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10 reasons why the conversion rate has dropped on the site?


Low conversion is a direct indicator of ineffective site performance. How to use all the possibilities of your resource with maximum efficiency for users? After all, it is the convenience of the user that determines his further behavior on the site. I would like to remind you that conversion is an indicator that reflects the percentage of visitors who completed the target action to the total number of visitors. Our experts have identified several common site performance problems that lead to a drop in the conversion rate. Let's take a closer look at them.

Reason #1. Non-targeted traffic

When attracting visitors to the site, it is important to know exactly your target audience. Lack of precise customer focus can help attract untargeted visitors through contextual advertising.

Targeted traffic is the audience of an Internet resource that is interested in the goods or services it provides.


It is extremely important to focus exclusively on your target audience, for which, in fact, your resource was created. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that their product or service is for everyone. Naturally, this is absolutely not the case. In order to exclude the attraction of non-target visitors to the site, it is necessary to determine your target audience and the portrait of a potential buyer. This will help reduce the cost of attracting traffic and increase conversions.

Reason #2. Low quality content

Poor quality content can ruin even the most beautiful and original site. In 2018, content will become one of the main search engine ranking factors. But its quality affects not only SEO-promotion, but also on the behavior of visitors. Pay attention to the content of your site. Is it useful for the resource visitor? It should answer the main “pains” of the client, be informative and relevant.


Text content should not be overflowing with keywords, now such texts fall under the filter of search engines. Try to use unique texts aimed at your potential buyer, and not just at search robots. This will increase user loyalty and will help increase conversions.

Reason #3. Bad site navigation

Navigation is an important part of absolutely any resource. If it is difficult for a user to find information or a product of interest on the site, he will most likely go to your competitors. And from how well thought out the structure of the site increases the likelihood of a purchase. In order to facilitate the completion of the target action by the user, it is necessary to simplify the structure of the site as much as possible so that it is visually immediately clear where to find the necessary information.


The user must make an average of 3 clicks to go to the desired page. Filters should work correctly on the resource, providing the ability to sort products according to the necessary criteria. It is also necessary to use the search on the site, with its help you can quickly and conveniently navigate through the pages of the resource.

Reason #4. Lack of customer contact

When a customer is ready to make a purchase, an important step is an established communication system on the site. It happens that visitors abandon the checkout process. Why is this happening? Analyze the stage of ordering a product or service on your site.

  • Does the user understand the algorithm of actions?
  • Is it possible to consult with a specialist?
  • Are widgets working properly?

The correct use of points of contact with the client will increase the conversion at times. Therefore, the site must have widgets "Order a call" and "Online consultant".

Reason #5. Price discrepancy with the price of competitors

The pricing policy of your resource is extremely important for users. Most often, before making a purchase or ordering a service, the client monitors sites for cost. In order to adequately compete in the market, it is necessary to constantly analyze the prices of competitors. Perhaps potential buyers leave your site due to inflated prices or a sudden promotion from your competitors.

Reason #6. Long website loading time

Do you like to stand in line to buy something important to you? Of course not! This is exactly the same situation with your users. If you have to wait a long time for your site to load when you go to your site, users are more likely to leave it. Measure the loading speed of your resource, if it exceeds 1-2 seconds, then it is worth taking measures to eliminate this problem. How to increase site speed:

  • Try switching to a different hosting or upgrading the server.
  • If your site is overloaded with large images, you need to compress them using special services for faster loading.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins or unused files.
  • Fix broken links.

После исправления этой проблемы вы заметите как снизилось число отказов, увеличился показатель глубины просмотров и конверсия. Кроме того, скорость загрузки в 2018 году - крайне весомый фактор ранжирования поисковых систем.

Reason #7. Insufficient variety of choice


Before buying, the user usually compares products. Therefore, the diversity of the assortment will be a great advantage. Implement services for comparing the functionality of products, this will keep the user on the site and provide him with the opportunity to speed up the decision-making stage. Blocks of popular products, new items and bestsellers will be useful. They attract the attention of users and help to study the assortment in more detail.

Reason #8 Increasing the number of failures


Be sure to track bounce rates on your website. Low conversions are often closely related to bounces. If you observe a high level of this indicator, then it is worth testing the pages of the site for errors or analyzing methods for attracting traffic. We recommend that you find the problem and fix it.

Reason #9 Non-responsive site


Have you ever made purchases on sites that are completely incorrectly displayed? So that's why users who come to a site like this should do it? This year, the share of mobile traffic has increased significantly. If your site is inconvenient to view on most mobile devices, users are more likely to leave the site without taking the desired action. Test how your site displays on different devices and browsers. Do not forget about your mobile audience, if your site does not display the best on mobile devices, you lose a large segment of customers that could make a profit.

Reason 10: Recycle bin problems

The client is already ready to make a purchase, places an order, and now he left the site. Why is this happening? You should test checkout in the shopping cart. Here are the main mistakes that lead to a decrease in conversion.

  • Too many fields on the order form. Users do not like to spend their time on a long checkout. Therefore, simplify the form, remove unnecessary fields, make ordering quick and convenient.
  • There is no option to delete items in the shopping cart. If the buyer has added extra items to the cart or changed his mind about ordering a certain product, but he cannot remove it, most likely he will abandon the further checkout.
  • It is not possible to change data about the method and address of delivery and recipient data. Perhaps your buyer made a mistake or simply decided to do pickup instead of home delivery. There are many examples. Let the customer edit data and simplify checkout.


As it turned out, a drop in conversion is an indicator of the incorrect operation of your site. In order to increase this indicator, create comfortable conditions for the client, provide interesting and unique content, communicate with him and offer to make a purchase at current prices. The client should get answers to all questions and not think about how to find the necessary product or service. By constantly analyzing the work of your resource and improving it, you can achieve an increase in conversion at times!

Author: Manko Karina, Content Marketing Specialist

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