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Website improvements that can increase sales by 7x


The site is essential for doing business these days, but not all owners use all the features of their resource. Sometimes low-quality content or outdated design can affect user loyalty and overall sales. In our article, we will analyze the main problems that customers face and ways to increase sales.

Make a mobile version of the site

In 2018, sales through mobile devices increased significantly. People are increasingly trusting online shopping and are happy to use their smartphones for this. Naturally, a low-quality mobile version of the site will weed out “mobile” buyers, and this segment should not be underestimated. If you do not take care of the mobile version of your site, you can lose about 40% of your traffic. It is useful to systematically analyze the site. You can do this both independently and with the help of web analytics specialists. Pay attention to Google Analytics data. If you notice that a lot of users accessing the site from mobile devices do not stay on the site for more than 30 seconds, then there is some kind of problem.


Understand what exactly scares off your potential buyers. Go to your resource from various devices, both from phones and tablets, analyze the display in browsers. Test if everything works in different versions. Responsive website design is a great solution for attracting mobile traffic. Keep up with the times and think about the client!

Make your site modern

Put yourself in the client's shoes. Which site would you trust more, with a modern design or with an outdated and inconvenient one? If your site has already lost its relevance and does not correspond to modern trends, you just need to redesign. The main goal of the redesign is to reflect the current views of the company, highlight new achievements, increase brand awareness, as well as visitor loyalty. Computer technologies are developing very quickly, and the service life of a good site usually does not exceed 4 years, I repeat, a good one! In fact, everything is much worse. A lot of resources that come to us for redesign have some technical flaws and usability issues. Potential buyers simply left the resource, not even wanting to get acquainted with the offer in more detail, and the site simply did not bring the expected profit.

After the redesign, the site was transformed and increased the conversion rates several times. This once again proves that users first of all meet by the cover, and only then pay attention to the content. How is a redesign created in web studios? To begin with, it is extremely important to analyze the market and competitors. It is necessary to study which solutions are suitable for increasing sales specifically for your resource, what is better to focus on and how to attract users. Then a prototype is created and approved with the customer. This is necessary in order to fully convey to the designer the concept that was thought out by the specialists and the idea of ​​the customer. Based on the data received, the designer creates an attractive and effective design.


The site should be created based on the preferences of the target audience and the customer should not forget about it. Personal preference is important, but it's best to focus on your customers.

Say no to poor quality content!

Content is one of the ways to convey information to a potential client. What content can be considered low quality?

Errors can be found in texts. It is not very professional to position your services or products with misleading content. Customers immediately get an unpleasant impression of your business.

2.Invalid information. If your site has outdated prices or promotions, users will get a negative experience of working with you. Meet the expectations of your customers, keep your resource up to date.

3.Non-unique content. The site should have unique content, this is extremely important for your positions in the search results. If you want to increase the number of customers from the Internet, you need to take care of search engine optimization.

Lack of useful information. Having text is not just a necessity. You must put in it the information that the user needs. Do not overload texts with keywords. Order the service of a professional copywriter who will reflect the advantages of your company or a particular product in texts.

Unreadable canvases of text. Using unreadable information repels users. Even the most interesting content will not be read by the user if it is poorly presented on the site. Structure texts with multi-level headings, highlight paragraphs. This is important not only for the client, but also for search engines.

Poor quality photos and videos. Now site users are very susceptible to the quality of photo and video content of the site. A potential buyer does not see the product in person and it is important for him to get more information about it. Replace fuzzy photos and pictures, add video reviews of products, describe the product in as much detail as possible and add characteristics to it. You can use infographics to describe the benefits of working with you.

Communicate more with the client


Do not leave the client alone with your question. Try to present all the necessary information in the content of the page as clearly as possible. And for the convenience of the user, add more ways of communication to the site. An online consultant, feedback buttons, ordering a call and asking a question - all these features of the resource must be used to the fullest. You can also develop your social networks. Customers can share information about the goods and services that you provide, get acquainted with promotions and new offers. Also, do not miss the opportunity to use e-mail newsletter. Let customers know that you can give them what they want.

Speed ​​up your resource


If your resource loads too slowly, you lose a large flow of customers who have not even entered the site yet, but are already closing it. If your site loads more than 2 seconds, this is already an incorrect indicator. Contact the experts and fix this problem. The client must make purchases without waiting for each page to load and must not experience discomfort from interacting with the site.

Let the customer make purchases easily and quickly

This point is more about the usability of order forms. Don't overwhelm your customers by filling out a huge number of items. Make fewer required fields or divide the information filling into several stages. The client should enjoy the purchase, and not fill out endless data and waste his time.

Simplify site navigation

After the client has gone to the site, it should be clear to him where the information that interests him is located. Therefore, it is important to take care of the convenience of navigation for the user.

  • Check if the search on the site works correctly?
  • Is the category structure convenient?
  • How many clicks do you need to make to find the right product?
  • Is the filter functioning correctly?

Ease of navigation is an important factor for the user. To check the convenience of the site, you can order a usability audit. This is a comprehensive analysis that will reveal the weak points of your site. Specialists will select the most effective strategy to eliminate problem areas of the resource. After making changes, you will increase conversion rates.


Convenience of users is, first of all, the key to successful sales. If you do not use all the possibilities of your resource, you lose customers. Try to improve the usability of your site and you will immediately see noticeable results in increasing conversions.

Author: Karina Manko, Content Marketing Specialist

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