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Google Page Experience Algorithm


Google Page Experience is a new ranking factor that was announced back in 2020 and went into effect not too long ago.. SEO website promotion taking into account the updated algorithms, it requires a mandatory comprehensive audit, as well as the subsequent adaptation of the resource for users. To get into the top positions of search results, it is worth studying in detail the characteristics of the released update, and most importantly, to understand how the principles of promotion have changed after its implementation.

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What has changed in promotion in 2021?

Previously, it was enough to “make friends” with the algorithms: add keywords, increase the link mass, fill the pages with content. Gradually, new requirements appeared for the quality of information posted on the site: images must be of high quality, and texts must be reliable, expert, and interesting. The main principle is maximum benefit for users. Given the new ranking factors, the comfort of site visitors comes to the fore.

Google Page Experience: Evaluation Criteria

Earning the loyalty of search engines is becoming more difficult, but at the same time, those who cope with the task will be given a “green light” in further advancement. The quality of the resource is evaluated by several parameters at once:

  • Safety;
  • Adaptability;
  • Minimum number of ads.

Accordingly, it is necessary to improve the existing site so that further promotion is really effective, and most importantly, justifies the investment.

Seo продвижение сайтов в 2021

Core Web Vitals: Ranking Factors

To understand the key principles of interaction with new algorithms, it is worth considering the ranking factors in detail:

  • The page load speed should not exceed 2.5 seconds - the lower this indicator, the better. For this, the Largest Contentful Paint metric is used, which fixes the time interval for rendering large page elements (texts, videos, images).
  • First Input Delay - the response of the page when interacting with the resource should be no more than 100 milliseconds (it is important to reduce this indicator as much as possible).
  • Content stability according to the Cumulative Layout Shift metric - often pop-up intrusive ad units shift the base layout, and this is unacceptable. The visual must be static so that the text does not “jump” around the page, causing users some discomfort. The maximum allowable displacement is up to 0.1 mm.

To optimize the site to meet the new requirements, it is worth installing the extension for Google Chrome - Lighthouse. With its help, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis, obtain detailed information about existing shortcomings, and, accordingly, take measures to eliminate errors.

How to use Google Lighthouse for auditing?

The task of Chrome Lighthouse is to improve performance and page loading speed, which will lead to increased user satisfaction, and, accordingly, site promotion will be more efficient. Comprehensive audit includes:

  • Analysis of key parameters;
  • Report on the characteristics of the resource;
  • Information about technical errors found that can be used to further improve the portal.

The intuitive interface, as well as the presence of a quick guide, will make it easy to use the extension for verification.

На что смотреть при сео продвижении сайта

Page Experience Algorithm: Key Features

The site should be user-friendly - this is the main criterion. Ranking is affected by the following indicators:

  • Adaptability for mobile devices - all pages should be correctly displayed not only on stationary, but also on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone);
  • Effective protection and security - the use of the https protocol, which ensures the confidentiality of information by encrypting data;
  • Reducing the number of advertising messages - the use of advertising is acceptable, but at the same time it should not cover the main content.

New algorithms have become even more demanding, but at the same time, the list of requirements is quite standard - modern technologies are developing quite actively, and every second of waiting leads to a loss of interest. Competent optimization will make the site even more convenient for visitors, and will also help earn the loyalty of potential customers, which as a result will affect sales and profits.

How to prepare the site for new algorithms and ranking factors?

The first task is to check the pages using the Google Lighthouse extension, designed for the Chrome browser. The detected errors are not a reason to despair, because by eliminating the existing shortcomings, you can quickly bypass your competitors and reach the TOP of search results. This will make the promotion even more efficient and faster, so you should not disregard the changed requirements.

продвижение сайтов с помощью сео

Effective website promotion in 2021

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