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How to start building a website: 11 valuable tips


Today, the Internet and social networks are present in the life of every person. According to recent research, a person spends more than 5 hours on the Internet, and the total audience is already more than 4 billion people. Such information suggests that the most effective tools for promoting a business are the Internet and your own website.

After reading this article, you will receive key information on how to create a website from scratch and turn it into continuous generation of customers and profits into a business client or your own project.

Finding an Idea and a Niche to Create a Website

At the beginning of the work, you need to analyze the business and determine your key goals and objectives. Where do you want to go and what results do you want to achieve? The type of site and its content depends on the answers to these questions. It is also important to work on your positioning and setting yourself apart from your competitors. A potential buyer from the first seconds of visiting your site should understand what benefit he will receive for himself and what benefit you can give him.

Before you start working on creating a website, evaluate all the risks, the situation on the market, the direction of the activity itself, the popularity of the chosen niche. It is important to responsibly approach the creation of a portrait of your target audience or your readers. It is necessary to create a website based on the needs, requests and interests of your potential customers.

С чего начать создание сайта?

Detailed niche analysis before developing your own website

Why is it important to conduct a thorough business analysis? The fact is that business tasks affect the functionality of the site, and its design, and its type. Before contacting a specialist, you need to understand how you are going to work with the conversion, how you are going to monetize the traffic that comes to your site. You should analyze your business and understand whether it is easily scalable, whether your company can work with a large number of customers at the same time.

TOP 5 tips that will not allow you to spend the budget when creating a website

  1. Before creating a website, we advise you to analyze among keywords and queries. According to statistics, the average person in the world creates more than 20 queries on the Internet in various fields, and this is a common fact.

Before creating a website, check whether people are interested in your product and your activity, how much it is in demand in your country and region. If your product is not in demand, we advise you not to create a website and try yourself in an offline business.

Как сэкономить деньги при создании сайта?

How to determine the frequency of requests on the Internet? Google Keyword Planner and Yandex Wordstat service will help you with this.

  1. Советуем вам сделать анализ запросов потенциальных клиентов с коммерческой стороны. Во время анализа обращайте внимание на то, сколько раз встречаются запросы со словами «заказать», «приобрести», «скачать», «купить онлайн», «заказ онлайн», «узнать цену», «какая цена» и т. д. Количество запросов с наличием таких слов возле типа вашего продукта — это лакмус того, что ваш товар ищут и он необходим людям.
  2. Проводя анализ вашего бизнеса, ответьте на вопрос, можно ли в вашей нише зарабатывать весь год или все-таки ваш продукт имеет сезонный характер? Дело в том, что развитие бизнеса в Интернете ориентировано на ежедневные продажи и их постоянное увеличение.

If your product is only relevant for a few months, we advise you to start looking for ways to avoid this, or to completely abandon the creation of a website and making money on the Internet.

  1. Перед созданием сайта советуем провести анализ вашего чистого заработка от продаж тех или иных товаров. Учитывайте тот факт, что можно продавать довольно бюджетные продукты в достаточно больших объемах и зарабатывать больше, чем при продаже дорогих товаров в малом количестве.

After creating a site and filling it with content, you need to promote it and bring it to the top of Google search, and for this you need an additional budget. Calculate how much you will need to allocate per month for promotion and whether your costs will pay off at a given cost for your products or services.

  1. Продолжая совет из предыдущего пункта, советуем вам обратить внимание на конкуренцию в вашей нише и бюджет на продвижение в таких условиях. К примеру, ниша мужской и женской одежды заполнена, и для того, чтобы продвинуться в результатах поиска, вам придется выделить достаточное количество средств из-за большой конкуренции. Перед тем как создавать сайт, советуем просчитать, окупаемым ли будет ваш бизнес при постоянных затратах на рекламу и продвижение.
Типы сайтов

How to choose the most suitable type of site depending on your activity?

