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Messengers are a relatively new but already firmly established marketing channel that is rapidly developing and has huge potential. All major brands are starting to use instant messengers to spread information about products, special offers and other important events. It is no longer a secret that the effectiveness of this channel is much higher than the e-mail distribution already familiar to all of us. This is not surprising - after all, what a temptation to immediately read what kind of notification came to the phone! And so many of us keep our phone close almost round the clock, which allows us to reach potential customers at any time and with a high chance of being heard. Why should you use this channel? Everything is very simple. Messengers are a huge potential audience and lively involved communication with customers directly or through bots. Thanks to convenience and many other factors, instant messengers have become extremely popular and their popularity is still growing, which means that it is becoming easier for a marketer to find a target audience here. How to choose a messenger for promotion? It is also noteworthy that the marketing channel will suit many categories of business, from small to large companies. Focus on simple and obvious criteria: the popularity of the application with the target audience, the ease of use of the messenger, ease of setup and the presence of bots, as well as which tools your competitors have chosen.

  • whatsapp One of the most popular instant messengers in the world. Perfect for those who work in the international market.
  • Viber Today it is the most popular messenger in Russia and Ukraine. There are tools for business development and advertising on the site.
fb messenger
  • Facebook Messenger It is one of the most popular around the world, its audience has a billion people. It will be especially convenient for those who actively use Facebook promotion..
  • Skype We all know what Skype is. The program is used by about 300 million people worldwide. With Skype, customers can call you directly from the site.
  • Telegram It is considered the most secure and private messenger. It can be noted a very developed structure of bots and a huge range of opportunities for distributing user-generated content.

The main directions for using this channel:

  1. Real-time user support (technical or informational)
  2. Rapid content distribution, branding
  3. User engagement in your offers
  4. Making payments and other financial transactions
  5. Communication at the campaign level between departments and specific performers
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