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Website development: is it worth choosing Bitrix 1C?


With the development of information technology, the possibilities of creating websites are also changing. This process is significantly different from what it was 5 years ago. Site management has become much easier, functionality and capabilities have expanded. One of the popular platforms for creating websites is Bitrix 1C, which has already established itself as a reliable CMS. We have extensive experience with Bitrix, so we will try to answer the question in more detail whether it is worth developing a site on Bitrix.

What is CMS Bitrix 1C?

1C-Bitrix is ​​the leader in the Russian market in the development of web project management systems and corporate portals. With the help of software products developed by a joint venture between 1C and Bitrix, it is equally easy to manage the contents of an online store, a news site, a corporate portal and other web resources. Bitrix1C CMS is one of the frequently used, continuously improved CMS. It has excellent advantages, remaining a leader among competitors:

  • intuitive, user-friendly interface for the average user;
  • the ability to edit pages directly on the pages, without the need to enter the admin panel (content management system);
  • conducting automatic modification every month, which guarantees the security of the owner of the resource, as this process protects against hacking and other potential threats.

Specialists develop programs, modules and add-ons that allow you to manage web resources. In addition, they create and improve multifunctional information systems that allow you to design and create websites, develop design, and engage in online trading. 1C-Bitrix is ​​a professional Internet project management system. It is used by more than 3 million customers, considering it a universal software for the development, support and development of resources such as:

  • information portals;
  • online stores;
  • corporate websites;
  • social media;
  • blogs.

CMS Bitrix: main features

Create a site on Bitrix – constructive, cost-effective and simple solution. This statement is relevant, because this site has a number of advantages:

  • thanks to the convenience of the control panel, you can perform various typical operations in a short time;
  • you can effortlessly copy, delete, edit, transfer and create content on the site;
  • files and photos are uploaded to the site in an uninterrupted mode;
  • the site assumes the possibility of full addition with databases of a standard type;
  • the system allows you to fully work with accounting systems and other financial programs;
  • one of the useful features include telephone customer support for each online store;
  • Bitrix makes it possible to place the desired information - articles, reviews, company news, press releases, new products, promotions, catalogs and albums.

That is, if you decide create a site on Bitrix, тYou will be able to improve, change the hardware and software elements of resources, implement non-standard solutions, connect payment systems to the site, make complex systems of active filters, and much more. You will be able to manage content, get involved in product sales processes, process incoming and completed applications. You will also have the opportunity to support affiliate networks and create groups. For common work in order to perform certain tasks, as well as for the development and development of online trading, Bitrix opens up great and promising opportunities. This CMS is a reliable, powerful and efficient tool for developing web resources of any complexity. One of the attractive properties of Bitrix 1C is the ability to integrate with other systems and software. To solve different problems, different modules and add-ons are chosen, for example:

  • OpenOffice;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • ActiveDirectory/LDAP;
  • 1С:Company.

Information is imported in formats like:

  • CommerceML;
  • XML;
  • Excel and other.

Another product of Bitrix is ​​Bitrix24 CRM. This is a unique solution for improving the personnel management system, which allows you to record the employee's working time, control the execution of tasks, and automate many other processes.


With the use of new technologies, the company's costs for maintaining a web resource will decrease, because the management of the site, its structure and content is quite easy, for these purposes no special knowledge and skills are needed. Do not miss a great chance to create a business from scratch and give impetus, simple and affordable ways to develop and prosper your business! Read also:

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