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How to connect CAPTCHA recognition service to Advego Plagiatus?


A detailed description of the steps for connecting the Antigate service to the Advego Plagiatus program for checking the uniqueness of texts. Advego Plagiatus - they are one of the most popular services in RuNet for checking the uniqueness of texts. During his work, he sends a large number of requests to search engines. It is clear that the same Google and Yandex do not like such activity and it periodically asks to enter a captcha - a security code necessary to filter automated requests. When checking texts for 1 session, up to ten captcha entries may be required. The solution is the use of special services that allow you to automate this process. Their cost of use is incommensurable compared to the convenience they provide - even with more than 100 texts checked daily, the budget rarely exceeds $ 1 per month. Step-by-step instructions for connecting the Anti-captcha service Antigate к Advego Plagiatus. 1. Go to the site https://anti-captcha.com/, click the "Register" button. 01 2. Create an account in the "Registration" tab or simply log in through your Gmail account in the "Login" block. 02 3. Click on the block "Top up account». 03 4. Choose a convenient payment system and replenish your account according to the prompts. One dollar is enough to get started. Return to main menu. 04 5. Copy the unique identifier key. 05 6. Launch Advego Plagiatus. Follow the path "Checking uniqueness" - "Settings". 06 7. В поле «Use service" select "Antigate". In the line "your key" insert a unique identifier and click "Save". 07

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