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How to get the maximum effect when promoting a site? Mixing SEO and PPC


Attracting users to the site, increasing the conversion and the size of the average check is a basic task for marketers. Simultaneous work in two directions will help to increase the efficiency of promotion: SEO website promotion and placement of contextual advertising. These tools have successfully proven their relevance, and by combining the efforts of SEO and PPC specialists, you will be able to get a quick productive result.c

The effectiveness of combining SEO and contextual advertising

Launching an advertising campaign is always a balance of experience and intuition. There are basic promotion rules that are based on knowledge of the basic algorithms of search engines, but there is never 100% certainty in the reaction of users. The perfect ad may go unnoticed, while other text will bring hundreds of clicks to the site. Combining SEO specialists, as well as contextual advertising specialists into one team, greatly increases the chances of successful promotion:

  • Analysis of the results of placing advertisements will help to study the reactions of users in order to understand what strategy for further promotion will be relevant;
  • It is possible to focus on certain keywords that have already been verified by contextual advertising, because you can evaluate the actions or preferences of site visitors.

The efforts of SEOs will be useful to PPC specialists: after breaking down high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency queries into main groups, ready-made clusters can be used to develop advertising publications.

Грамотное сочетание сео и контекстной рекламы для продвижения сайтов в Днепре

Relevance of using multi-part keywords

The “long tail” of a query is an advantage, but only for experienced marketers. With the right approach, it is possible to attract potential customers to the site who are highly likely to make an order - these are users interested in a particular product, so the main thing is to give them the opportunity to get what they want.

In contextual advertising, multi-component options also work, and very successfully, because there is a fundamental difference between the queries “Children's New Year's costumes” or “Children's Christmas costumes with their own hands”. Anyone who plans to sew an outfit for a child on their own is not interested in buying a ready-made image, and therefore information about special offers of the relevant online stores will be ignored.

And the use of the negative keyword "do it yourself" radically changes the situation, which helps to eliminate accidental or useless transitions that spend the budget but do not bring the expected orders.

Step by step: moving from context to SEO

Website promotion is an investment in future prospects. SEO will become a solid foundation on which further promotion will be based, which will help earn the trust of potential customers, as well as outperform competitors by taking a leading position in search results. But this is a long-term task that will take several months: during this period of time, the resource does not bring profit to the owner, but requires constant financial injections. And the complex development of the site is much more effective:

  • Pending the results of search engine optimization, contextual advertising is already working, providing a stable influx of users.
  • Statistics of the first data by context makes it possible to adjust the current SEO direction vector to increase efficiency.
  • The project is launched as soon as possible, which is impossible when choosing only one of the promotion methods.

But advertisements are relevant not only at the project launch stage as a preliminary "warming up" of the audience - it is also a convenient mechanism for returning users to the site. A customer who is already interested in ordering may leave the online catalog due to a desire to explore other offers, compare prices, or simply lack of time. Therefore, re-showing a post with a call to action or information about current specials will help push a potential buyer to take targeted actions.

Преимущества комплексного продвижения сайта Днепр

Advantages of complex website promotion

SEO combined with PPC is the basis for successful resource promotion. Each of these tools is effective and, when used correctly, pays off in full, and the combined efforts of specialists from different industries help to accelerate the results, which will fully justify the investment and lead to an active increase in profits. There are a number of advantages of such a development strategy:

  • Data on the use of certain queries can be assessed not in a few weeks or months, but immediately after the start of the campaign. Statistics clearly demonstrate the reaction or actions of users - specialists only need to process and use the information received in promotion.
  • During the work on search engine optimization, the context is used to form a positive image of the company and attract users - fertile ground will be prepared for SEO.

The advantages are obvious. The only drawback of this marketing strategy is the need to pay for two areas of work at once, and accordingly, a sufficient financial budget allocated for advertising will be required. If the possibilities of the site owner are limited, then you should not waste money - it is better to focus on one of the tools in order to “squeeze out” the maximum. But for a quick start of the project and if there is a sufficient amount, this approach will be optimal.

Teamwork of eMiS specialists

eMiS internet marketing studio is a team of specialists from Dnipro who are ready to offer clients a full range of services. Many years of experience in this area, knowledge of the main trends and algorithms used in promotion will help you rationally use your advertising budget - both search engine optimization and contextual advertising will be as effective as possible.

Contact us now to find out more, form a promotion strategy that will help you quickly take top positions in search results, as well as get acquainted with the current prices for services and calculate the approximate amount of website promotion.

сео и контекстная реклама для продвижения сайтов в Днепре
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