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Target audience of the site: how to target a potential client?


Today we will touch on an extremely important topic, especially for those who are at the stage of starting a business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs start selling without a clear understanding of the portrait of their buyer, invest in advertising campaigns, and the result, of course, is minimal. Attracting the target audience is a direct factor that affects the conversion rate. If a product or service is not targeted to a potential buyer, sales will become rare. Therefore, before starting work on the site and creating an Internet business, it is necessary to carefully examine the preferences of those for whom it is intended. We will try to reveal in more detail in our article what the target audience is and how to analyze information about potential buyers.

What is the target audience?

Let's start by defining the target audience:

A target audience is a group of people for whom a particular product or service is intended.

Целевая аудитория

As a rule, goods are in demand only among a certain audience of buyers. Some aspiring entrepreneurs are very wrong when they say that almost everyone needs their product. This is not true. With the right analysis of your target audience, you can use funds for marketing campaigns more rationally and get more new customers. Knowing your end users, you can effectively build interaction with them. To do this, you need to draw up a portrait of your potential client. If you think that the target audience of your online store is men and women 25-40 years old with a high income, then read the next paragraph in more detail. Too generalized information will not give any results.

We study our target audience: draw up a portrait of a potential buyer

Портрет целевого покупателя

The portrait of a potential buyer is a collective image of a person who is interested in buying a particular product or service. In fact, you must determine what kind of people will buy your product or service. Their age, place of work, interests are important to you. What is it for? In order for your buyer to choose you, and not your competitor, you need to speak the same language with the client, understand his pain and give an effective solution to his problem. In order to study the portrait of your potential buyer in more detail, answer the following points. 1.Geographic data:

  • Determine the region (settlement) in which your potential buyers live.
  • Study the population and climatic conditions in the selected region.


  • Find out the age of your customers. Let's say you're selling women's clothing. It is important to consider what age category it is intended for and focus on this particular segment.
  • Determine gender. This is important if your main category of buyers is only women (for example, the sale of decorative cosmetics) or only men (for example, barbershop services).
  • Nationality. Sometimes national features or features of religion are of great importance. For example, you will not be able to sell pork products to a representative of Islam.

3.social status

  • Family status.
  • The presence of children. If you are selling children's goods, then your audience is families with children.
  • Education. Knowing the education information will also help you get to know your buyer better.
  • Income level. For example, to trade in luxury goods (branded clothes, cars, jewelry, etc.) it is necessary to target customers who have a certain level of wealth.


  • Positive motivation. Factors that reflect what your customers are looking for.
  • negative motivation. These are the factors that your customers are trying to avoid.

Sometimes even the smallest details make a big difference. Take, for example, the well-known company Chupa Chups. The candy makers noticed a trend that made them famous. Children, after eating candy, usually wiped their sticky hands on their clothes, which parents did not really like. That is why lollipops began to be produced on a stick, which brought the company a huge success. Therefore, it is extremely important to explore the pains of your customers and strive to solve the problem as much as possible. Live one day in the life of a buyer, evaluate how he spends his leisure time and what hobbies he has, what does he dream about and what is he afraid of? The more information you have, the more leverage you will have on the buyer. How to check that you are working with a non-target audience? This can usually be easily verified from the funnel or conversion data, which we talked about in detail in our article “What is a website conversion?”.

If you notice that calls or calls to the store do not lead to a sale, and there are more and more refusals every day, then most likely you have chosen the wrong audience segment.

Target audience segmentation

Сегментирование целевой аудитории

Based on the characteristics of your audience, you can segment it. Determine the audience core that will be the main source of your income. First of all, it is necessary to focus on this sector. However, do not forget that the target audience can be divided into primary and secondary. The primary audience can help the secondary audience to make a purchasing decision. How does this happen? Let's explain in more detail with a simple example. Take the jewelry market. The well-known brand Pandora is a manufacturer of women's jewelry. Products are aimed at a female audience, however, to a greater extent, men are buyers. They are the secondary audience in this case, which makes a purchase based on the preferences of the primary target audience. In order not to waste your advertising budget, you can conduct a marketing audit with our specialists. This will focus your efforts in the right direction and create excellent conditions for the development of your business.


Once you've identified your target audience, don't put off learning about their preferences. The market for goods and services is subject to constant fluctuations, which is more reflected in the portrait of the target buyer. Therefore, explore your business, adapt to changes in the competitive environment and it will bring you profit!

P.S. In the following article, we will provide tips on how to start your online business more efficiently. Successful sales to you!

Author: Manko Karina, Content Marketing Specialist

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