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SEO website promotion - how to evaluate the effectiveness of optimization?


Active development and website promotion require the use of a multi-channel strategy that includes optimization across the board. And one of the main vectors is SEO promotion, which is necessary to improve the position of the resource in search results. And in order to assess the quality of the work of specialists, as well as the feasibility of investing in content and contextual advertising, a comprehensive analysis is required to assess the effectiveness of the efforts made and make timely adjustments if necessary. There are several ways to help analyze the performance of the site and understand the relevance of further investments in SEO.

Assessment of financial indicators

Conversion is one of the main indicators. The analysis involves all user actions performed on the site: unique visits, showing interest in the product, applications received. The following formulas are used to calculate financial indicators:

  • The price of user acquisition is the ratio of the budget allocated for promotion to the total number of visitors.
  • The cost of attracting a lead is the ratio of the cost of promotion and the number of potential customers who have completed the target action on the site.
  • The indicator of profitability of a marketing strategy is the ratio of income received and funds invested in promotion.
  • Conversion is the ratio of the total number of users and customers who have completed the target action (call, request, message).
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Calculations are carried out for a limited period of time (a week, two weeks, a month). This makes it possible to track the dynamics, and, accordingly, control the rational distribution of the budget and make sure that SEO promotion really pays off.

Forecasting the effectiveness of SEO promotion

Relevant for new resources or those sites that have not been SEO-optimized until now. Forecasting makes it possible to calculate the feasibility of investing in future promotion based on the following factors:

  • Portal age;
  • The intensity of the level of competition;
  • Buyer demand.

To assess the prospects for achieving top positions in search engines, a simple formula is used. The size of the expected profitability of the resource is equal to the product of the average number of requests, CTR portals in identical topics, occupying the first positions in the search results (the average ratio of impressions and clicks ranges from 15-20%), conversion rate. This will allow you to calculate the expected income, and, accordingly, to understand how effective the promotion will be and whether the invested funds will pay off.

Comprehensive analysis of site indicators

To assess the quality of the work of an SEO specialist, you need to focus on KPI - key performance indicators:

  • Growing organic traffic. The data is displayed in Google Analytics tables and graphs, so it's easy to track this parameter on a daily basis. By selecting the appropriate traffic sources, you can track the results of site promotion within a specified time. It is recommended to conduct a comparative analysis of last year's figures to make sure that the increase in the number of visitors is not related to seasonality.
  • The ratio of branded and non-branded traffic. When studying the dynamics of indicators, it is important to clearly separate these two parameters. This will help you understand what exactly brought customers to the site: SEO promotion or an advertising campaign. After analyzing the ratio of branded and standard queries, we can identify the most productive promotion channels.
  • Positions in search results. By compiling the semantic core, you can evaluate the current results and understand how effective the efforts are. But in this case, it is worth focusing on the dynamics, and not on the current positions at a certain point in time - taking into account all the indicators, this will help evaluate the productivity of the promotion of the resource.

For a correct interpretation of SEO results, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all indicators, tracking the results for a certain period of time (a week, two weeks, a month). You should definitely compare the data of the current year with the indicators of previous years - this will clearly demonstrate how the money invested in marketing "works".

Optimization efficiency checklist

SEO optimization is an investment in the long-term development of the site, so you should not expect quick and obvious results. There are certain terms of promotion, which will be announced by the specialist when agreeing on all the terms of cooperation and signing a formal contract. To simplify the analysis of indicators, it is useful to focus on the basic list of parameters:

  • Dynamics of organic traffic - you can track obvious changes in comparison with previous periods of time.
  • Site positions in search results - there is an active growth in all types of keywords (high-frequency, mid-frequency, low-frequency queries).
  • High conversion - it is important not only to achieve active user attention to the resource, but also to increase the number of applications and orders, as well as the size of the average check.
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At the initial stage of promotion, the price of each lead is quite high - and this is justified. But gradually the cost of promotion should be reduced. The main thing is not to wait for quick results, but to trust an experienced SEO specialist in this matter, who will take into account the smallest details and nuances, choosing the current promotion strategy.

How to choose an SEO optimizer?

Often, many young companies try to promote themselves - this is a forced measure, justified by savings. But in practice, it is much more profitable to initially invest in advertising by allocating a certain amount - and all expenses will pay off in full due to the rapid growth of organic traffic and obtaining a stable response from customers. It is important to entrust promotion to professionals who are ready to offer the customer a full cycle of services, including analytical work and consistent execution of tasks. Cooperation should be comfortable, and in order to evaluate the selected specialist, it is useful to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Interaction - questions of the site owner should not remain unanswered, any actions are agreed in detail, as well as the size of the financial budget allocated for SEO optimization.
  • Informing - it is possible to constantly monitor all stages of the work, as well as track changes and growth dynamics of all indicators (traffic, conversion, positions in search results for the main keywords).
  • Reporting - the results will be displayed in detailed tables and graphs, which will demonstrate the feasibility of the chosen direction of development better than any words.

The eMiS internet marketing studio offers clients a comprehensive approach - we will select the appropriate format of interaction based on the specified requirements and criteria, and most importantly, we will make sure that the SEO website promotion in Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) was the most effective and the funds invested in the promotion paid off in full.

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