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Evaluating the effectiveness of SMM: how to choose a specialist and how much does promotion in social networks cost?


A page on a social network is a way of interacting with potential customers. A marketer with a confident hand is engaged in promotion, thinking over a strategy, content plan (release schedule, publication topics), provides subscribers with feedback. Such services are quite expensive, and it is justified, but how to evaluate SMM? The feasibility of the efforts made can be analyzed by a number of indicators.

Как выбрать SMM-специалиста

SMM Performance Evaluation: Subscriber Engagement

One of the key indicators that helps to understand how interesting the published materials are to users. Engagement Rate (ER) is the ratio of likes, comments, reposts to the total number of subscribers. Nobody needs "Dead Souls", so you need to constantly monitor this parameter. This will make it possible to timely change or supplement the chosen strategy of action, most importantly, to track reactions to publications. To calculate engagement, the basic formula is used:

  • The total number of reactions (likes, comments) for the specified period of time is summed up;
  • The number of published posts for a given time period is counted;
  • Determine the exact number of subscribers.

The sum of reactions is divided by the number of posts. The result obtained must be divided by the number of subscribers and multiplied by 100. You can see the coverage for the day, month or week, as well as analyze how a new or controversial publication was perceived. There is no single Engagement Rate indicator that will become common for any account: for a millionaire, the normal ER is 1%, but for a page with up to 10,000 subscribers, this indicator should be at least 10-15%.


SMM Performance Analysis: Subscriber Growth

An important, but at the same time controversial parameter. The owner of the page on the social network, seeing an active increase in the number of subscribers, believes that the SMM manager is doing an excellent job. But a specialist can use black marketing techniques, which will not give the expected result, and can also cause the profile to be blocked. The following parameters are used to check and calculate this indicator:

  • Organic growth of subscribers - the number of users who, without cheating or contests, independently became interested in the information and subscribed to the page. On average, this indicator at the initial stage of promotion is up to 5 people daily.
  • Inorganic growth - paid advertising, including the correct targeting, as well as conducting all kinds of activities. In this case, a significant number of users can subscribe in a short period of time, but you should not have any illusions - most of them will leave the public as quickly as they signed up.

The optimal solution: a combination of organic and inorganic growth. Nice prizes or promotions may interest subscribers, but only high-quality content will help keep them. How to evaluate the effectiveness of SMM? Analyze both indicators, as well as take into account the outflow - the combination of these factors will help you understand how effective the chosen promotion strategy is.

SMM Performance Evaluation: Feedback

A long wait for a response causes irritation, and as a result, a potential buyer who is interested in an order may refuse to purchase or purchase the necessary goods from another seller. To avoid this, you need to constantly be in touch, promptly responding to:

  • Private messages;
  • Comments;
  • Reactions in stories.

The average response time should be no more than an hour, but it is worth making an effort to reduce it as much as possible. Feedback should be complex: negative comments should not be ignored, especially since a detailed, detailed story about the available benefits will help smooth out the unpleasant impression that will be noticed by other users.


How to estimate the cost of SMM services?

For the customer, options with a reasonable price are interesting, for the contractor - decent pay, and in this confrontation it is important to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Saving in this matter is not advisable, because by entrusting this task to a beginner who has completed a short course of study with popular bloggers, the business owner greatly risks the reputation of the brand, and can also lose not only money, but also time, which is critical. Understanding the main factors that make up the price will allow you to form an advertising budget and choose an SMM specialist.

  • The complexity of the task. A social media marketing manager can be trusted to promote a new page or improve the performance of an existing and promoted profile, or correct an unsuccessful SMM promotion at previous stages.
  • Workload. On some large-scale projects, a whole team is working, each member of which performs a specific task. Part of the processes can be automated, which will accordingly simplify the work and lead to a reduction in cost.
  • Performer qualification. SMM or Social Media Marketing requires sufficient knowledge, and most importantly, experience in this industry - any difficulties must be promptly responded to in order to prevent a sharp outflow of subscribers, as well as loss of contact with the audience. Therefore, it is so important to choose a qualified employee who can develop the right strategy, achieving the desired indicators on time, but not exceeding the agreed budget.

There is no single cost of services - all prices are discussed and agreed upon. Before choosing an SMM specialist, it is important to define a list of goals, as well as form a detailed list of basic requirements or wishes - this will help you think through the smallest details so that cooperation is comfortable for both parties.


Where to find an SMM specialist: freelancers or agencies?

There is a widespread myth that anyone can engage in promotion on social networks, and most importantly, this is an excellent remote job that does not require much effort - it is enough to complete a short training and you can get down to business. In practice, this approach introduces the basics, but important nuances will be missed. When choosing a contractor, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each of the available options:

  • A freelancer is a freelancer who works exclusively for himself, so only a voluminous portfolio confirms his reputation. Advantage: affordable price, disadvantage: risks. There is no guarantee that the work will be done with high quality - you need a constant assessment of the effectiveness of SMM and control of all processes.
  • The agency is a whole team of employees, each of which performs its own cycle of actions. Trusting professionals, there is no need to doubt the experience, and, accordingly, the result - there is no need to monitor or double-check everything, it is enough to outline the desired cooperation model and observe the process by studying the reports provided.

EMIS internet marketing studio provides clients with the service of effective promotion in social networks. Qualified SMM specialists, who are familiar with the main subtleties in practice, as well as possible “pitfalls”, will perfectly cope with the task.

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