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Landing page: pros and cons


I think any entrepreneur nowadays understands how important a website is for creating a profitable business. This is one of the most popular tools for increasing the flow of customers, positioning the company in the Internet space or increasing the loyalty of existing customers. Today we will talk about a certain type of site, which is now at the peak of popularity - Landing page, aka landing page. Whether it is worth choosing a landing page and what benefits it brings to business, we will consider in more detail in our article.

What is Landing page?


These two words quickly entered the modern Internet space and won a huge segment of users. Let's first take a closer look at what a Landing page is: Landing page is a simple one-page site, the purpose of which is to capture the contact details of a potential client. Such a page does not have a lot of functionality, complex navigation or a lot of text. It is designed to familiarize users with a product or service and encourage them to take a targeted action (for example, leave a request, order a call, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.). However, this resource is able to sell 15-30% more efficiently than the same online store. What is it connected with? Landing came to us from the United States, where 10 years ago it was created by Internet marketers. Due to the fierce competition in the market, the sites improved at a tremendous speed, but it was increasingly difficult for customers to understand how the sites differed from each other and what benefits they would get if they chose one or another company. When creating the landing page, the structure was minimized, unnecessary content was removed and all information was placed on just one page. This made it possible to focus the user's attention on the most important aspects that the company wants to convey. As a result, a small amount of information allows you to focus on the company's offer, selling content pushes you to take action, and a bright, attractive design increases the loyalty of potential buyers. Do you still doubt that landing is not effective?

Pros and cons of single page websites

When you are already familiar with the principle of one-pagers, we can consider their advantages and disadvantages. For your convenience, we have created a table comparing the pros and cons of using landing pages.

Landing page advantagesCons
High conversion from visitor to contact.Can't advance through SEO.
Great as a landing page for advertisingLittle functionality.
The information is conveyed in thesis and main meanings, it is well perceived for reading.It cannot be the only channel of communication with the audience.
Does not distract the user from the target action.High competition with multi-page sites in popular niches
Fast development process and low price.The landing page sells only one product or service and is not suitable for promoting a large assortment.
Simple structure and navigation.
Fast resource loading speed.

In my opinion, the most “fat” plus of a landing page is that it is ideally suited as a landing page for contextual advertising. Thanks to this property, you can very quickly establish sales, increase conversion and get the first profit in a short period. A relatively low cost and short development time also contribute to a quick start (compared to conventional sites or online stores). This is what makes landing pages so popular with entrepreneurs, especially beginners. By the way, if you are just planning to start your business on the Internet, read our article.“6 easy steps to start your online business”. In it, we have collected interesting information about how to act correctly at the very beginning of the path and how to lay a solid foundation for further activities.

What type of business is a landing page suitable for?

Undoubtedly, a landing page is a very convenient thing, but it is not suitable for every type of business, or rather, it can be used not quite productively. I will give an example of several popular areas in which you need to “correctly” use this type of site.


Services sector

If you are engaged in the provision of services, then a one-page site is definitely for you! It will be especially relevant if there are no more than 3 services. Place on the landing page detailed information about the service, a scheme of working with you, benefits, testimonials from satisfied customers, and several forms of capture. Content must be selling, presented in a convenient form and lure users. If you provide more than 3 services, then a landing page will not be a good solution. This will overload the page with an excess of information, and if you remember, the main advantage of a landing page is the simplicity and quality of information presentation. In this case, we recommend that you create a business card website or several landing pages (separately for each service). The second option will allow you to structure your target audience in more detail and get excellent conversion rates.


If you are engaged in wholesale trade, you can use the landing page as an addition to an existing online store or business card site. These sites will solve different problems. For example, a landing page will collect potential customers through calls to action and focus on the target audience, while an online store, in turn, will provide access to a product catalog and monetize the resulting customers.


We already wrote above that the main task of a one-pager is to convert a user into a lead. And this type of site can be used for almost any type of business, but there is one exception - retail stores. Rather, retail stores with a large number of goods. The landing page will perfectly reflect the advantages of one product or several with similar properties, but you should not use one-pagers for more products. It will not work to make an online store out of it, and a small amount of goods will not motivate you to buy so much when a person is initially looking for an assortment.


Landing is a great way to express yourself in the online community. This resource perfectly copes with its task of ensuring high conversion. However, it should be understood that for the full development of a business, it should be used in conjunction with other marketing promotion tools, such as contextual advertising and SMM promotion. Only SEO promotion is not suitable for this resource, it is better to use it for multi-page sites, where there is more content and a larger structure. When used correctly, a landing page can be a powerful tool for running an online business. Author: Manko K., Content Marketing Specialist

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