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Website Promotion - 7 Basic Promotion Methods in 2021


Effective website promotion is simultaneous work in several directions at once, which is able to reach the maximum number of potential customers. Specialists of the eMiS company offering the service website promotion, We have compiled a list of relevant methods that will help you quickly and without additional costs to get the desired result.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is search engine optimization that helps you rank at the top of the popular search engines. To do this, a list of keywords is formed, which are selected based on the action strategy chosen by the optimizer. You can work simultaneously in several directions:

  • Requests with the name of the company (branding);
  • Requests with the brand of competitors (branded);
  • Queries containing a call to action: buy, order, choose (selling);
  • Opinions and recommendations, reviews;
  • Information requests containing the question: how to choose, what is, why.
Сео продвижение сайта днепр

The semantic core is formed with the help of special services for the selection of key phrases. SEO promotion is relevant for both new and already used sites. With the help of such promotion, you can take a leading position in the search results, making it a worthy competitor to the current industry leaders. Filling pages takes an average of 4-6 months - during this period, a USP (unique selling proposition) will be formed, as well as high-quality content will be prepared, which will be positively received by both users and search algorithms.

contextual advertising

Advertising is the engine of trade, and contextual advertising is one of the most effective modern marketing tools. The main advantage of this method of promotion is the ability to interact directly with potential customers who are already interested in the offer. With Google Ads, you can quickly achieve the following indicators:

  • Increase brand awareness, which will positively affect the overall development and promotion of the company;
  • Attract new users to the site and increase conversion;
  • It is rational to use funds even in conditions of a limited financial budget.
Роль PPC в продвижении сайтов - eMis Днепр

The advantage in favor of choosing contextual advertising is accessibility. With minimal costs, you can get the maximum benefit, but for this it is important to correctly compose an advertisement that will be shown to users at the top or side of the search results, as well as accurately determine the portrait of the target audience. Under the guidance of a skilled PPC specialist, you can quickly launch a promotion, and after a short period of time you will be able to evaluate the results.

Targeted social media advertising

Social networks are an opportunity to get an additional source of organic traffic to the site, as well as to work effectively with the target audience, forming a positive brand image. For active promotion, targeted advertising is used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Google Ads for YouTube. To make the page promotion as productive as possible, it is useful to adhere to the following rules:

  • Daily activity and interaction with the audience - posts, stories, comments. Even the best marketing tools are powerless if the company page is “empty” and does not contain interesting or useful information for the user.
  • The right choice of target audience - interests, age, gender, location. Advertising should be targeted, only in this case you can count on the fact that the investment will pay off in full and the result (the number of subscribers, site visits, orders/applications) will be achieved.
  • Smart ad setup. "Catchy" text, eye-catching image that will arouse the user's interest.
Продвижение сайта через таргетинг в соц сетях

You can run several advertising campaigns at the same time to analyze the results and form an effective promotion strategy.

Email marketing

An up-to-date customer communication tool that is used to inform about new products or changes, as well as current special offers. An important condition is that the newsletter is provided only for users who have provided consent to receive emails. The following email marketing options are available:

  • Cross mailings;
  • Informational messages;
  • Trigger emails (messages about the appearance of the expected product on the site, the activation of bonuses or other events).
Инструменты продвижения сайтов

Emails should not be intrusive or frequent, otherwise emails will be automatically sent to the Spam category. It is important to correctly compose the text and design of advertising messages so that they really benefit.

Content Marketing

It is important not only to add a description of goods and services to the online catalog, but also to prepare informational content that will be of interest to visitors to the resource. Texts must meet the following requirements:

  • Expertise;
  • Conciseness;
  • Reliability.
Влияние контент маркетинга на продвижение сайта в интернете

Useful articles that contain detailed reviews of popular items, recommendations for choosing and other tips will play an active role in promoting the resource.

Display Networks

KMS, or contextual media networks, is more than 2 million portals that can be used to place contextual advertising:

  • Google Display Network - proven thematic resources, which allows you to count on user loyalty;
  • GSP - advertising in GMail.com, placed above the block of letters.

Advertising success depends on the right selection of images, clickbait headlines, and a call to action that encourages the user to click on the link.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM - promotion of a page in social networks, taking into account the current rules and algorithms. An experienced SMM specialist will develop an action strategy that allows you to quickly earn user loyalty and increase the number of subscribers, as well as improve interaction with content.

Proper positioning of the brand in social networks will increase awareness and become an additional advertising tool.

Proper website promotion

If needed website promotion in Dnipro, then our team will select the best options for promotion. Internet marketing studio eMiS offers a comprehensive approach, including audit, elimination of current errors, as well as optimization of the resource, taking into account the specified requirements.

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