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SMM pains: the main sorrows of a social media promotion specialist


A social media manager is a highly demanded and relevant profession. Online platforms are rapidly developing, becoming a place for selling goods or services, advertising, increasing brand awareness - an SMM specialist is actively working on the implementation of the ambitious plans of business owners. Here are just the high expectations of the client, as well as the myths about this work - the real pain of the SMM specialist, so it's time to dispel common illusions.

SMM is easy

This is one of the key problems that comes up on a regular basis. Customers are far from the specifics of online platforms, so from the outside it seems that the advertising manager is not putting enough effort into the development of a public or page. It seems that it is enough to unload the post, write a few words on the topic - the task is completed. But behind this lies a huge layer of work, and in order for each publication to be “in the subject”, you need to think through the smallest details.

Often you have to start not even from scratch, which is easier, but to correct the mistakes of others, which requires additional investments. The work of a specialist should not be underestimated - it is based on constant monitoring of foreign trends, long-term training, as well as daily monitoring of all processes and analysis of indicators.

Do it all - and more

The client wants to get the maximum service within the approved budget, requiring the social media manager to implement those tasks that are not included in the list of his functions. What does an SMM specialist do:

  • Generates ideas for content, develops text and graphic materials.
  • Develops a promotion strategy on the selected online platform, taking into account the specifics of the customer company.
  • Sets up targeted advertising, choosing the time of publications, target audience, thinking over the content.

The SMM box does not work with Google Ads or Yandex.Direct systems (but experience in this industry becomes an advantage). A specialist does not develop graphic design, including logos - a social media marketing manager works with materials provided by business owners, choosing the style and design of the page.

SMM can do anything

To some extent, this is true, because a professional is familiar with all the intricacies of working on various online platforms - during his working hours he has to perform a huge layer of tasks. But if you have to implement a complex, large-scale project, then the whole team should work on it:

  • Designers;
  • Moderators;
  • Marketers;
  • Content specialists (both graphic and text materials).

The details of the upcoming cooperation should be discussed “ashore”, so that there will be no misunderstanding between the contractor and the customer in the future. It is worth prescribing in detail all the stages, a list of tasks, as well as determining the result that is worth striving for. Based on regular reports, the client will evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed promotion strategy, and most importantly, will actually see the work of the employee.

Maximum benefits at a low price

High price is the main stumbling block with customers. From the outside, it seems that any yesterday's schoolboy is capable of maintaining a page on social networks, because there is nothing complicated in this: a couple of posts, a few words about the project, ready-made images. This approach is also possible, but such savings will lead to a huge list of missed opportunities, and often it can completely ruin the brand’s reputation and create a negative impression of it among social network users. Why is the work of an SMM specialist expensive? This is due to the complexity of the task:

  • 24/7 online presence, constant monitoring and control.
  • Detailed study of product information, including special terms or important subtleties, in order to communicate with subscribers in one language.
  • Development of a comprehensive long-term strategy, analysis of the reaction to each post, as well as the level of involvement.

In fact, all the costs of remuneration of the promotion manager on popular online platforms pay off in full. With the right approach, order volumes grow, the size of the average check increases, a positive perception of the brand is formed, which opens up additional opportunities for further development, as well as entering adjacent markets.

Personal SMM account - an indicator of his work

To a certain extent, this statement borders on the truth, so a newcomer to this industry should use his page as a business card, which clearly demonstrates his competencies. But for experienced professionals, their own account is often left without attention - this is also the pain of SMM. After all, most of the time is spent on maintaining client publics and communities, so the personal profile is abandoned. Often it becomes a space "for the soul" with a minimum number of subscribers, including only friends and close relatives.

The only criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of a specialist's work is the achievement of the specified result within the stated time frame and the provision of full reporting. Therefore, you should not judge by a personal page, especially since professionals often do not need self-promotion - word of mouth does an excellent job with this.

Why is there still no result?

Such a claim can be heard after one or two weeks of work. The client demands results - according to expectations, the number of subscribers should begin to grow exponentially, as well as interest in the goods or services presented. In practice, it is impossible to give an accurate forecast - this area is unpredictable, you have to try out several promotion strategies in order to find the right option. Social media marketing includes several main stages:

  • Detailed study of information.
  • Development of a promotion plan.
  • Work with increased engagement.

Constant analysis helps to evaluate the effectiveness of certain actions, which will be reflected in the relevant reports. But the timing of the first results directly depends on what initial material the specialist will have to work with. If you need to change the visual style of the entire public, then a lot of time will be spent on this, and even more time will be spent on correcting other people's mistakes made earlier during self-promotion. The easiest way is to start from scratch, initially forming a positive brand image and ensuring a natural increase in subscribers who are interested and therefore loyal. Specialists who promise a sharp increase in activity in a short time period often resort to “black” SMM techniques. This is costly and useless - beautiful numbers will please the eye, but the bots that have been turned up will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Competent promotion in social networks is a subtle art that requires knowledge, experience, and maximum involvement. By entrusting this task to eMiS Internet marketing studio specialists, the customer receives effective marketing, which is fully worth the investment.

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