domain in Cyrillic was registered in 2010, but today they are quite popular in countries with a Russian-speaking population.

Of course, for Russian-speaking users, it is much easier to remember the Cyrillic domain than the Latin one. Also, there is no question with those letters that are not in the Latin alphabet. Problems with the uniqueness of the domain will also not arise, since Cyrillic domains are only gaining their popularity.

In terms of convenience, they are still somewhat inferior to domains in the Latin alphabet. So, unlike Latin domains, the Cyrillic address is inserted incorrectly after copying, so it is impossible for the user to share a link to your site with a friend or open it in another browser window for the user. Due to incorrect copying of the address, the probability of displaying broken links increases significantly, but such a domain will be a good addition to offline advertising.

The domain is busy. What to do?

It often happens that a domain name is chosen, a domain zone is defined, but then it turns out that it is already taken. In this case, we recommend that you check if other domain zones are free. For example, if the .net zone is already taken, there is an option that your domain will be free in the .com zone.

If you checked all the suitable zones and none of them turned out to be free for your domain, then you can try to buy out the address that you originally came up with.

As the business developed, domains with “beautiful” names began to acquire considerable value on the Internet. To date, the total number of domains exceeds 250 million, so a market for selling domains has been created. Approximately 30% of the total number of domains exist only for the sale of sponsored links. After the .com domain zone ran out of all three-character domains, four-letter domains became popular. You can apply to such a marketplace to select a domain name, just keep in mind that prices there are much higher than usual.

You may encounter the fact that the address you need has already been rented by another person, but you see that the site has been launched for a long time. In this case, you can try to negotiate with its current owner. Try to explain why exactly you need this address now, it is possible that he will meet you halfway. If the negotiations still turned out to be unsuccessful, then it will be easier for you to come up with an address with the name of your brand or even come up with a new brand, supplementing it with symbols or numbers. This option will greatly facilitate the process of creating a domain name for you, since transferring a domain for use to another person is quite difficult and it will take you a lot of time.

To transfer a domain from one user to another, certain conditions must be met:

  • more than two months must have elapsed from the date of registration of a new domain or its last transfer;
  • you must have a code for domain authorization;
  • privacy protection must be disabled and domain ownership information checked;
  • the domain should not be in the deletion queue.

As you can see, the process is really not easy, and to implement it, the best solution would be to seek help from specialists.

Is it worth buying a domain with a history?

The history of a domain is a question that has both bright and dark sides, since this history itself can carry completely different information, and at first glance, a cool domain can turn out to be very problematic.

Even if the domain you invented is free, then its history must be checked on specialized sites. This is done in order to protect yourself from buying a domain with a bad reputation among Internet users, and the domain may also have sanctions from search engines, which you absolutely do not need.

Как проверить историю домена?

There are two ways to get a domain with history:

  • wait until the desired domain is free;
  • try to negotiate with the current owner of the domain.

It is quite possible that today's free domain was previously used by another user who simply did not want to renew the term of use, and the domain returned to the ranks of free ones. If you wish, you can still buy out such an address and put it in order, but it will take a lot of effort, patience and time.

Not all free domains have a negative history. They buy old domains on purpose because of their simplicity, but this is not their only advantage. Domains with a good reputation will bring you some dividends. For example, an address with a good history has a TIC link mass (these are links that will lead users to you from other resources). The longer a domain exists, the better it ranks in search engines.

You can choose a domain name and a webmaster or broker, they often sell addresses. Experts will help you choose the best domain, focusing on the specifics of your business.

There are also domains with zero history. They are suitable for beginners and for those who aim to develop the business smoothly. But such domains that comply with all requirements, unfortunately, are few.

Checking the history of a domain name is an essential procedure that will protect you from problems in the future. The web is full of resources that can help you with this. When you start looking for information about a domain, you will most likely initially get to the data that the previous owner left when registering the domain. Thus, you can contact him and clarify the details you are interested in. But if the previous owner himself is interested in selling the domain, then it is not a fact that his answers will be true. Before buying a domain, make sure that there is no content at this address that is contrary to the law.

Поиск истории домена

So is it still worth it or not?

The general answer we can give you is yes, buying a domain with a good history is always a good decision, it will be a big plus for promoting your business. But in this case, you need to be 100% sure of the reputation of the domain, or tune in to hard work and put the site in order. To do this, you need to have experience with such sites and be able to track the history of domain names. If you are just starting out in this industry, then it is better to use the help of specialists to minimize the difficulties that may be associated with your domain.

After choosing a domain, the next step is to register it. Today there is a huge selection of registrars who have just started working in this direction. It is always better to choose a company that has already managed to establish itself. Be prepared that when registering a domain, you will have to provide personal information that may be in the public domain. Of course, for a fee, it can be hidden, but then your site will not look so representative. After registering the website address, you will need to create the website itself and choose the appropriate hosting for it.

A domain name is the first step to the success of your website!

The success of any business starts with an idea and with what name to give this idea. Of course, a domain name cannot guarantee that the conversion of buyers and site visitors will go off scale, but it is one of the most important factors that affect it.

At first glance, it seems that choosing a domain name is very simple, but every site owner understands that with this step he predetermines the fate of his resource. Even if your site is designed as professionally as possible, the mistakes that you can make in the domain will not lead to the desired success. An unreadable domain will turn users off, and similarity to competitors can lead to all your buyers getting them.

How you build your domain name is very important if you plan to promote your site with SEO in the future. If mistakes are made at this stage, then in the future you will need a lot of money and the help of specialists to correct them. You should familiarize yourself with the recommendations that we have prepared for you, and choosing a domain name will no longer be a problem for you.

Хорошее доменное имя - первый шаг к успеху!
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