At the very beginning, we advise you to register a portrait of your target client. What factors should be taken into account? The most key parameters include:

  • floor;
  • age;
  • income level;
  • location;
  • education;
  • family status;
  • field of activity;
  • the presence or absence of children and their number;
  • cultural level;
  • preferred types of leisure;
  • interests and hobbies;
  • solvency level;
  • buying for yourself or for a loved one;
  • consumer status of a representative of the target audience;
  • core values ​​and priorities of your client;
  • problems and pains of your target audience;
  • the needs of your customers, what they need;
  • what stimulates a representative of the target audience, what encourages him to buy;
  • what is the decision mechanism (long or quick decision);
  • what information does your client have, is he familiar with your competing companies and their products or services?

After you have created a portrait of your target audience, determine the level of demand for your field of activity in the world, country, city or region. To do this, you will be helped by the analysis of consumer requests, which we have already mentioned above. Consider the fact that the more requests from people on the Internet about a particular product, the more competitors you are surrounded by. Accordingly, you will spend much more budget on advertising and payment for promotion services. If in such conditions your business can grow and be profitable, feel free to create a website and go into this niche. In case you do not have enough budget, we advise you to look for less filled areas.

As for your competitors, they are: direct, local and indirect. A direct competitor is one that offers the same service or product at a price policy. Local competitors are those who offer the same type of service and cost, only in a different region or country. Indirect competitors are those companies that offer a similar type of product or service.

Схема анализа конкурентов

For an effective analysis of competitors, we advise you to draw up an approximate portrait of the audience of competitors according to the parameters that we described above. It is also important to divide them preliminary into these three types. A well-developed analysis will allow you to stand out from your competitors, to see their shortcomings and advantages in working with clients. After the analysis, you will be able to create offers better than those of competitors. You will understand what your audience is missing and what people cannot find in other companies.

Only after you've worked through these steps can you move on to defining the site type. What are the sites:

  • site - business card;
  • online store website;
  • catalog site;
  • promo site;
  • landing page;
  • новостной или и
  • site - business card;
  • online store website;
  • catalog site;
  • promo site;
  • landing page;
  • news or information portal;
  • blog platform;
  • corporate website.
  • information portal;
  • blog platform;
  • Corporate website.

Now let's talk in more detail about the types of sites.

  1. The site is a business card.

This is an ideal solution for those guys whose project is at the stage of launch or development. A business card site allows you to get acquainted with your product or service, your contacts. It is quite budget priced. If you have basic knowledge and skills, you can even create it yourself on the constructor.

  1. Сайт интернет-магазин. 

This site is suitable for those companies that are already quite large brands. An online store involves a fairly large number of pages and content. On such a site, the target audience can order a product. In online stores, the user can make an online payment. As for the cost of such sites, they are not cheap. For creating a website with a presentable design and functionality, you will have to pay an impressive amount.

  1. Сайт-каталог.

Externally, these sites have some similar features with online stores. The main difference between such sites is that it is impossible to order a product on them. They are created to familiarize a person with the brand's products. Online stores also provide an opportunity to make purchases.

  1. Промо-сайт.

These sites have a small number of pages. The design of the site and its content are aimed only at attracting the attention of a person and introducing him to the brand. Promotional sites provide an opportunity to get acquainted with all the benefits of the product. They arouse interest and promote a good first contact between the potential buyer and the product.

  1. Лендинги.

Recently, landing pages have become especially popular due to the abundance of goods and services on the market. This is a rather small site, which is designed to acquaint a person with a product or service and sell it to him. This site has a minimum of textual content. Landing pages are created in a minimalistic style and carry only the most valuable and necessary information. What could it be:

  • information about the event, product or service;
  • Main advantages;
  • price or service packages;
  • BEFORE and AFTER if necessary;
  • contacts.

Most often, such sites are necessary when promoting through social networks. They direct the user to the link, and the person gets acquainted with additional information.

  1. Новостной, информационный портал и блог-платформа.

The creation of such resources is relevant for media owners. News portals are huge resources that carry a large amount of constantly updated content. They are designed to inform and give a certain benefit. On blog platforms, you can find a large number of accounts in which people acquaint their readers with useful tips and recommendations.

The creation of this type of platforms and portals can pay off in case of popularity and constant advertising on the resource pages.

  1. Корпоративный сайт.

