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Website development: what to look for


Every day more and more people use online platforms to buy goods or services. It is really convenient and saves a significant amount of time and money. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are expanding their business through access to the Internet space. In this article, we will consider several important criteria that a selling site should have. This article will be useful not only for those who are going to create a website, but also for analyzing an existing resource. So let's get started.

1. Choosing a CMS site

The basis for the effective operation of the site and its management is CMS. This system allows you to administer the site: fill with content, edit content and manage workflows. And it depends on it the full functioning of the resource, download speed, as well as the correct display of elements. We will consider the most popular of them:


This is one of the most popular CMS, which is known and used all over the world. It has proven to be a platform for creating a site with high usability. WordPress is used for creating simple one-page and business card sites, ending with the development of small online stores and corporate sites.


Joomla is a multifunctional content management system. This CMS is distinguished by its flexibility and provides a rich functionality of the site. However, Joomla is a little more difficult to administer a site than other CMS, but has more features.


This CMS is the ideal solution for creating an online store. All functionality is selected directly for your project, with the possibility of its further expansion. From the user's point of view, the system is simple and intuitive. We would classify it as the #1 choice for creating an online store.



A professional content management system developed by two companies 1C and Bitrix. Combines convenient functionality and integration with 1C. Suitable for online stores, corporate sites, portals, and more. Very easy to use and perfect for sites of any complexity. Website development on Bitrix is ​​a great solution for online business.

2. Responsive website design


There are more and more mobile users nowadays, so if you do not want to lose a large segment of customers, you should pay attention to this important aspect. What is responsive design? There are many options for devices for using the Internet: they differ in screen size and resolution. And to make the site look equally good on all possible devices, you should use an adaptive layout. Agree, will you make a purchase on a site where information is not displayed correctly? Naturally, the user will not understand what's what and will immediately go to your competitors. At the adaptive stage, designers, together with layout designers, create the design of the mobile version of the site. If necessary, the content of the site is reduced, the size of information blocks is adjusted without overloading users with information. As a result, we get a resource that can be used in various browsers and devices.

3. Promotion


Many novice owners at the stage of creating a site completely forget about its further promotion. It is best to lay the foundation for promoting a resource at the very beginning. It concerns SEO promotion. Good web studios start development together with SEO specialists who work on site usability, proper structure, and optimize content for search engines. We have already described in detail the benefits of SEO promotion in our article.“Why do you need Seo website promotion”,therefore, we will not dwell on this point in detail. In parallel with the creation of a resource, you can run campaigns SMM-promotion, accumulating a client base and “warming up” clients for the opening of the site. Thanks to social networks, you can get the first sales even before creating a resource. For a quick start of sales, you can use contextual advertising. This is one of the most flexible online marketing tools, but it gives an effective result in the first days of launching a campaign.

4. Website Usability


Usability is the usability of the resource by the user, which you should focus on if you need sales. The user who has entered the site should intuitively understand where to find the information or product of interest, how to make a purchase or work with online calculators. If your site remotely resembles a maze, the user simply does not want to waste time searching and will go to your competitors. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this at the stage of creating a site.

5. Feedback


You, as a seller, must take care of your customers. Therefore, it is extremely important to give feedback. In addition to phones, e-mail and instant messaging services, use an online consultant in your work. This service increases conversion rates by several times when used correctly. Most potential buyers want answers to questions in a more convenient form. And get an answer faster without leaving your browser thanks to the online support chat. In order for the online consultant to work most effectively, try to immediately answer the client's question, without making him wait. Set up an automatic greeting and a request to ask a question. You can also use the callback feature. The user of your site should be comfortable, so provide him with several ways to contact you.

6. Recommended or related products

Often on sites you can find blocks of recommended or related products. This is another way to increase sales. Therefore, at the stage of creating a site, you can implement these add-ons.

  • “People often buy with this product”

Upsells are a great tool to increase your average check. Offer additional products to your customers, for example, when buying a smartphone, you can offer the customer headphones, a portable battery, a case, protective glass, etc.

  • “Together cheaper”
  • "Popular goods"

Invite the user to get acquainted with your bestsellers. The client always pays attention to the block of popular products that your customers most often choose. This block is best displayed on the main page.

Offer a potential customer a discount when purchasing multiple related products. For example, when buying a bed, offer the customer a discount on the purchase of a mattress.

  • “News”

Provide a block on your site where the new product range will be located. Invite users to read them on the main page.


Creating a selling site is a rather laborious process that requires the coordinated work of many specialists, from programmers, designers, layout designers, to SEO specialists, marketers, copywriters, etc. When starting a business on the Internet, try to combine the development process with promotion, consider the need for adaptive design, and also lay down the functionality necessary for your resource. Author: Karina Manko, Content Marketing Specialist Read also:

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