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SEO audit is the foundation of effective website promotion


Quality content and good website promotion — the key to future success. But, despite the efforts made and the money invested, often small mistakes or shortcomings can spoil the overall impression - this leads to a decrease in conversion, as well as the inability to achieve the desired result. SEO audit will help to avoid this - a comprehensive analysis of indicators that will demonstrate the relevance of the chosen promotion strategy, becoming the basis for further optimization of the resource.

Why do you need site analysis?

To understand the expediency of certain actions, and most importantly, to set the site development vector, constant monitoring of all indicators is necessary. A comprehensive check is needed in the following cases:

  • Users visit the pages, but the percentage of orders is minimal. The reason is often hidden in slow downloads, an inconvenient order form, or other technical issues that send potential customers to competitors.
  • Progress needs to be evaluated. Promotion should be effective not only in words - detailed statistics clearly demonstrate the actions of visitors, and also makes it possible to assess the loyalty of search engines.
  • An advertising campaign is about to be launched. The cost of Google Ads, if properly configured, will pay off in full, but for this you need to initially eliminate the existing errors.

SEO audit should be carried out regularly - constant monitoring of indicators, and most importantly, instant reaction to changes will help maintain the popularity of the resource, receiving a stable response from customers.

Internal SEO audit

Website analysis is a task for a whole team of marketers, designers, SEO specialists. Careful study and optimization of already published text or graphic materials, working out shortcomings, eliminating errors, filling the resource with useful expert information are the basic tasks that specialists face. Search algorithms are constantly improving, improving, so you need to constantly "keep abreast", staying in the trend and optimizing the resource in accordance with algorithm updates and current trends. A comprehensive internal audit will reveal the following errors:

  • Lack of keywords in the Title or Description, too long or, conversely, short meta tags;
  • Incorrect hierarchy of headings on the page, which will affect the perception of information by users and the assessment of the quality of content by search algorithms;
  • Low uniqueness of materials published on the site;
  • Excessive or insufficient use of queries, errors in the compilation of the semantic core, which leads to sanctions from search engines.

Specialists will analyze the technical part, semantics, and other characteristics, which will make it possible to compile the most detailed report, which describes in detail all the shortcomings, as well as provides recommendations for eliminating errors. It is important to understand that internal audit is mainly an assessment of the level of user satisfaction, on which the demand for goods or services sold directly depends. The quality of content and adherence to basic requirements play a key role in this matter, which is why constant monitoring of indicators is so important.

SEO audit for effective website promotion in Dnipro

External SEO audit

Site analysis includes not only checking information directly on the resource pages, as well as identifying technical errors, but also an external audit:

  • Outbound Links – It is important to only link to high-quality thematic content, avoiding portals with a bad reputation.
  • Backlinks - the role of this indicator in the promotion is gradually decreasing, but you should not completely discount it. Therefore, link building is still relevant, the main thing is that high-quality resources that are relevant to the topic link to the site.
  • Competitor pages - you need to highlight the main "rivals" in the chosen industry, as well as analyze the strengths and weaknesses of other resources working in the same direction in order to improve your own performance using someone else's example.

An external SEO audit is a check of parameters that affect search engine rankings. It is important that users easily find the information they need among hundreds of identical pages on the web - in order to take a leading position, you need to analyze and check every detail, make sure that the right promotion strategy is chosen and no critical mistakes were made at any of the stages.

Website SEO audit results

Self-checking is often meaningless - you need to study the smallest details using specialized tools and services for this purpose. You can try to conduct an in-depth analysis on your own, but the main thing is not only to identify shortcomings, but also to get recommendations, as well as assistance in eliminating them. Based on the generated report, specialists will help:

  • Improve the position of the resource in the search results;
  • Attract and retain users on the site;
  • Fill pages with high-quality thematic content;
  • Increase download speed;
  • Create a semantic core.

The cost and timing of the audit are calculated for each resource based on the number of pages, the subject and characteristics of the site, as well as other factors. Analysis should be carried out regularly in order to consistently get the maximum profit, maintaining the interest of users and creating comfortable conditions for studying the information provided, selecting goods and placing orders.

Where does SEO start?

Where can I order an SEO site audit?

A combination of small mistakes will negatively affect the results of promotion - this will lead not only to an inefficient overspending of the advertising budget, but also to the loss of a significant part of the expected profit, as well as a decrease in conversion. Qualified SEO specialists will help to avoid this - by entrusting the analysis of the site to the eMiS Internet marketing studio, the customer receives the necessary list of services and a detailed report that reflects the results of the check:

  • Technical errors - a detailed description of the identified shortcomings that affect the operation of the resource and page loading speed.
  • Portrait of the target audience - assessment of user actions on the site, the average time of studying the page, factors affecting the ratio of unique visitors and the number of applications received.
  • External and internal audit - competent marketing requires detailed knowledge of all the subtleties and nuances, but even the best strategy will not bring the expected result if critical shortcomings are made at one of the stages of promotion.

If you are looking for a company website promotion in Dnipro, then cooperating with our team, you get a guarantee of quality for services and confidence in the rational distribution of the budget. A comprehensive audit and subsequent SEO optimization will be carried out strictly within the agreed time frame in strict accordance with the specified requirements. And this will not only save time by significantly speeding up promotion, but will also allow you to avoid common mistakes by rationally and purposefully spending your advertising budget and gradually improving the site parameters.

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