The creation of corporate websites is relevant for those companies for which it is important to maintain and maintain the image in the occupied market. Entering such a site, a person finds: basic information, contacts, publications in the media about this company. Also, the user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the activity through the video. Employees of the company, in turn, can maintain communication and exchange of information through this site.

Once you have decided on the type of site, you need to find a contractor to create it. How can this be done and where can I find it?

  1. You can ask your colleagues, business partners and consult with them. Surely they have already encountered the issue of developing a site and will be able to advise you on a proven specialist.
  2. Internet searches. You can contact an agency or a freelancer. When choosing, ask to get acquainted with the cases of previous projects. For a conscientious specialist, it is also important to have reviews.
  3. Networking. You can't do business without it. We also advise you to look for contractors at business events. Attend various events, make friends and acquaintances. Exchange ideas and experiences.

After you have chosen a specialist to develop the site, agree upon a personal meeting:

  • site type;
  • terms; 
  • wishes;
  • budget;
  • design and function.

Choosing a name and domain

Once you have agreed on all the details of website development with your contractor, you need to start working on choosing your company name. The name of your company is the word that in one second will make it clear what you do and what niche you are in. Based on this, we advise you to choose the most simple, understandable and easy-to-remember name that will not let a potential buyer forget about you.

Выбор названия и домена

As for the domain, it is also the name that is in the address bar. When choosing a name for a domain, we also advise you to avoid long words that are hard to remember.

If you are striving for high-quality promotion, we advise you not to save money when choosing a domain zone. It directly affects the ranking and display of your site to the audience, so you need to purchase it. Domain zones are designations at the end of the site name, such as: com, us, info, ua, net, org, etc. Look on the Internet for information about which type of company which domain zone suits best.

Consider the fact that most of the easy and simple domain names are already taken. If you find yourself in the same situation, we advise you to choose a name that describes the philosophy and concept of the company as an option.

Before renting a domain name, we strongly recommend that you find out if this name is under the filter. This will save your development budget.

Collection of the semantic core for the site

Prescribing a semantic core for a site is a key stage in its development.

What is it?

Что такое семантическое ядро?

The semantic core is all the words, phrases that characterize your direction in business, your niche, the type of product that you offer to the consumer. The semantic core is necessary so that the SEO specialist can further promote your business. There are two types of semantic core collection. The first is a core collection from the entire site. The second type is a collection from each page.

We draw your attention to the fact that there should be no errors when collecting the semantic core. Words, queries, phrases and phrases should be placed by frequency. For any business, it is important that the site is as convenient as possible for the client. One of the functions of the semantic core is the adaptation of the site for the comfort of the client.

How to build a semantic core?

There are several ways. The first method involves the use of keywords in services such as Yandex Wordstat, Google's planner. You can assemble the semantic core yourself, but for this you will need a significant amount of time. Another way is to contact the agency to professionals.

There are several ways to promote a site: contextual advertising and SEO promotion. If SEO is your priority, you can't do without a semantic core.

Work on the concept and structure of the site

At the moment, consumers value logical simplicity in everything: in purchases, sales, services, applications, etc. The same applies to websites. When entering your site, a person should understand from the first seconds:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you offer?
  • What is your main difference from other companies?
  • What is your offer?
  • What is the USP?
  • How big is your choice?
  • How strong is your reputation?
  • What audience is the site intended for?

Pay great attention to the structure of the site and its content. Put yourself in the place of your potential client and think about what a person would like to see on your resource and what the resource itself should be like. Make your site logical and simple. Remove unnecessary content, extra icons and symbols. If you have a multi-page site, then each page should contain only key information about your company. We advise you to place on the page:

  • unique selling proposition;
  • description of the product, service, product or event;
  • main characteristics and parameters;
  • contact information;
  • video or photo of the product in action;
  • cost and payment options;
  • return conditions;
  • description of the delivery time;
  • CTA, or call to action.

By making your site understandable, your company automatically scores points in the eyes of your potential customer. Accordingly, your site will leave a pleasant impression of interaction with your client and you will increase the likelihood that you will be contacted again and again.

Структура сайта

If you want your company to be guaranteed to stand out among a large number of competitors and attract the attention of customers, pay attention to branding. What do you also need to work on?

