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Promotion in social networks for business. Who benefits?


Social Media Marketing (SMM) − This type of marketing is used to attract customers through social media. Recently, SMM has become very popular, it is a very convenient way to make yourself known in the Internet community and get customers with small advertising budgets. In this article, we will talk in detail about this method of promotion and in which areas it is beneficial to use SMM.

Social networks as a tool for business promotion

A social network account has long since largely replaced most Internet services for users. They can watch videos, listen to music, share information, and besides, look for a variety of services and products, as well as follow your favorite brands. Thus, social networks have become an integral part of the life of the population and a convenient advertising platform for business promotion. When choosing a social media promotion strategy, it is important to define goals. Do you want to increase loyalty to an existing brand, introduce a new one, or increase company sales? Perhaps you don't even have a website, but you want to start selling through social networks. SMM promotion is perfect for both small and large businesses. This type of marketing is most effective in the following areas:

  • provision of services;
  • trade;
  • e-commerce;
  • local business;

When choosing an SMM promotion strategy, it is necessary to take into account the target audience of your business and choose the right content for it. SMM promotion is not the best for highly specialized objects - for example, chemical fertilizers, well drilling, storm sewerage, industrial equipment manufacturing, etc. But various entertaining or informative content will come in handy. Social networks and blogs are designed in such a way that entertaining and educational information arouses greater interest among users. Among the advantages of SMM are:

  • an extensive target audience, large coverage and a high percentage of attracting visitors, regardless of the regional location;
  • accurate targeting of users;
  • a greater resource of trust in information, since it is not perceived by users in social networks as advertising;
  • the use of targeting (segmentation of visitors into groups), which provides for a high degree of accuracy in choosing a specific target audience;
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  • advertising contacts with a wide coverage of the audience are much cheaper than in the press or on television;
  • feedback from visitors, which contributes to a quick response to their suggestions or comments;
  • high speed of information exchange due to prompt response to advertising;
  • “chain reaction” factor, in social networks, news spreads very quickly, people willingly tell each other about a new brand or interesting news;
  • increasing the usefulness of site traffic and, as a result, growth in sales, recognition, consumer confidence;
  • the effect of lead generation, as a result of which the brand acquires potential customers with their personal contacts.

When using social networks, curious facts about a brand or service immediately become public not only within the community, but also far beyond its borders. A correctly chosen SMM promotion strategy allows you to do it quickly and efficiently. The degree of coverage of users who learn more about your business depends on the efficiency of this type of website promotion.

How to increase brand awareness

Promotion is possible thanks to a carefully thought out and planned promotion. The choice of social marketing channels (SMM) is an affordable and basic method to announce the services or products being sold. Services SMM promotions specialists, as a rule, begin with a detailed analysis of the client's business niche, and only after studying a promotion plan is created. The probability of maximum performance increases if you choose a social platform with the most appropriate functionality. For the integrated promotion of SMM, social networks are used:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Pinterest;
  • Twitter;
  • In contact with.
  • other.

SMM provides for a set of activities:

  • creating a targeted advertising campaign;
  • creating groups and pages;
  • maintaining publics using content aimed at the target audience;
  • holding competitions and events.

Such measures will help the brand gain popularity, significantly increase sales and loyalty to the brand as a whole. In addition, SMM can be used as an additional tool to attract traffic to the site, increasing the activity on the site and the ranking of the resource in search engines.

Benefits of targeted advertising

A fairly promising channel for promoting goods and services is targeted advertising in social networks. Such advertising is unobtrusive and has an audience. In addition, it is a fairly flexible tool for Internet marketing. Thanks to its numerous settings, you can absolutely select the audience segment that you need. We have already written about how important it is to correctly identify the target audience in our article. The main features of targeted advertising in social networks include:

  • Good prospects for small businesses, providing the ability to advertise on a product without opening a website. You can create a company group in social networks, a full description of products, your services, which contributes to the active attraction of customers.
  • Flexibility of settings. It provides for the possibility of selecting several target groups according to different parameters (by interests, region, age, gender, hobby).
  • A differentiated approach to working with each of the groups, creating suitable ads for different audiences.

Based on average statistics, more than 80% of users visit social networks every month. Today, every sixth inhabitant of the planet has got his own Facebook page. More than 70% of visitors are actively interacting with various brands on social networks. Therefore, do not underestimate social networks as a promotion channel! Use SMM promotion in social networks to grow your business now! And you will see how effective it is. Read also:

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