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The flip side: TOP 5 famous sites with low loading speed


At a time when all Web-studios are trying to optimize their clients' sites as much as possible and try to bring them into the "green zone" according to PageSpeed ​​Insight, a number of well-known resources have surprisingly low loading speeds. 5. Apple, apple.com. Desktop speed index versions– 54/100 mobile– 70/100 5

At first glance, it seems that the Cupertians have seriously beaten the pots with Google, since their site is so unloved by the “competitor” service. However, after reading the proposals, it becomes clear that Apple decided to sacrifice speed for the beauty and stability of the site. Among the flaws found are unoptimized images, incorrect cache settings, and a blocking code. 4. Amazon, Amazon.com. Desktop version speed index - 50/100 mobile - 66/100


The site of a good online store with a bright cover, by definition, cannot be fast. However, Amazon managed to slow down not only at the loading stage, but even at the time of the site analysis by the PageSpeed ​​service. A suboptimal algorithm for displaying visible content, uncompressed images, a blocking code - isn't it too much for such a well-known company? 3. Cable News Network, cnn.com. Desktop version speed index - 44/100, mobile - 80/1003

It seems that the developers of the news site did not "bother" in any way with the indicators of "something" PageSpeed ​​Insight. How else to explain the lack of compression and unoptimized HTML code? Add to this already standard "failures" like a suboptimal process of loading visible content and an unconfigured cache - we have a well-deserved rating winner. 2. Microsoft, Microsoft.com. Desktop version speed index - 53/100 mobile - 77/1002

The giant Bill Gates played a huge role in the development of the Internet, but the official website of the company contains unoptimized code, images that are too large and … a lagging server that did not excel during testing. There is definitely work to be done. 1. Gmail, gmail.com. Desktop version speed index - 54/100 mobile – 80/100 1

The absolute "record holder" of our rating. One of Google's flagship products in its own service barely scores half the points in the mobile version index. Of course, the problem lies in the redirect from the landing page, which is not particularly critical. However, the fact itself hurts the eye. If Google can't optimize Gmail, why not change the PageSpeed ​​code? eMiS is ready to help the listed companies optimize their own resources:)

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