  • company logo development;
  • selection of corporate fonts;
  • selection of corporate colors;
  • development of a unique site design;
  • work on creating unique content.

Site design

In the 21st century, packaging means a lot. It can both attract and repel customers, both create a reputation and destroy it. Therefore, when developing a website, you need to pay maximum attention to it, since it is the first thing that your potential client will notice. We advise you to put yourself in the place of a person who will visit your site. How would you like to see your own site? What color solutions should prevail in it? What should be the font and how it will be suitable for your target audience?

Дизайн сайта

It is important to consider the fact that design, at its core, should reflect the philosophy, values ​​and vision of your company or brand. In addition, your site must be aesthetically pleasing to your audience. This will encourage her to stick around for a while and start interacting with your company.

When developing a site, we strongly recommend that you seek the help of a designer. Discuss all solutions and ideas with him at the consultation. If you're not into design trends, look online for examples that you like and discuss them with an expert.

Color solutions for your company play an important role in its success in the market. As you know, each shade causes certain unconscious reactions and emotions in a person, and each color suits a certain type of business. When choosing the colors of the site, consult with your designer and take into account all his wishes.

From our own experience, we can say that you should not choose too saturated lights for the site. They make the content on the site hard to read. The best solution for a business in any niche is pastel and muted colors. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the typology of gradation of shades for this. It will help you understand which colors are worth combining with each other and which are not.

Regarding fonts, I would like to note that special attention should also be paid to them. The fact is that different types of target audience are impressed by different fonts. For example, women like thin fonts with tall letters. Such fonts are most often seen on the websites of beauty salons, brand stores, photo studios, etc. Unlike women, men prefer thicker and more voluminous letters. You can find examples of such fonts on the websites of car dealerships, construction hypermarkets, and websites of men's brands.

As you can see, the portrait of the target audience and the niche of the business play a huge role even when choosing fonts for your site.

When you design a website, rely on UX factors. This term refers to the level of comfort for your user. If a person is impressed by your site, then he will be happy to look at its pages, get acquainted with the catalog and stay for a while.

The interaction of a person with your company's website directly depends on the design. We recommend that you make several test options and determine the most successful for you.

When you have developed a corporate identity, we advise you to stick to it on every page of your resource. This will help create a positive impression for your visitors. To understand what the best websites should look like, look at the websites of global brands of clothing, cosmetics, cars, tools, etc.

Website layout

The next step in creating a site is its layout. Website layout is the process of creating such layouts in which there is no information yet, but the general structure of the web page has already been determined. In such a layout, the presence of HTML and CSS codes is mandatory. Site layout is one of the most difficult processes when creating a site, on which a lot depends. In order for this stage to be completed with high quality, we advise you to contact the services of a layout designer. Bad layout with bad code can load your site very much, and it will load slowly and look wrong.

We advise you not to save on layout, because if there are errors, your site runs the risk of not being displayed in various types of browsers for users.

As for smartphones. In recent years, the share of mobile traffic has been growing rapidly. This is not surprising, since mobile devices provide easy and simple access to any information anywhere in the world. Every day more and more people access the Internet from mobile devices, and this is a fact that should be taken into account.

Therefore, you need to adapt your site for mobile devices in order not to lose potential customers when the site is displayed distorted on a smartphone.


The design and layout of your site play an important role, but first of all, a person searches the Internet for what interests him. First of all, he is looking for answers to his questions. Work to ensure that your site gives a certain benefit to the client, so that it is informative for him. In this case, a person will want to stay on your site and interact with it.

In addition, useful content is an indirect incentive for a person not only to interact with you, but also to buy your products or services.

Схема хорошего контента для сайта

Filling the site with content, one should not forget about uniqueness. This contributes to ranking and raising up in search engines.


As you can see, creating a website is a difficult process that requires responsibility, hard work and perfectionism from a person. But it's worth it, because the result of quality work will fully pay off all the costs.

We hope this article was helpful to you.

In this article, we have shared with you the main recommendations. They will help you create a quality website that will generate a stream of customers for you on an ongoing basis.

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